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    11 Best Bars in Bali | Best of Bali 2023

    A home to a vibrant and lively lifestyle, Bali also houses some of the best bars in the world along with an extravagant range of drinks from around the world. From sake to sangria, wine to tequila, or a Balinese-style arak, Bali is a heaven of liquor. That’s not to mention that bars here are also accompanied by spectacular views, be it a terrace overlooking the ocean or a secluded verandah in the middle of the jungle. With an extensive variety of bars available on the island, which then is the best bar in Bali? In our Best of Bars series, we have curated the latest 11 Best Bars in…

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    10 types of Wedding Bars for your celebration

    Hello all brides-to-be! :D Bars are totally trendy and an upcoming addition to have at your wedding reception! But who said drinking bars are the only types you can have? The Wedding Vow presents you our top 10 list for the types of bars you can have at your wedding party! 1. CANDY BAR Gummies, colourful M&Ms, bright lollipops… and gum balls! Have candies that fit into your theme for the celebration! Whether it’s sweet pastel pink, colourful like rainbows, or minty christmas, there’re tons of sweets out there to complete the look! For some know-how to create a candy buffet, check out this post by love to know here. And many have been…