10 types of Wedding Bars for your celebration

Hello all brides-to-be! :D Bars are totally trendy and an upcoming addition to have at your wedding reception! But who said drinking bars are the only types you can have? The Wedding Vow presents you our top 10 list for the types of bars you can have at your wedding party!



candy bar

Gummies, colourful M&Ms, bright lollipops… and gum balls!

gum balls

Have candies that fit into your theme for the celebration! Whether it’s sweet pastel pink, colourful like rainbows, or minty christmas, there’re tons of sweets out there to complete the look!

candy bar2

For some know-how to create a candy buffet, check out this post by love to know here. And many have been sharing with me that there are local companies specializing in creating the perfect candy bar buffets for you! You can check out Dessert & Palettes (their fb here) or Jo & Jars!

sweet bags

Tip! You could also include little cute paper bags for guests to take-away these colourful treats!


cupcake bar

You could include cake jars like tiramisu (i miss you) & red velvet cakes… Try visiting lovely cupcake shops like Baked by LacePlain VanillaSwirls  or famous Twelve Cupcakes for their creative designs and yummylicious recipes in a cup! You’d be amazed at what they make!! A design-it-yourself cupcake bar would be cool too! You could simply provide plain vanilla/chocolate cupcakes with frosting, and guests can build their own cupcakes by adding their own toppings! You could provide toppings like honey, caramel, chocolate rice, sprinkles, jam spreads, fruits and more!


Tip! Bite-sized would be perfect for this occasion! Your guests could try more flavours without getting too full!



A lemonade stand is classic. And totally apt for a summer sunshine wedding! It’s gonna be real refreshing especially if your guests are standing under the hot sun in Singapore.

lemonade stand 2

You could even get the little ones to man the bar for you! It’ll be great fun, and totally cute.

juice bar

Tip! Work around the idea and offer citrus fruity drinks, mocktails even! 



Whether alcoholic or not, drinks are a must at every wedding party. You could do an open bar and offer free flow drinks like wine, champagne, beer & cocktails! Don’t forget the soft drinks for the little ones!


Tip! Create some signature drinks to place on the menu for easy ordering! Name it something cool for a nice catch to it! 


desert bar

It’s time to spam the world with all these gorgeous so-good-to-look-at desserts at the bar! Include Macarons, jelly-hearts, bite-sized cheesecakes… And even cake pops!

cake pops

For dessert bar treats, check out Bridal Guide’s post on mini treats!!

2 1

Tip! You can get deserts of the same colour scheme to fit into your theme!  


fruit ba

For a healthier option, you could feature a fruit bar at your wedding!! The fresh colours never fails to impress your guests. Feature raspberries, strawberries, kiwis, nicely-cut watermelons, oranges, and more! A salad bar could do too!


Tip! Add a chocolate fountain by the side for a kick! 


coffee bar

Coffee, tea or me? For a touch of class, you could have a coffee bar featuring cappuccinos, mochas, lattes…

tea bar

or a wide range of tea bags like english breakfast, earl grey … all in pretty teacups and pots!! Be sure to include nice biscuits to go along with those hot drinks! Here’s some know-how on how to set up a coffee bar from love to know weddings!

hot coca

Tip! Include hot chocolate drinks too, specially for those who don’t drink caffeine. & don’t forget the squishy marshmallows to go along with ’em! Value store chains sell them for really cheap! ^^


ice cream

Ice creams are everyone’s favourite and are bound to put a smile on everyones faces! Have waffles & cones of different shapes and sizes. Or even crepes & pancakes to go with, if you wanna go to the lengths to draw big grins on your guests faces like these :D :D :D For ice cream bars, cause of the logistics (freezers & tubs), you might wanna engage a professional to do it! You can check out Marble Slab. I found Scoopy’s & Cream on the net. It has a totally adorable name, and they have services like Mr. softee station, popcorn carts, and even a mobile smoothie bar! Ahhhhhh it sounds more than amazing!! Check out their facebook page here.

ice cream2

Don’t miss out on the lovely toppings like mini fruits, chocolates, nuts & goodies to pair your ice cream with!


For a wedding under the hot sun, popsicles would be perfect! You could even create champagne/wine flavours and place them in lovely glasses. Bet you didn’t imagine that popsicles could look this classy.

ice cream & milkshake

Tip! Soft-serve ice cream for making sundaes are perfect and convenient! Let your guests freely decorate them with all sorts of colourful sprinkles. You could even do up a milkshake bar in conjunction with your ice cream feature! 


chocolate bar

What else could be more romantic than the smell and taste of chocolates? Ferro Rochers, hershey kisses, chocolate mousse… It’s proven that chocolate (especially dark chocolate) triggers the release of endorphins which make you happy and your guests happier! Sounds too good to be true? Check out what Medical wellness reported here! For amazingly good chocolate truffles and rich cakes, check out Awfully chocolate! They even have their classic ‘hei’ ice cream.



Heart-shaped cookies, shortbread cookies, brownie cookies, macadamia nut cookies, jam sandwich cookies… the list goes on…

cookie bar

Have them beautifully arranged in an elegant setting to look like this! Just perfect.

cookie & milk

You could even have different flavours of milk & yoghurt to go along. In classy glasses or homely mugs, it’s all up to you :D

popcorn bar

Tip! If you had a carnival themed wedding, you could even have a snack popcorn bar! Filled with Garrett goodness!  And of course, nobody says you can’t combine the above bars into one! Feel free to roll in’ the ideas into one big special one just for your own big day! If you have any more brilliant ideas, feel free to send us a message on our facebook page here! We’ll be more than happy to add them into the list! & with that, CHEERS to a great wedding for you!

coffee 3 

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