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    Top 10 Places for Designer Wedding Dresses in India

    Indian weddings are an extravagant occasion that may last up to seven days. Each day of celebration must be filled with memorable experience. Everything about it must be in detailed properly. In part of your preparation, TWV has listed the Top 10 places for designer wedding dresses in India to help you look for the best outfit for each function that you deserve. Top 10 Places for Designer Wedding Dresses in India 10. Satya Paul, for a stylish and latest fashion design Satya paul is an Indian Designer which is well known because of his ethnic, elegant designs of clothes. Satya paul started on April 1, 1985. The co-founder of…

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    10 Popular Places for a Jaw-Dropping Wedding Dress in Malaysia

    The wedding dress is the most sentimental outfit in a women’s life. A gorgeous wedding dress can forever carry the memory of that one special day. We know it’s tough finding the right wedding dress or wedding gown. After all, fashion is subjective, and beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. In this issue, we list 10 Popular Places for a Jaw-Dropping Wedding Dress in Malaysia to help alleviate the stress that comes with your wedding planning and researching. Best of luck finding that perfect wedding dress in Malaysia! 10 Popular Places for a Jaw-Dropping Wedding Dress in Malaysia 1. Charis Ching, for turning your personal ideas into a luxurious…

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    Top 9 Bridesmaids Dress Shops and Designers in the Philippines

    Over the years, the wedding industry has grown bigger which makes it easier to sort out which one fits the style and budget of each couple. Still, all the preparation is not that easy as well as picking a wedding gown and bridesmaid dresses that will stand out for the entourage. In line with this, bridesmaid dresses are simple and fashionable depending on the theme of the wedding. Choosing the right design, color, and size is quite demanding and needs a lot of time. There’s nothing more overwhelming and fascinating than planning a perfect union of two hearts in love, so we have compiled our list of the Top 9…

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    Stylish & Elegant Bridesmaid Dresses from The BMD Shop

    [Advertorial] Your wedding day is approaching and there are tons of tasks left unchecked. One possibly being your bridesmaid dresses. How is it possible to find a dress that look good on all your bridesmaids and come in different sizes to cater to all of them? I was on the search and made to measure dresses were costly. Elaborate designs were not a feasible option as my bridesmaids would be stuck wearing this dress only once. On top of it all, I have seven bridesmaids, making the situation a little trickier. I was faced with limited options until I found The BMD Shop – an online store specializing in bridesmaid…