• 10 Best Ergonomic Chairs in the Philippines
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    10 Best Ergonomic Chairs in the Philippines | Best of Home 2023

    Ever felt that pressing ache on your neck, back and bum after long hours of sitting? Whether you work hard, or play hard, you should always make sure that you feel comfortable with your own space, especially your own chair! Prolonged sitting can be harmful, but not if you have a decent ergonomic chair. Ergonomic chairs are purposely designed to help you achieve maximum productivity, without sacrificing comfort. With the rise in demand of the labour force, and the hype of Electronic Sports (Esports) in the Philippines, more companies are leaning towards producing ergonomic chairs with humans in their best interest. With an extensive variety of Ergonomic Chairs in the…

  • ErgoTune Review
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    ErgoTune Review: Supreme Comfort at a Reasonable Price

    The weather in Singapore can be excruciatingly hot, especially during the summertime. And if you work in a place with little to no AC, the heat can be impossible to deal with. That said, you need to invest in a breathable chair for comfortable working hours. While there are many office and ergonomic chairs that provide superior comfort and support on busy days, we think that chairs upholstered with mesh fabric are much better at keeping us cool. Thus, we can’t help but to try and review the ErgoTune ergonomic chairs, as they were said to be perfect for Singapore’s hot weather. Before, there are only two types of ErgoTune…