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    8 Best Ring Lights in Singapore | Best of Tech 2023

    A lot of young professionals these days consider a good ring light kit as indispensable tech gear whether for their work-from-home arsenal or digital hobbies like game streaming and TikTok. But long before the Zoom conferencing or TikTok era, ring lights are popular among photographers, videographers, and make-up artists. The circular lighting tool provides even lighting to a close-up subject while minimising shadows as well as distracting lines and reflections. This is why a good ring light is extremely useful in portrait photoshoots, product and macro photography, make-up sessions, vlogging, online streaming, and other activities similar to these. But with an extensive variety of ring lights in the market, which…

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    6 Lighting Inspirations and Tips for Your Dream Home in Singapore

    Lighting is one of the most essential elements when designing your home. Without proper lighting, the ambience of your home will be affected, and as beautiful your interiors may be, they will look dull and uninviting. When done right, lighting can help pull all the elements together, transforming your home into a seamless combination of style and functionality. The placement of lighting, types of lights, and light temperature are key ingredients to a well-designed home. We were glad to employ the help of L&H Lighting & Electrical, a one-stop lighting specialist with a wide variety of lighting products in Singapore. Lily from L&H Lighting was especially valuable in our interior…