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    10 Best Shops for Mother’s Day Cake in Singapore | Best of Mom 2023

    Mums are superheroes with a 24/7 job – no breaks, no holidays, and no sick days – all just to take care of their families. They are incredibly amazing, and there’s no better way to show them how much they deserve than by surprising them with a special, luscious cake on this coming Mother’s Day. With a wide range of shops selling Mother’s Day cakes in Singapore, which one is the best? In our Best of Mom series, we present the 10 Best Shops for Mother’s Day Cake in Singapore, providing quality recommendations based on your budget and preferences. Table of Contents  Best Shops for Mother’s Day Cake in Singapore Awfully…

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    8 Best Halal Cakes in Singapore | Best of Food 2023

    No celebration is complete without a cake. Something about the sweet flavour of cakes complements a special occasion. A cake would be ideal for commemorating a birthday, a graduation party, a casual gathering, or even the impending Mother and Father’s Day celebration. In general, “halal” means “lawful” in Arabic and refers to what is permissible under Islamic law. The halal cake is made without the use of alcohol or any other haram ingredients, such as cake shortening made from animal fat. The halal cake is made following Islamic principles. With an extensive variety of halal cakes in the market, which then are the best halal cakes in Singapore? In our…