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    Top 11 Most Romantic Kuala Lumpur Hotels for your Honeymoon

    The place where ancient meets contemporary, Kuala Lumpur is the perfect destination to experience Malaysia’s culture and modern allure. This wonderful mix of both worlds offer historical mosques and temples as well as skyscrapers covered with modern-day glitz and glamour. Its natural beauty, futuristic towers, and bustling nightlife make it a great setting for your honeymoon. In this issue, we want to share with you our updated list of the Top 11 Most Romantic Kuala Lumpur Hotels where you can stay and be pampered with luxury as you explore and let Malaysia’s capital city enchant you. [This article is last updated on 31 July 2020] Top 11 Most Romantic Kuala…

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    Top 10 Dreamy London Hotels for Your Honeymoon

    Be it the iconic Coca-Cola London Eye, the majestic Westminster, or the world-renowned Big Ben, London has it all for the perfect honeymoon. There is one important decision to make however, that can make or break the dream honeymoon vacation – which are the most romantic and dreamy London hotels to suit this occasion of a lifetime? Everything has to be perfect, from the breathtaking view from the luxury suite, pampering spa packages for the couple, down to the vibe of the hotel. In this series, we specially curate 10 dreamy London Hotels for your honeymoon, handpicking those with at least 9.0/10 excellent review ratings from Booking.com. Enjoy! Top 10…