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    Top 11 Wedding Emcees in Singapore

    There are certain qualities that one must find when looking for the best wedding emcee. In order for your event to be successful, the master of ceremonies must be confident, highly-organized and good in verbal communication. He or she must also be charming and entertaining enough to connect with the crowd. On the other hand, finding the perfect emcee for your wedding reception isn’t a simple task either, as there are plenty of choices out there. You can always ask a friend to host your wedding – however hiring a professional emcee is also advisable as it would ensure that the event would go smoothly. To make your search a little easier,…

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    Top 10 Wedding Emcees & Hosts in the Philippines

    A good emcee or host is essential to the success of a wedding. Aside from entertaining the couple’s guests, the emcee is one of the key elements that sets the mood and vibe of the wedding. The way that they handle the whole occasion gives additional meaning to it – making emcees a necessary component to make the event highly lively and memorable. Being a once-in-a-lifetime event, your big day is definitely in dire need of a host that is both funny and articulate at the same time.  To find the best people for the job, check out our list of the Top 10 Wedding Emcees and Hosts in the Philippines.  1. Eri Neeman, for an…