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The Better Diamond for The Better Experience in Bespoke Wedding Jewellery 

A wedding is a momentous occasion, where every detail should reflect the love and individuality of the couple about to embark on a lifelong journey together. It is no wonder that many envision bespoke jewellery as the perfect complement to this special day. Bespoke wedding jewellery captures every couple’s unique love story and elevates their special day to unparalleled heights. And when it comes to bespoke jewellery, there is no better choice than The Better Diamond. From their exclusive use of lab-grown diamonds to their commitment to fully customisable designs, The Better Diamond ensures that your jewellery not only radiates elegance but also holds a profound sentimental value. In this article, let us explore the reasons why The Better Diamond shines brilliantly above the rest when it comes to crafting exquisite bespoke wedding jewellery.

5 Reasons why The Better Diamond is Best for Bespoke Jewellery

1. Spoils you with The Better Experience 

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The Better Diamond believes that there is a better way of enjoying the finer things in life, which is why they make sure that every client gets The Better Experience when engaging with them. The Better Experience represents an elevated standard of luxury, where clients receive unparalleled service and seamless guidance from experts in pursuit of the wedding jewellery of their dreams.

From the very first step of the Initial Consultation, The Better Diamond sets the stage for exceptional service by presenting bespoke design concepts tailored to each client’s preferences, budget, and specific requests. You will also receive a mood board outlining potential designs. Once the design is finalised, you can now proceed to choose your desired diamond from The Better Diamond’s meticulously handpicked diamond collection, with the unique advantage of being able to virtually examine the diamonds from every angle, under 40x magnification. The expert team at The Better Diamond guides clients through the selection process, so even if you are not a diamond expert, you can still make informed choices. To aid in visualisation, 3D mock-ups and renders are provided, allowing clients to envision the final product with remarkable clarity.

Moreover, as The Better Diamond crafts your exquisite jewellery pieces, they prioritise keeping you informed at every step, ensuring you are an integral part of the creative journey. Their ultimate goal is to challenge industry standards and offer luxury consumers a Better choice – an extraordinary piece that can be cherished and worn with pride every single day, standing the test of time and transcending generations to come. 

2. Crafts jewellery only from lab-grown diamonds 

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Photo courtesy of The Better Diamond

Moreover, The Better Experience extends beyond just the exquisitely crafted jewellery and impeccable level of service. True luxury lies in making conscious choices, which is why The Better Diamond exclusively utilises conflict-free lab-grown diamonds in crafting their exquisite pieces, reflecting a better and more ethical approach to embracing the finer things in life. As the first of its kind in Singapore to offer jewellery crafted from solely lab-grown diamonds, The Better Diamond stands at the forefront of a passionate movement towards awareness and positive change.

Lab-grown diamonds are real diamonds, possessing identical physical, chemical, and optical properties to their natural counterparts. They are indistinguishable from natural diamonds and undergo grading according to internationally recognised standards. The only difference is their origin as lab-grown diamonds are cultivated within a controlled laboratory environment, making them much more sustainable and ethical as compared to their mined or natural counterparts. By choosing The Better Diamond, you not only indulge in fine jewellery but also embrace a commitment to sustainable practices.

3. Offers fully customisable bespoke Jewellery

The Better Diamond - customisable bespoke jewellery
Photo courtesy of The Better Diamond

If you have been on the quest for the perfect wedding jewellery for the longest time, you are likely familiar with the 4Cs in choosing a diamond. Carat, Color, Clarity, and Cut – these four are the top things that you need to consider when buying a diamond ring, or any other diamond jewellery. 

However, The Better Diamond goes beyond the 4Cs; they embrace the 5Cs, with customisation as the fifth C. They recognise that the true essence of ideal diamond jewellery lies not only in its exquisite beauty but also in its ability to be uniquely tailored to your love story and personal preferences. Whether you seek diamond engagement rings, wedding bands, or Si Dian Jin sets, you can trust that their team of expert craftsmen will bring to life a piece that flawlessly encapsulates your vision. Furthermore, it is worth noting that bespoke jewellery pieces do not always have to be extravagant; The Better Diamond also excels in creating classic and timeless designs, ensuring that they cater to a diverse range of styles and tastes.

4. Redefines the world of fine jewellery with unconventional creations

The Better Crown
Photo courtesy of The Better Diamond

At The Better Diamond, your love story takes centre stage, and they surpass expectations by offering more than just traditional designs—ensuring that each piece becomes a true reflection of your unique journey. With limitless possibilities, they fearlessly venture into unconventional realms of jewellery creation. Notably, The Better Diamond received acclaim for their creation of The Better Crown, worn by Singapore’s Miss Universe 2021. This extraordinary crown drew inspiration from traditional Peranakan jewellery, with its stars symbolising the five virtues of the Singaporean flag. Remarkably, the crown’s use of lab-grown diamonds beautifully embodies Singapore’s progressive stance on ethical jewellery, all while preserving the essence of traditional handcraftsmanship.

In addition to The Better Crown, The Better Diamond has also created unconventional forms of jewellery such as diamond car key fobs, diamond watch straps, diamond resin trays, diamond cutlery and homeware. Their portfolio transcends traditional boundaries, allowing you to infuse luxury and elegance into unexpected aspects of your life. 

The Better Diamond - Brand Deck
Photo courtesy of The Better Diamond

5. Takes pride in its Singaporean heritage 

Singaporean heritage
Photo courtesy of The Better Diamond

For Singaporeans, by Singaporeans. The Better Diamond strongly believes in supporting local craftsmanship so their skilled artisans breathe life into their designs within their workshop located in the heart of Singapore. Blending traditional techniques with modern innovation, they meticulously craft jewellery that seamlessly combines timeless elegance with a contemporary flair. And by embracing lab-grown diamonds, The Better Diamond upholds the heritage of ethical practices while embracing the future, resulting in each piece becoming a masterpiece that magnificently captures the distinctive spirit of Singapore.

To truly understand the essence of The Better Diamond, we invite you to experience their exceptional service firsthand. We highly encourage you to book an online consultation with their team, as it offers an invaluable opportunity to not only have all your questions answered but also gain insightful knowledge about diamond jewellery. Furthermore, if you already have a specific design in mind, The Better Diamond can provide you with an accurate quote to transform your dream bespoke jewellery into reality.

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