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An Industrial Chic Wedding with a Unique Twist at The Refinery

When it comes to seeking out a wedding venue in Singapore, we spot a trend that has taken flight. Young couples are forgoing traditional formal venues in exchange for unique venues with intimate and cozy settings. As couples seek out more relaxed and casual ambiences for more interaction with their guests, we find that cafes are not only good for cafe-hopping obsessions or Instagram photos! Their quaint spaces, homely ambience and unique decorations, make them a perfect venue for celebrations. 

In this issue, we take a closer look at The Refinery – a 3-part cafe that features a dining restaurant, mixology bar and designer workspace. Jointly developed by the crafty folks at The General Co and the space gurus of Architology, The Refinery was created with the aim to redefine casual dining and social drinking. Here, it’s all about honest food with refined techniques, classic drinks mixed with a little twist, all at reasonable prices. Our visit to The Refinery made us realize why cafe weddings are so attractive – the relaxing atmosphere and chilled vibes made us open up to a great evening of fun. Read on to find out¬†why you should host your celebration here.

7 Reasons to host your Intimate Wedding at the Refinery

1. A minimalist open space concept

Disclaimer: The art on the walls were part of an art exhibition called Psychotropics.

First impressions –¬†the spacious interior and minimalist design of The Refinery were refreshing.¬†We often find ourselves facing too much clutter in our daily routines, but the clean space at The Refinery left us feeling relaxed. Natural light easily¬†enters¬†through the wide windows, leaving the space feeling liberated.

Modeled after an industrial warehouse, the pillarless room gives you a lot of room and flexibility with your decorations. You can choose to spruce it up or leave it looking simple and chic. Dedicate a space to a dance floor, set up a photo booth, or have your favorite live band perform! With the high ceiling giving the space a lot of room and depth, you can host your guests here in comfort without fear of it getting too claustrophobic.

At The Refinery, space is yours to play with. Readjust the tables and chairs based on your preferences, and choose to mix different groups of people together. They have a mezzanine space that can occupy up to 40 seats as well as having a standing capacity of 100 pax on its first floor and 50 pax on its second floor.

My favourite spot is the open bar where guests can just crowd around it and bond over great drinks.

2. An industrial chic wedding theme

If you love the rustic, vintage or chic look, there is a new trend that has arrived in town –¬†industrial chic. Couples who want the vintage-inspired decor with a modern twist, we think The Refinery will make a great wedding venue for such a theme.¬†Leaning towards informality, natural and DIY lifestyle, you can use simple and commonplace objects to bring out the theme.

A great idea would be to string fairy lights or light bulbs from the high ceiling! Check out the inspiration images below!

3. It feels like home

Lately, wedding venues are not the only transition. As couples seek out more intimate venues, they hope to host smaller-scale celebrations consisting of their close family and friends. As some couples prefer to be more reserved in their personal milestones or wish for a more intimate setting for closer interaction among loved ones, gone are the days where the entire village shows up at a wedding.

If you want to keep your celebration more close-knitted, The Refinery’s relaxing and homely ambience would be a great fit. The venue can seat 80 guests.¬†Comfortably say your vows in this intimate space with your loved ones present.

4. Chill out over delightful cocktails

Redefine your wedding cocktail session with interesting and refreshing formulations. Their Japanese inspired cocktails such as the Citrus Highball, Geisha Tears and Yuzu Gold, are best paired with yakitoris and light bites. You can also try their range of Sakes, Sparkling and Craft Beer!

FYI, The bartender can also whip up bespoke cocktails based on your preferences. Did someone say “It’s time for a party”?

5. Spice up your taste buds

An epic celebration first starts with epic food. The formula of a successful celebration and a great evening boils down to – good food, awesome drinks, and great company.

At The Refinery, take the off the beaten path with their interesting food creations. Gathering inspiration from different cuisines, The Refinery has spiced things up to make them taste uniquely delicious. One thing is for sure, you get a delicious taste and satisfied tummies. With their variety of brunch bites, Asian fusion, grill bites, Japanese dons, expect a hearty evening for everyone. We were pleasantly surprised during our tasting, for every dish looked good and tasted genuine. 

Yakitori Sticks

Below are some of their most popular dishes, which you can have as part of your wedding menu. You can even tailor your own bespoke menu. Refer to their menu here.

6. Savour Instagrammable desserts

At The Refinery, it does not stop at innovative cocktails and savoury dishes. Your meal is concluded with sweet treats that are delicious to see, capture and eat. Their dessert selection of fancy waffles and moist chocolate delights that will have your guests all suffering from a food coma.


7. Good vibes, all night long

With its refreshing aesthetics, minimalist decor and scrumptious food, The Refinery has won over the hearts of many who come here for an evening of great vibes. If you want to have a new spin on your wedding, be sure to check out The Refinery.

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