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Top 10 Free Couple Apps

Your lives are intertwined, and you both need to find a way to organize all these shared plans and milestones. What a better way to do this other than getting a couple app! Technology can be real fun! Here’s a list of the top 10 couple apps you can get from itunes for free! couple apps

1. Couple


This whole world is just for the both of you. I’m totally gonna use this because it allows you share lists and important dates with each other- making sure you both don’t miss anything. Whether it’s family dates, birthdays or holidays, this app can record em’ all. I love it cause it also enables facetime!Also, it allows one-to-one messaging with many fun tools like sketches. You can even engage in livesketch and see what art piece you both can come up with together. All the photos and sketches you send to each other are complied in a moments folder, which is just awesome! Thumbkiss is another function, a lil’ cheesy but great for long-distance couples!

2. Avocado

The design of Avocado is just perfect! Classy fonts with an elegant background, it’s definitely a pretty interface to have. It offers pretty similar functions to Couple, allowing one-to-one live chat, shared lists and calendar, to keep each other in sync. One thing that I think is so cute is the “hugs and kisses” function. Somewhat like thumbkiss in Couple, but this one seems less weird somehow haha. Send hugs and kisses over to each other in a cheesy way, and its bound to bring smiles! You can also make custom emoticons of your own expressions and send em’ whenever you want. Have fun!

3. Lovebyte


A cutesy app that goes beyond one-to-one messaging and allows you to record your milestones with photos in a timeline fashion. Record your anniversary date, and it keeps a live tab of how many days you’ve both been together. You can also share photo albums within the app. Send each other scratchcards (somewhat like couple coupons) of surprise dates to keep each day exciting! The interface is a little too cutesy for me, but I’m sure some of you might like it!

4. Duet


“Do things with the people you love.” I love the concept of this app! It’s like sending across a digital love letter in a short & sweet fashion. Duet allows you to propose ideas and dates to your favourite people in a really cool fashion. It’s as simple as just saying “Lets have a picnic this Saturday evening.” Once your duet is accepted, you both can engage in a live chat that you can enrich with notes, photos and video messages! You can create an evolving list of things you wanna do together!

5. Between*

“A special place just for two”


A simple app by South Korea that allows you to live chat with cutesy emoticons. Share photo albums and lists with your partner. You can also share long stories with each other using the memo function, which I think is a great way to compile all your digital love letters. Also, similar to lovebyte, you can create a timeline of memories together using photos.

6. SimplyUs


“Organize life together.” SimplyUs allows you both to organize your life together by syncing your existing calendars. Make shared lists of to-dos, household chores, projects that makes it all easy to keep track off. Share your photos too! One-to-one private messaging is also included.

7. Red Stamp

red stamp

This app is a special addition to the post, cause its function is slightly different… but PERFECT! I am so in love with this app. You can use it to custom-made pretty little postcards with their templates. Choose to send by paper mail at a charged fee or electronically for free! Tell your loved ones you love them by hopping over a romantic postcard. You can show your appreciation in a romantic old fashioned way. <3

8. Mint Album


I love the name of this app! It stands for “Moments¬†IN¬†Time”. Mint is a premium photo organizer. The interface is definitely classy. However, the app is not that easy to use. The features allow you to lock photos in dates of the calendar, which helps you to remember what you did for the whole year together. Make travel notes. The app also counts the number of days you’ve both been together. You can place important events into the album as well. Share the album with your loved ones for a great surprise.

9. Tokii


I haven’t explored this app much, but I’ve read several good reviews on it- saying that it’s the lifestyle app that could improve¬†communication¬†and awareness between you both! You both have access to each other timelines, where you can update with your mood of the day. So you both can keep close track of each other’s feelings. And guys, you can be well prepared for moodswings haha. There are over 300 discovery games in this app that you could use. There is also a¬†web version, which many say is better!

10. HeyTell


HeyTell’s rated pretty high, 4.5 stars on the web! It’s a walkie talkie app that allows you to send across voice messages to your loved ones. Somewhat like voicemail. Great for long-distance relationships, cause you both get to hear each other’s messages instead of just the usual read. Of course, it’s more of a functional app, so the design’s pretty standard. The best thing about this app is its¬†compatibility¬†with iphone, ipad, android and windows phone! Check out their FB page¬†here. And there’s, 10 of em’! Do enjoy exploring these apps with your loved one! And feel free to leave reviews of them below the post- simply comment! :)

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