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Experience the Mason’s Wedding Fair 2013

Hello readers! Firstly, apologies for taking so long to upload this post. I’ve been really busy with getting together our wedding e-directory, which is about to be launched in November 2013, so be sure to stay tuned for that! Now, down to the good stuff. Earlier this July, I was invited to attend a wedding fair at Mason’s, and it was a great experience! Even met 2 of my good friends, Cong Pei and Derek, who are about to get married soon. :) Well, if you didn’t make it down to this fair, no worries as this blogpost will offer you a wrap up of the event and an insight on the vendors who were featured. *Kindly note that all photos are credited to Pantography gillman barracks blueskies_gillman

I’ve been to Gillman Barracks for their Art galleries (which are really good btw), but have yet to check out the restaurants there. Here’s my chance! Mason’s is a whitewashed British colonial styled restaurant, with an intimate setting and an area enclosed to itself.
masonshill masons header love

The LOVE words outside the restaurant are really nice. I think it makes for a great photoshoot backdrop. If you ever organize your engagement party/wedding there, be sure to put a photoshoot stand there for your guests (yup I have it all planned out)!
masons private event masons4 masons set up

We got in and the whole set up was stunning. Valerie (marketing and events manager) from Masons really put in a lot of effort to get this whole set up together. There were musicians playing, and the whole restaurant was bright and glittery. I was especially in love with the white and black tile flooring of the restaurant.


We were offered red & white wine before we went to speak with the vendors, who were all very friendly and welcoming!


First up was Poppy inc, a floral studio and party planner. They specialize in wedding table arrangements, centerpieces and dessert tables! This was their set up for the day. Sarah, Poppy’s creative director, owns a blog where you can check out her portfolio works!


In addition, Poppy has a partnership with Lovebug (see #3), and they offer a $850 package that includes a vintage car, bouquets, corsages and floral decorations! I also chanced upon Poppy’s studio at Pasarbella @ The Grandstand the other day when I was at Turf City for a tourny! If you’re dropping by Pasarbella, which is now the hippest place in Turf. You might wanna pay them a visit there too!


Sarah Lim, Creative Director 23 Jalan Tari Zapin Singapore 799065
Tel: +65 6225 8496 | Mobile: +65 9188 1247 | Email:


And next, we met Brian Ho from thegaleria. brianho

We had a really nice chat and he was really professional taking us through his portfolio! Brian is an independent filmmaker and photographer. He specializes in cinematic and story telling wedding photography. What was so unique about his works were that they were all captured using film cameras like these. How old-school and cool!


Nope, not mainstream digital. But the quality of the photos were stunning. Check them out for yourself at his blog– they are really incredible! His film works are printed on different types of imported good quality paper and canvases. His leather covered album is also hand made, all very intricate. I think his works are very special, perfect for a special big day. :)

thegaleria Brian Ho
Tel: +65 9793 5980 | Email:


If you’re looking to rent a volkswagen, LoveBug is your company! There’s just something so unique and special about Volkswagen Vintage. It’s old-school with a touch of class. I think they’re definitely the perfect way to drive the couple around on their big day. It’s definitely an attention grabber, and will look just great in photos.

lovebug lovebug1

Liang May Tel: +65 9129 2551 | Email:


Sugar Papers is by a Hong Kong company called Flare Paper n’ Style. They specialize in luxury yet affordable wedding invitations and stationary. The best thing about them is that their minimum order is quite low, so you don’t have to spend a bomb just getting beautiful invites for your occasion. If you’re interested, you can make an appointment with them before heading down to their studio to view their works!

104A Tanjong Pagar Road Singapore 088524
Tel: +65 6225 8496 | Mobile: +65 9188 1247 | Email:


I got to meet 2 really cool individuals in charge of Androids in Boots. They specialize in wedding photography and cinematography. I really identified with them cause they’re young and creative, looking to bring something quirky and different into the marketplace. They’re a good choice for young and fun couples! androids

Looking through their portfolio was quite exciting! You can check it out on their blog here. In my opinion, the most important thing to note when looking for a photographer is the connection. If you’re able to connect and communicate well with your photographer, your photoshoots will go very smoothly. It’s also important to feel comfortable and at ease during photoshoots. On top of that, they’ll be able to tell what type of moments you’re looking to capture on your big day.

Wilson Chua, Photographer
Tel: +65 9847 2295 | Email:


I had a lovely chat with Ying Ying, a wedding planner from Butterfiles and Cakes. She was such a sweetie, taking me through her portfolio and interests! It was such a pleasure. She specializes in thematic weddings like beach weddings, my fav! Check some themed weddings by Butterflies here.


Butterflies and Cakes is a one-stop wedding planning company. They offer a full range of services that you can check out here. They also have tons of props in their catalogue available for rental here. What caught my eye is their 0% interest free monthly installment scheme, which I think is really helpful and great for young couples! Simply takes the financial pressure off, but still keeps the high standard you want for your big day!


Butterflies has a partnership with Masons too. Masons will provide you their location, and Butterflies will do the rest for you. You can call them to check out their package rates!

Tan Ying Ying, Wedding Planner
Tel: +65 6289 0358 | Mobile: +65 9221 1500 | Email:


Launched in 2009, Nineteen specializes in wedding invites and stationary. And wow. The works from this studio is incredible! Plus, they were giving out magnets too, which I can’t wait to put up on my fridge <3 In fact, their booth was surrounded by so many people that it took a while before I got a chance to meet them. I was speaking with this really nice lady, who showed me their portfolio of creative works. From their professional works I can tell they are huge enthusiasts for typography, paper and design. Joanne, their founder, was previously in advertising, which explains the quality of her works! Check out her blog here.


Nineteen’s portfolio covers a wide range of style, from elegant and sophisticated to funky and

cool. nineteen2

Just check out this retro disc one! I love how they managed to retain a traditional element in this piece. Other than designing and printing gorgeous invites, they also have RSVP services, which can be really useful for your wedding planning.

Joanne Hong, Founder & Creative Director
Tel: +65 9845 1600 | Email:
Add: mailbox 889370 Singapore 919191


Wedding Diary is another one-stop wedding planning company. They basically everything from planning to execution of your big day, how smooth! You can check out their services here.

wedding diary

They had a really nice set up, with a touch of vintage. The props included 18th Century brown luggages, which probably cost them a bomb! Take a look at their portfolio here.

Lilly Lu, Directory and Certified Wedding Planner
Tel: +65 6297 8900 | Mobile: +65  9720 9069 | Email:
Facebook | Instagram | Blog

9. CAKE OVER HEELS cake over heels

Cake over Heels is a customized cake boutique and patisserie. I met Lesley, one of the founders, and she was lovely. She was full of smiles and sunshine when we spoke.
cake over heels2

She even gave us samples of her meringues and cake pops. Have I mentioned, I’m a sucker for sweet treats? They were awesome! Though I’m not a fan of chocolate, that chocolate cake pop was just right for my tastebuds. Not overly sweet, but the taste was rich enough. :)
cake over heels3

But this rave is not merely because of the yummy freebies! I would really recommend approaching them if you wanna customize cakes. And why is because their desert table set up of cupcakes and macaroons that will simply blow your guests away! Their table set-up of the day had a really nice Tiffany feel too. They have a retail shop/cafe which you can check out too! Their prices are really reasonable. I’m definitely gonna check it out one day!

cake over heels1

26 Sin Ming Lane #01-115 Midview City Singapore 573971
Tel: +65 6659 2848 | Fax: 6659 2897

10. For the music, not one, but TWO bands were playing(Thanks to Daniel for pointing that out) 

The first was by D.DUPRNOMO CONCEPT and vocalist, Hui Min.  Acoustic is my personal favourite for wedding music. It’s classy and just lifts you into the clouds. Daniel’s a guitarist and specializes in live music (both solo and in bands). His music has a pop-jazz orientation which is really cool. Though I didn’t get to chat with him much, what’s interesting about Daniel is that he graduated as an engineer, but loved music so much that he pursued it and graduated with a degree from La Salle!

Tel: +65 9457 3151 | Email: 

11. The last band playing was SOUND GROVE.

They were pretty good, and they offer lessons too! If you’ve been wanting to fulfill your musician dream, now’s the time! ;) Take lessons from Daniel, who plays the saxophone and piano- two of the most romantic instruments on earth.


And last but not least, let me share a little more about MASONS. masons2
Masons is by The Verve Restaurant Group. As mentioned eariler, the restaurant is housed in a fully restored black and white bungalow built by the British in 1935. It’s surrounded by lush greenery!! With its quaint setting, it’s definitely makes for an exquisite venue. I REALLY LOVED THE PLACE CAUSE OF ITS ARSTY FEEL! <3 The restaurant can host up to 150 guests (standing)/120 (seated), which makes for a intimate, private and classy setting. You can also choose to expand into the open area outside the restaurant to hold an outdoor ceremony.  In addition, they have Jack Woolner as their executive chef, who offers you a wide choice of International cuisine that will definitely suit your palette. Why not check out their restaurant over dinner! They have a promotion of a 5-course gastronomique menu where you can dine 4 and pay 3. This happens every Sunday for lunch and dinner. Each set is $98++. Please call to enquire/for reservations.


Valerie Lange Marketing and Events Manager, Verve Holdings Pte Ltd No 8 Lock Road, Gillman Barracks Singapore 108936
Tel: +65 6694 2216 | Email: |
It was a day well-spent at the Barracks. And that sums up the wonderful event.

pan joce

Till the next time! 

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