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Top 10 Most Romantic Myanmar Honeymoon Destinations

From the exotic air balloon ride in Bagan to the tranquil Dee Doke Fall to a luxurious Sandoway Resort in a secluded beach, Myanmar is perfect for either newlyweds or couples who seek a romantic getaway. As the country of rich culture, with more than 100 different ethnic groups, and outstanding natures, a trip to Myanmar honeymoon not only will be endearing experience, but also an eye-opening to improve your relationship even more.

To keep your trip simple without the stress of planning, here we have set the Top 10 Most Romantic Myanmar Honeymoon Destinations for your next romantic trip. Let’s check them out!

Top 10 Most Romantic Myanmar Honeymoon Destinations

Table of Contents:

  1. Bagan, for an exotic air balloon ride
  2. Yangon, a mix of religious and colonial ambiance
  3. Kalaw, for adventure-loving couple
  4. Mandalay, for an authentic journey in the bustling city
  5. Inle Lake, for the lakeside retreat
  6. Pyin Oo Lwin, for the romance in colonial architecture
  7. Mrauk U, for the peaceful ancient city of Myanmar
  8. The Mergui Archipelago, for ocean retreat
  9. Ngapali, for secluded beach tranquility
  10. Mount Kyaiktiyo, to see the Golden Rock

1. Bagan, for the exotic air balloon ride

Once the capital of the mighty ancient Pagan Kingdom, Bagan still has much left from its history. We loved to call Bagan as the City of Thousand Temples, thanks to the fact that there are still more than 2000 stupas towering through the cloud of Bagan. For honeymooners, the best way to enjoy Pagan ancient temples is to take an air balloon ride during sunrise. We promise this can be one of the most romantic things you can do together in Myanmar honeymoon, or maybe in a lifetime.

After a stunning sunrise in an air balloon, get a glimpse of cultures by exploring Mani Sithu’s traditional market. Buy some souvenirs you fall in love with. Taste some street foods. Do you like to do some adventures? Hike with your paramour to Mount Popa and see the magical sunrise with a sea of clouds right in your eyesight.

Best time to visit Bagan

While Bagan usually hot all year round, most rainfall is from June to October, and it can ruin your dream of riding its hot air balloon. An ideal time to visit is from November to February when daily weather usually only 30C and sunrise is at its best. The rest of the dry season from March to May is also good because Bagan will be less touristy at the time. But be ready with the hot temperature that can reach 36C daily.

Things to do in Bagan

Recommended place to stay in Bagan

Aureum Palace Hotel & Resort, for magical nights amidst ancient sites

There are a plethora of good places in Bagan. But for the most romantic night with your loved one, then Auerum Palace Hotel & Resort has to win our pick.  Located in the Bagan Archeological Zone, the resort offers a stay amidst the 27 acres of green landscapes with hundreds of ancient temples scattered around the area. Even some are located only a few steps away. A night here feels magical. In the day time, relax with your sweetheart on its private lake while you enjoy the tropical breeze.

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2. Yangon, a mix of religious gems and colonial ambiance

Yangon is the largest city in Myanmar. From majestic religious sites to scenic parks, to gorgeous old British colonial buildings, all combine into one in Yangon. Once glorious during years of British rules, Yangon offers the sights of the romantic old town with European architectures. The one not to miss is to bring your sweetheart to see Shwedagon Pagoda during sunset as both of you amaze its gold-made structure shine. End your day with a romantic dinner overlooking Inya Lake full of lotus pods, in the Seeds Restaurant & Lounge. Truly make a memorable experience during Myanmar honeymoon.

Best time to visit Yangon

You can visit Yangon all year round, even during the rainy season. Why? Because rain usually only falls short. Even it’s still easy to strolls the city when it rains as all the roads and access are already developed and well-managed. If you prefer cool weather, visit from November to January for your Myanmar honeymoon. Be ready with loads of tourists though.

Things to do in Yangon

Recommended place to stay in Yangon

The Strand, for timeless elegance

Previously important landmark of Myanmar, The Strand offers a touch of history combine with its timeless elegant architecture. Newlyweds can enjoy a sensual night at its spacious room decorated with marble floor, lacquer wood furniture, flowery bathtub, and lights to live the romantic ambiance.  In addition, the top-notch service at the 5-star hotel would make you feel like King and Queen.

Staying at The Strand Hotel set you close to some top attractions in Yangon such as Sule Pagoda, Aung Sang Market, and the lively Chinatown. To spice up your journey, enjoy a romantic dinner at the Strand Restaurant that combines the taste of Mediterranean cooking with a modern twist.

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3. Kalaw, for adventure-loving couple

Thailand honeymoon

Are you an adventure-loving couple? If you do, then there are too many reasons to add Kalaw on your list. Perched on mountainous parts of Myanmar, Kalaw offers adventurous hiking trails await you to discover. The most remarkable hiking trail is the three-days hiking trip from Kalaw to Inle Lake. The trail takes you to walk through the dense forest, local plantations of tea and coffee, tribe villages, small rivers, we promise you it will be one of your best highlights in Myanmar honeymoon, if not the best.

Another reason? Kalaw is a less-visited destination in Myanmar, and that’s what makes it perfect for your love expedition. It’s in Kalaw you can relax together with mountainous cooling weather and breezing air. In a daytime, take your precious half to lunch at the outdoor part of Kalaw-Ish restaurant where you can see trains passing by and sit in amid the misty mountains of Kalaw.

Best time to visit Kalaw

Going to Kalaw for hiking? Never plan to visit during the rainy season. Dirt trails are full of muds, making it hard to pass. Visit from February to April when the low chance of rain happening and the weather is at its best. Expect to see the stunning golden sky at the recommended time.

Things to do in Kalaw

  • Hike the iconic trials from to reach Inle Lake from Kalaw
  • Travel to the Myin Hti Village and see majestic temples that locals still use as their worship place
  • Go to the traditional market and buy groceries and fresh fruits
  • Amaze the charming Hsu Taung Pye Paya with its towering golden stupas
  • See the breathtaking Myanmar middle-age architecture of Aung Chan Tha Zedi
  • Visit the Padaung Tribe and meet the long-neck tribe
  • Meet the Buddha at the Hnee Pagoda Kalaw

Recommended place to stay in Kalaw

Kalaw Hill Lodge, for spacious and peaceful stay amidst Shan Plateau

Not the closest one to the city center of Kalaw, but Kalaw Hill Lodge is the one top stir up your romantic passion. Located amidst 30 acres of lands in the Shan plateau, the lodge offers a sense of serenity, privacy, and space to enjoy the world like it’s just a place for you, and your precious half. The room is a lovely combination of Burmese and modern touch, added with fancy canopy make more romantic. Staying in Kalaw Hill Lodge is a perfect choice to escape from the city’s bustle and enjoy the serenity of its natural surroundings.

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4. Mandalay, for an authentic journey in a bustling city

Thailand honeymoon destination

Known as the home of monks, Mandalay is also an economic and religious hub for the Burmese. Yet a bustling and busy city, there are a plethora of worth visited attractions in Mandalay for your honeymoon. Begin your journey by visiting the Hsinbyume Pagoda and take some great couple pictures in its picturesque white-architecture background. The hidden gem not to miss is to bring your loved one to the U-Bein Bridge and stroll around its sunflower garden.

There are too many things to do in Mandalay, with the most popular are Shwenandaw Monastery, the breathtaking Mandalay Hill and the largest book at the Kuthodaw Pagoda. But whatever you do, a journey in Mandalay is not something you’ll forget soon after you leave its soil after Myanmar honeymoon.

Best time to visit Mandalay

Plan your couple’s trip to Mandalay from December to February when the weather is very ideal for your Myanmar honeymoon. You can expect to get less rain and sunny weather all the time. Rainy season falls from June to September, so avoid that time.

Things to do in Mandalay

Recommended place to stay in Mandalay

Hotel by the Red Canal, for intimacy in luxury

With its teak decorations, rustic feeling, and top-notch service, a stay in the Hotel by the Red Canal wins our hearts. Although small with only 25 rooms, it’s what makes every guest feel like a king with their personal attention. The ambiance is calming as the hotel, with its infinity pool, surrounded by scenic gardens full of coconut trees.  Stay here to live a real-life romance sprinkled with Burmese authenticity.

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5. Inle Lake, for the lakeside retreat

Thailand honeymoon

The most popular destination in Myanmar, the 166 KM Square Inle Lake is still the one not to miss for your honeymoon in Myanmar. It’s simply relaxing and beautiful. It’s also a great place to get both of you a glimpse of the authentic culture of Myanmar. Visit the floating gardens to see how locals find an alternative to take benefit of the rich-nutrient water of Inle Lake. Don’t miss the floating villages and the floating market as all can be completed on a day trip.

To make the most out of your romantic journey, kayak together through the lake slowly. Enjoy private time together with its tranquility. And see the beautiful pagodas scattered around the lake while you paddling together.  If you’re lucky, you might see locals use their feet to paddle the fishing boats at the lake, which is what the Inle Lake is famous for.

Best time to visit Inle Lake

Rainy Season in Inle Lake falls from May to October, quite a long period in Myanmar. The coolest season is from November to January with average temperatures of 24C – 30C. March to May is when Inle Lake at its hottest.

Things to do in Inle Lake:

Recommended place to stay in Inle Lake

Sofitel Inle Lake Myat Min Hotel, for Inle Lake view

Perched on the edge of Inle Lake, added with an infinity pool, the Sofitel Inle Lake Myat Min offers couples staying the freshest wake up imaginable. The fascinating blends of luxury and nature not only can a great place to relax on vacation, but also to kick up your chemistry in serenity. As you get its relaxing massage with the Burmese technique and enjoy the scenic surroundings, you may find yourself not wanting to leave.

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6. Pyin Oo Lwin, for the romance in colonial architecture

Thailand honeymoon

Pyin Oo Lwin is a very peaceful town with a European touch on the city architecture. As the city perched in a mountainous region of Myanmar, in altitude of 1,070 M, the city climate is cool with wind breezing constantly. Such a town like this is the destination you need for your honeymoon with your precious one. Take a picnic in the Botanical Garden and enjoy it like it’s just both of you in the world. For the best experience, take a tour to explore the strawberry fields, coffee bean plantations, and the vineyard. A hiking trail to the jaw-dropping Dat Taw Gyaint Waterfall is also one not to miss to get a glimpse of adventure during Myanmar honeymoon.

Best time to visit Pyin Oo Lwin

The peaceful town of Pyin Oo Lwin in Northern Myanmar is good to visit all year round. While other regions are usually very hot from March to May, Pyin U Lwin is still a cool place to be at. The advisable time to visit during dry season falls from November to May.

Things to do in Pyin Oo Lwin

  • Admire the colonial architecture around the town
  • Take a relaxing picnic at the botanical garden
  • Swim at the breathtaking Anisakan Waterfall
  • Taste local coffee at the Barista-Khine Coffee Shop
  • Visit Buddhist temple Aung Htu Kan Tha Paya and amaze its 17-ton white-marble Buddha
  • Enjoy time in cafes around town with your loved one.
  • Dine at the Sky Bar of Hotel Shwe Nann Htike for a romantic dinner during Myanmar honeymoon

Recommended place to stay in Pyin Oo Lwin

Hotel Pyin Oo Lwin, for a garden retreat

Perched on a hillside next to a botanical garden, Pyin U Lwin is a fascinating blend of classic and luxury. The wooden-made bungalow overlooking scenic garden gives you the peaceful make your demand for tranquility fulfilled. There are plenty of choices to amble and relax around its area from the veranda to the tranquil small lake with a bridge.  A cozy place to expect a serene romantic time during your Myanmar honeymoon.

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7. Mrauk-U, for the abandoned and peaceful ancient city of Myanmar honeymoon

If you’re the one who prefers authenticity and a destination away from the crowd of tourists, then Mrauk-U might be the best for you. Mrauk-U is an abandoned city, a vast archeological site with hundreds of temples and pagodas. Mrauk-U is perfect for honeymooners who want peaceful serenity thanks to the fact that there are no more than 5,000 tourists visit Mrauk-U yearly. Imagine enjoying the beauty of its temples privately, with only a few people around.

Our tip to enjoy your time in Mrauk-U is to wake up early. It’s the time to see the mystical side of Mrauk-U, as the area is foggy, accompanied by the orange sky and the newly arise sun; you’ll see hundreds of magical temples towering through the fog, a true feast for the eyes and sense.

After the magical morning, hike to Chin Village to see the tattoo-faced woman. With these tips, surely your trip to Mrauk-U will be the most memorable one you can enjoy with your sweetheart.

Best time to visit Mrauk U

The whole dry season from November to March is a good time to travel to Mrauk U. Expect crystal clear sky on the day and the amazing sight of a sky full of stars at night when you visit during the dry season. Rain season starts in April and can last until October.

Things to do in Mrauk U

  • Do temple hopping around Mrauk U archeological site
  • Wake up early to see the foggy morning of Mrauk U
  • Hike to the Chin Village to see the remaining tattoo-faced woman tribe
  • Learn history at the Royal Palace and Archeology Museum
  • Amaze the mystical Kohtaung Paya that was built in 1553 by King Mintaikka
  • Taste delicious street foods at Mrauk U morning market
  • Admire the architecture of Mahamuri Paya

Recommended place to stay in Mrauk U

Mrauk U Princess Resort, for authentic architecture of Myanmar

Myanmar Honeymoon nice bathroom

Mrauk U Princess Resort offers the touch of the lost Kingdom of Arakan. Situated on Kaladan Riverside, couples are offered intimate experience amidst its natural serenity. Imagine enjoying a day with sounds of birds, watching the water buffalo at the river, while talking with your loved one? Waking up early is recommended when staying here. We promise you’ll see a stunning view as the sun rises through the fog.

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8. The Mergui Archipelago, for ocean vacation

Myanmar Honeymoon beach seclusion

Myanmar also has something to offer when it comes to a beach vacation. After the glimpse of culture in the mainland of Myanmar, sails to the Mergui Archipelago to enjoy the warmness of beach vacation. As there are hundreds of islands, it’s easy to find one less-visited and make most of your private time together. Also, discover the richly diverse marine life under the water of Mergui Archipelago. If you’re lucky you might see the sea gypsies along the trip.  Its tranquility, beauty, and luxurious accommodations available for your sensual rejuvenation mean your trip to the archipelago during Myanmar honeymoon will be worth so much!

Best time to visit the Mergui Archipelago

To experience the best ocean retreat in the Mergui Archipelago, visit from January to March. At that range of time, you can expect to enjoy its gentle water and appreciate its beauty when it’s sunny every day. April is a month when the rain starts to fall. Avoid visiting from August to September when rain happens constantly and can last all day.

Things to do in the Mergui Archipelago

  • Sailing to explore islands in the archipelago
  • Kayak at the gentle water and see the mangrove forest
  • Hike the dense jungle of the islands to enjoy the unspoiled nature of the islands
  • Meet the Moken, the sea gypsies of Mergui Archipelago
  • Relax at the unspoiled Cockburn Islands Island
  • Play at the powdery beach of Lampi Island

Recommended place to stay in the Mergui Archipelago

Boulder Bay Eco Resort, for private beach retreat

Myanmar Honeymoon private beach

Staying in a place with a private beach and garden is a dream romantic getaway for any couples. Boulder Bay Eco Resort offers you to make the dream come true. As you wake up on its private island, both of you are free to hop the surrounding 800 islands and discover its marine life. Just want to laze with its tropical breeze? Plenty of tranquil and picturesque spots await!

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9. Ngapali, for a secluded beach tranquility

Myanmar Honeymoon retreat

Fairly unknown to mass tourism, Ngapali Beach is perfect for honeymooners looking to enjoy private time together. And that’s what makes it a perfect romantic destination. The friendly locals, delicious fresh seafood, and rustic villages are just some more reasons to visit and stay longer. Sunbath together at the beach and wait until you see its breathtaking sunset, one of the best in the world for us. Take one picture in a hanging palm tree for a memory of traveling in Ngapali.

Best time to visit Ngapali

Just like the Mergui Archipelago, visiting Ngapali from January to March is an ideal time to expect sunny weather and clear crystal water due to sunshine. The rainy season in Ngapali also happens from April to October with most constant rains happen from August to September.

Things to do in Ngapali

Recommended place to stay in Ngapali

Sandoway Resort, for seaside villa retreat

Myanmar Honeymoon hotel

A seaside villa overlooking the ocean for each couple staying is just one of many luxuries Sandoway offers to the honeymooners. Offering 59 villas but scattered across 6 acres and 450 meters stretch of powdery sands, you’ll get much space needed for your demanded privacy. The villa is mainly teak-decorated, creating a sense of authenticity on its elegance. This is the Andaman Sea dream come true.

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10. Mount Kyaiktiyo, to see the golden rock

Myanmar Honeymoon in the Golden Rock

A golden rock perched on uniquely balance on the edge of Mount Kyaiktiyo might sound bizarre, but its ability to stand for hundreds of years is something you must see. The Golden Rock is so sacred that it becomes a pilgrimage destination for Buddhists from all around the world. The legend told that it’s the single Buddha hair that keeps the rock not falling down to the village below the hill. Aside from its religious importance, the panoramic views from the top of Mount Kyaiktiyo will hold your breath away.

Best time to visit Mount Kyaiktiyo

Visiting Mount Kyaiktiyo during the rainy season can be a setback to amaze its beauty and magical power. Plan your visit after the rain end starting from October. Keep in touch with the lively Festival of Mount Kyaiktiyo that’s usually held in October to November. Always check the government official calendar if you want to visit during Kyaiktiyo Pagoda Festiva.

Things to do in Mount Kyaiktiyo

  • Amaze the Golden Rock
  • Visit during Kyaiktiyo Pagoda Festival
  • Eat in famous Yin Yin Pyone Restaurant for delicious local foods

Recommended place to stay in Mount Kyaiktiyo

The Eternity Resort, for a stay with a panoramic view

There are not many choices of a luxurious place to stay near Mount Kyaktiyo, but this has to be on your list. Located only on the main road to the Golden Rock, The Eternity Resort is an ideal place to stay to amaze the wonder. Furthermore, it keeps your endearing journey simple. Another privilege is the panoramic view from every room’s windows, making you wake up in amazement as you see the sun rises stunningly. Feel the feeling of hiking’s reward without the need to hike. Make it one of the best cultural highligths on your Myanmar honeymoon.

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Myanmar truly has something to offer for your honeymoon. The attractions and things to do will make your honeymoon memorable and good to kick-out your chemistry together. Read our other articles to help planning your Myanmar honeymoon better!

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