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Top 7 Most Romantic Laos Honeymoon Destinations

As the least visited countries in Southeast Asia, Laos offers true serenity, rustic feeling, and a place where you can enjoy time with your loved one, away from the crowd. Unlike its famous neighbors such as Thailand and Vietnam, all parts of Laos can be considered as the off-beaten path. From the beauty of strolling through the Mekong River, the town of Vientiane with its French architecture influence, until the tranquility of Kuang Si Falls, Laos should be on your honeymoon destination. To uncover you the romantic side of Laos, let us bring you the Top 7  Most Romantic Laos Honeymoon Destinations.

Top 7 Most Romantic Laos Honeymoon Destinations

Table of Contents:

  1. Vientiane, for the calm capital of Laos
  2. Luang Parabang, for historic charm of Laos
  3. Vang Vieng, for serenity surrounded by nature
  4. Muang La, for secluded romance deep within its jungle
  5. Si Phan Don, for the tranquility of Mekong River Islands
  6. Thakhek, for adventurous scooter journey
  7. Luang Namtha, for a great hiking experience

1.     Vientiane, for the calm capital of Laos

Begin your journey by exploring Vientiane City, the capital of Laos. With only no more than 600,000 population and small numbers of tourists, Vientiane doesn’t really feel like a capital city, thus often called the Sleepy Capital. But that’s the thing, it’s authentic and you can truly immerse yourself in the peaceful serenity of Vientiane and its uniqueness. Stroll the city center to see picturesque French architecture and the boulevard across the Mekong River with its charming and romantic cafes.  For the best experience in Vientiane during Laos honeymoon, bring your loved one to explore the Buddha Park to amaze unique carvings on over 200 Buddha.

Best time to visit Vientiane

Vientiane is good to visit all year round. While the weather of Laos is warm from October to April, it’s fine to visit Vientiane during rainy seasons that fall from May to September. Thanks to the consistent short rains in Laos, it won’t bother your trip to Vientiane. Moreover, as a city, it’s easy to stroll around as you can easily open up your umbrella when it rains.

Things to do in Vientiane:

Recommended place to stay in Vientiane

Salana Boutique Hotel, for a luxurious stay in the city center

Salana Boutique Hotel is the winner of Tripadvisor award of Traveller’s Choice 2019, making it a must a must-stay hotel when visiting Vientiane. Exploring the calm city of Vientiane is easier as the hotel situated right in the heart of the city, close to the Mekong River. Once you arrive in the city, its luxurious Limousine will be ready to accommodate your precious romantic trip.

Salana Suite is our favorite. Fit with Jacuzzi, private balcony overlooking the Mekong River, and comfortable room designed for couples seeking romances, a night with a loved will be unforgettable.

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2.     Luang Parabang, for historic charm of Laos

Located at the junction of the Mekong River and Khan River, Luang Parabang offers a charming town with authenticity, making it listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site. Forget the bustling city life, here you can enjoy the slow-life vibe, relaxing and enjoy quality time with your loved one. Go together to explore the Mekong riverside and swim in the relaxing Kuang Si Waterfall. In addition, the National Museum is also a great place to visit to learn the history of Laos. For local culture touch, wake up early and join locals giving alms to the monks as acts of virtue and gratitude.

Best time to visit Luang Parabang

Like Vientiane, Luang Parabang is good to visit all year round. If you prefer to visit Luang Parabang when it warms, visit from October to April. But for the best experience of visiting Kuangsi Waterfall, visit Luang Parabang during the monsoon that happens from May to September.

Things to do in Luang Parabang

Recommended place to stay in Luang Parabang

The Belle Rive Boutique Hotel, for romance in a historic place

Luang Parabang is charming with its history, adding a bit of romance. For a place with a historical ambiance to fit with the city charms, The Belle Rive Boutique Hotel might be a perfect choice for your romantic sojourn. Only offering 20 rooms, 4 of them are located at the former mayor’s residence. The classic room with a fancy canopy is designed for sensual rejuvenation for couples. Need fresh air in the morning? Open the window and see the sun rises through the hills across the Mekong River. It’s no wonder why The Belle River Boutique Hotel deserved the Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence for 5 continuous years.

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3.     Vang Vieng, for serenity surrounded by its nature

Popular among the backpackers as a cheap party destination, Vang Vieng has its romantic side. Apart from the vibrant nightlife, Vang Vieng offers tranquility, rustic atmosphere and beautiful natural surroundings. Fly over the picturesque Nam Song River with a hot air balloon and see the beautiful lines of limestone hills. You and your partner love hiking? Vang Vieng has a lot of adventurous trails await. Lastly, swim together and feel the freshness of clear water in a blue lagoon near Tham Pu Khum Cave. Perfect for your Laos honeymoon!

Best time to visit Vang Vieng

Most attractions in Vang Vieng are related to the river, except you’re up for hiking.         November to March is the best time to visit as Vang Vieng is usually warm. Traveling to Vang Vieng during the rainy season is not worth it as it’s hard to explore the river because of its fast stream of water.

Things to do in Vang Vieng

Recommended place to stay in Vang Vieng

Green View Resort, for the sunrise view of Ang Ngam Lake from your terrace

Forget the busy nightlife of Vang Vieng, get secluded in the Green View Resort and enjoy a romantic night with its tranquility. The hotel is wonderfully perched on the shores of Ang Ngam Lake, a perfect spot enjoy sunrise and sunset just from its room. Stir up your endearing romantic journey by canoeing together on around the lake. Or go to Monkey Island and fisherman village to get a glimpse of the culture. After a day of exploration, relax on its terrace with a long bed where you can lay back with your partner, deep in privacy.

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4.     Muang La, for secluded romance deep within its jungle

A small town perched on the riverside of Nam Pak River; Muang La is a great escape for honeymooners who seek peaceful ambiance away from the crowd. It’s a place surrounded by misty mountains and lush forests, all you can hear are the sound of nature. In addition, you can just relax while watching the blue steam of water in the river and talking life with your paramour. Wanting warm relaxation? Head to the hot spring at Muang La Resort and rejuvenate your soul.

Best time to visit Muang La

Muang La environment is similar to Vang Vieng which it’s best to visit during warm season that falls from November to March. However, it’s possible to visit during the rainy season as long as you stay away from river activity.

Things to do in Muang La

  • Visit Wat Pha Singkham and see the 400 years old Buddha statue. Locals believe making a wish in the temple usually comes true.
  • Relax at the Hot Spring.
  • Hike to the Singkham Cave
  • Cruise the river with a rustic boat.
  • Stay at the riverside bungalow.

Recommended place to stay in Muang La

Muang La Lodge, for secluded romance within the jungle

When talking about visiting the small town Muang La, the 5 star luxury of Muang La Lodge has to be your choice for the stay. In this remote island, intimacy and privacy are already served itself. The experience in Muang La will be fun because of its coexistence with the local community, giving it a sense of authenticity. Watch the sunset, set a romantic candlelit dinner, and end your day in the tranquil forest. You are bound to not wanting to leave after just a night staying in Muang La Lodge during your Laos honeymoon.

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5.     Si Phan Don, for the tranquility of Mekong River islands

Translated to Lao language, Si Phan Don means the Four Thousand Islands. So, is Laos really have islands? Is it a landlocked country? Yes, Laos is a landlocked country. But the Four Thousand Islands are islands scattered across the Mekong River, featuring sandbanks and river beaches. A visit to Si Phan Don means to get away from the beaten path and see the rural life of Laos. Immerse yourself to the rustic Si Phan Don by visiting local villages, kayak through the Mekong River and try to catch some fish, also amaze the breathtaking Khong Phapheng waterfall, the largest one in Southeast Asia. If you’re lucky, you might see the Irrawaddy Dolphins at the Mekong River.

Best time to visit Si Phan Don

Si Phan Don is best to visit either on the dry season from October to February or on the hot season that falls from March to May. Visit during the dry season if you are not used to Southeast Asian heat. Do not visit during the rainy season as it’s dangerous to travel around the river when the rainfall the most.

Things to do in Si Phan Don:

  • Go kayaking and see the Irrawaddy Dolphins in the Mekong River
  • Cycle through the villages of Don Khong
  • Amaze the breathtaking Khong Phapheng Waterfall, the largest one in SE Asia.
  • Relax at the river beach
  • Watch the sunset in the Mekong river

Recommended place to stay in Si Phan Don

Don Som Riverside Guesthouse, for romantic seclusion in the river island

Not the most luxurious one, but the one to satisfy your romantic seclusion in this Laos’ little secret. It’s located on a small Island, Don Son, where only a few tourists stay at. Being a family-run guesthouse with only three bungalows, make it a perfect place to kick up your chemistry deep on the secret of Lao’s jungle. Wake up early to enjoy the sunrise and the tranquil river while cuddling on the hammocks. We promise that this will complete your love expedition in Laos, not only enjoying the romantic experience, but also the local’s warmness and authenticity.

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6.     Thakhek, for adventurous scooter journey

Do you love scooter journeys with your loved one? Then Thakhek might be the best place for your honeymoon. The best is the famous three-day scooter loop in Thakhek starting from route 13 and riding through the mountainous region to be back at route 12 in the Southern part of Thakhek.  Featuring beautiful landscapes through its countryside from littered karst hills, paddy fields, waterfalls, and sights of grazing animals, Thakhek offers not only the true sights of Laos’s nature but also the rural life perspective.  Surely, a journey here is an eye-opening trip.

In addition, the boat trip through 4KM of gorgeous Konglor Cave is also one not to miss. Imagine following the river down through the cave and see beautiful limestone formations and a huge Buddha statue within. However, swimming is forbidden as locals considered its sacred water.

Best time to visit Thakhek

If you visit Thakhek for the scooter journey through its countryside, it’s wise to avoid the rainy season because the road can be wet, especially if you cross a dirt road. The best time to visit Thakhek for your Laos honeymoon is from October to March when it warms most of the time.

Best things to do in Thakhek

  • Take a scooter journey across the countryside and see its beautiful nature
  • Amaze the remarkable stupa at That Sikhottabong
  • Take an amazing boat trip through the Konglor Cave
  • Visit the Wat Si Khottabong Temple from the 9th
  • Learn the history of Laos Khammouane Museum and see the 2000 years old rotten crafts.

Recommended place to stay in Thakhek

Le Bouton D’or Boutique Hotel, for riverside scenery

Start your scooter journey in Thakhek in style by staying at the Le Bouton D’or Boutique Hotel, the best one in town. The hotel is perfectly placed in the historic part of town, along with historic architecture. We loved the fancy décor with a little bit of Lao touch on its wooden floor. Serenaded by the charms of the biggest river in Laos in front of the hotel, a night of romance with your loved one is surely turned on.

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7.     Luang Namtha, for a great hiking experience

The adventurous journey is one of the best ways for couples to know each other even more, and Luang Namtha has a perfect landscape to do so. Hiking trails in Luang Namtha is known not only because of its beautiful surroundings, but also because it offers you the opportunity to meet some ethnic hill tribes on the hiking journey. Apart from hiking, bring your paramour to ambling around the night market of Luang Namtha and taste some of Asian’s best street foods.

Best time to visit Luang Namtha

Luang Namtha is known for its hiking trail. If you visit for that reason, then please avoid the rainy season because it can be a dangerous time to hike and the trail usually slippery. Visit during the dry season from November to March for the cooling and breezing weather.

Things to do in Luang Namtha

  • Visit the Nam Ha National Protected Area to see the rustic nature and Leopards of Laos.
  • Learn the history of Laos in Luang Nam Tha Museum
  • Do street food tasting at the night market of Luang Namtha.
  • Wake up early and stroll to the bustling morning traditional market.
  • Rent a scooter and stroll around the countryside to see a vast array of paddy fields and littered green hills
  • Amaze the golden stupa at the Luang Namtha Stupa

Recommended place to stay in Luang Namtha

Zuela Guesthouse, for a place with mountainous surroundings

While choices are few, Zuela Guesthouse might be a tranquil place you want for a stay in Luang Namtha. Experience the Lao charm and culture dressed upon its architecture and décor. The family-run hotels offer easy access to the local’s Night Market and charming parts of town including close proximity to the river. With its flexible service, you don’t have to worry about going to hike around Luang Namtha and comeback on an unexpected date. A recommended place to stay both for romance ambiance and simplicity of traveling in Luang Namtha on Laos honeymoon.

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Our list of Top 7 Most Romantic Laos Honeymoon Destinations was designed to help you fulfill your need for romance and intimacy after the stress of wedding planning. Now, it’s time for you to relax and have some time together to kick-up your chemistry even more. Also read our article of 13 Breathtaking Things to Do on Your Magical Laos Honeymoon to help you find out the best activities when in Laos.

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