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Top 10 Romantic Cambodia Honeymoon Destinations

With its amazing ancient city, to its tropical forest and welcoming locals, Cambodia is a perfect haven for a honeymoon destination. Not only offering the stun of Angkor Wat and its history, but also the romance staying within the jungle in the riverside resort, to the experience of seeing the wildlife of the Eastern world, the romance in Cambodia are far from cliche. It’s unique and enchanting. To make the best out of your Cambodia honeymoon planning, check this Top 10 Romantic Cambodia Honeymoon Destinations!

Top 10 Romantic Cambodia Honeymoon Destinations

Table of Contents:

  1. Siem Reap, for the ancient city of Angkor Wat
  2. Mondulkiri, for wildlife of the East
  3. Koh Kong, for the peaceful coastline
  4. Kep, for the trail of Stairway to Heaven
  5. Kratie, for the charms of the colonial town
  6. Koh Ker, for sights of abandoned ancient city
  7. Phnom Penh, for the culture immersion of the capital
  8. Kampot, the river paradise
  9. Sihanoukville, for enjoying a slow life
  10. Song Saa Island, for romance of tropical island

1. Siem Reap, for the ancient city of Angkor Wat

Getaway to the ancient world, the Angkor Wat, Siem Reap history dated back to 802. The city offers a chance for couples to enjoy the twosome experience through its ancient history and the enchanting locales at the bustling side of the city. Angkor Wat is a must, especially during sunrise and sunset. It’s when you’ll get some of the most precious moments.

When you know what to do, a tour around the city of Siem Reap also can give you a bit of romance. Learn something new together by crafting pottery and joining a cooking class to learn Cambodian dishes. Bring your loved one to get a glimpse of history to understand Cambodia better for a long journey ahead.

Best time to visit Siem Reap

Siem Reap has the type of Northern Cambodia weather where rains mostly happen from June to November. So, avoid visiting during that time otherwise it’s going to be hard for you to reach temples because the dirt road can be muddy. The best weather is from December to January, where it’s mostly sunny and dry. But beware that this is high season when loads of tourists come to see the Angkor Wat. February to March is a great alternative when it’s still dry. April to May is the hottest time to be at Siem Reap.

Things to do in Siem Reap

Recommended place to stay in Siem Reap

Borei Angkor Resort & Spa, for convenient access with classic romance

Borei Angkor Resort is in the heart of Siem Reap, only 15 minutes away from both the Angkor Wat and the city center of Siem Reap, there are a plethora of choices to do around. Downtown Pub Street is only 5 minutes drive. You’ll truly love how it closes to everything.

Easy access aside, the suite room is very lovely. While it’s a secluded location within the resort to give you a sense of privacy, the spacious room with wooden decoration, added with lovely romantic Jacuzzi makes sure to fulfill your sensual rejuvenation. In addition, the top-notch service Borei Angkor Resort offers to make us not wondering why it’s the most reviewed hotel on Tripadvisor in Cambodia.

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2. Mondulkiri, for wildlife of the East

If your taste of romance demands nature tranquility, then Mondulkiri has a lot to offer. The word Mondulkiri literally means “Meeting of the Hills”, reflecting its highland geography. You won’t see plants that only grow on lowlands such as rice. But you’ll be pampered with surroundings of misty hills, lush rainforest, and cool breezing, so prepare something warm to wear. The amazing wildlife makes us regard Mondulkiri as the Wild World of the East, thanks to the likes of leopards, bears, and its renowned elephants of the Bunong People.

Best time to visit Mondulkiri

The monsoon season in Mondulkiri falls between May and October. As the main reason to visit is nature, November to December is the best time to visit because all the natures are at its finest. On the other hand, it’s also when it’s mostly sunny and dry. Avoid visiting between March to April as it can be very hot in Mondulkiri unless you’re fine with the hot weather.

Things to do in Mondulkiri

Recommended place to stay in Mondulkiri

Mayura Hill Resort, for a luxury stay close to wildlife

Located right in the perfect base to explore Mondulkiri, Mayura Hill Resort is any honeymooner’s dream comes true. Once arriving, you’ll be pampered by the sense of peace as from its green landscapes. Set overlooking Sen Monorom Valley, you might see a few elephants passing by from your window. The resort only offers 11 villas to make sure personal service and space for intimacy for couples guaranteed. When you do feel like want to have an adventure with your loved one, head together to explore nearby ethnic villages and wild nature around.

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3. Koh Kong, for the peaceful coastline

Koh Kong is a region where vast mountainous regions directly meet the coastline. It means that you are pampered with a plethora of nature activities. From hiking, kayaking in the river, until ocean paradise on its stretch of pristine beaches and rich marine life, all combine in one place. As the region is the underdeveloped part of Cambodia, you’ll get a little bit more peaceful ambiance, away from the hustle and bustle of popular tourism. With its unspoiled nature, it’s no wonder why Koh Kong Cambodia honeymoon was regarded by the New York Times as an emerging eco-tourism destination in Asia.

Here, your endearing journey of Cambodia honeymoon will be once in a lifetime romance.

Best time to visit Koh Kong

Koh Kong has the chance of either raining or hot all year round. But it’s still ideal to visit from December to January because of the weather mostly dry and less rain. The sunrise is at its best at that time.

Things to do in Koh Kong

  • Camping on a riverside
  • See the wildlife in the Peam Krasaop Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Delight yourself in the Happy Beach
  • Spice up your journey by dining at the fine Wood House Restaurant
  • Take a day tour to the Koh Kong Islands
  • Taste foods in the Psar Leu Food Stalls
  • Fish together in the river

Recommended place to stay in Koh Kong

The One Resort, for beachfront luxury

For couples dreaming of enjoying Cambodia honeymoon by having a lazy day together in a balcony overlooking an unending ocean view, here’s your dream come true. The One Resort offers a nice experience of staying on its wooden bungalow, with world-class service. Massage is available anytime if you want to get a bit of relaxation to be ready for the next adventure. To stir up the sense of romance, have a candlelit dinner on the beach set in front of the bungalow, or barbeque to spice up your night.

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4. Kep, for the Stairway to the Heaven trail

Kep is a small coastal town located in the Southern part of Cambodia, once a tropical beach retreat for the French in the colonial era. Kep keeps delighting visitors with its scenic nature, one of the most renowned is the Kep National Park perched behind Kep Beach. Go with your loved one to discover the iconic “Stairway to Heaven” trail, the most scenic trail within Kep National Park. Or go for a walk to abandoned French buildings to see what’s left from the colonial era. With world-class resorts lining across its beautiful coastline, you have plenty of choices for your romance inquiry.

Best time to visit Kep

For best beach vacation in Kep where you expect sunny all the time during Cambodia honeymoon, visit from December to February to get the brilliant sunshine and gentle water. March to May can be dry, but it’s when the weather is most humid.

Things to do in Kep

  • Explore the old town of Kep and amaze the old art deco architectures
  • Relax at the quiet and less-known Rabbit Island
  • Explore the bustle of Crab Market. And eat the fresh one!
  • Visit local pepper farming and learn its production
  • Explore the Kep National Park
  • Go to abandoned and haunted Bokor Hill Station

Recommended place to stay in Kep

Veranda Natural Resort, for a combination of tropical forest and ocean view

cambodia honeymoon

Situated right beside the Kep National Park, the Veranda Natural Resort offers what any couples seek for – beauty, tranquility, and intimacy. Now you don’t need to decide between the stunning ocean and scenic green surroundings, here you’ll have both. Every room is decorated with earthy materials like stones, woods, bamboo, and shells, design to create an aura of peace and imagination. No need to go out during dusk, sit together on its veranda and see the stunning view of sun setting down to the ocean.

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5. Kratie, for the calming charm of an old colonial town

A mellow city, Kratie combines its calming serenity of riverside town with French-era architecture. Kratie is a lesser-visited region in Cambodia by the tourist. Thus it’s a perfect getaway for intimate and exclusive romance to kick up your chemistry in privacy. Kayak through the Mekong River in while feeling its calming ambiance. Take a picnic in the scenic Kampi Rapids. Or just relax on a riverside bungalow till the sun comes down. Whatever you like to do to spend quality time together, don’t miss the fun of discovering the iconic Irrawaddy Dolphin and go to the Mekong Turtle Conservation Center to learn the life of the endangering soft-shell turtles.

Best time to visit Kratie

Located in the middle part of Cambodia, Kratie can be visited all year round. During the rainy season that happens from April to September, rain usually falls short, with the almost constant rain only happen from August to September. The setback of the rainy season is that you cannot go to the remote villages because the road is unadvisable. It’s ideal to visit during the early dry season from November to December for Cambodia honeymoon.

Things to do in Kratie

  • Be in awe of Phom Sambok Pagoda
  • Take a boat tour to see Irrawaddy Dolphin
  • Visit the Kampi Dolphin Statue
  • Go to the peaceful village of Koh Trong
  • Enjoy the wonderful Mekong Sunset
  • See Vihear Sarsar Mouy Rouy

Recommended place to stay in Kratie

Rajabori Villas Resort, for classic luxury

Set in a secluded Koh Trong Island, the Rajabori Villas Resort allows couples deep immersion to unspoiled part of Cambodia. The resort only offers 11 villas, all with its own garden and decorated with wooden architecture collected all over the country over the years. The purpose is to create a sense of authenticity and making guess feel like living in a true Cambodian village. Its highly classic room décor give you different taste to enjoy a lovely night within its comfort.

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6. Koh Ker, for sights of abandoned ancient city

Located deep within the jungle 120 KM Northeast of Siem Reap, Koh Ker is an abandoned ancient town of Cambodia. Koh Ker once the capital of mighty Khmer Empire, but lost in time. A visit here brings your romantic sojourn to an unimaginable journey through lush forest where almost 200 temples scattered, including some with pyramid-like architecture. Though lost in time, the ancient city still has a lot to amaze. The architecture brings to wonder how it was made back then.

Best time to visit Koh Ker

Koh Ker is a remote and abandoned area, only a small village exists, with road access to the area is still underdeveloped. So, avoid visiting Cambodia for the reason of Koh Ker during the rainy season that falls from April to October. You won’t be able to visit Koh Ker otherwise. The most ideal time to visit Koh Ker is from November to January when the weather is at its best.

Things to do in Koh Ker

  • Visit and stay in the Koh Ker village
  • Astonish the Banteay Srei, the jewel of the Angkorian temples
  • See the state temple of Jayavarman VII
  • Amaze the Prasat Tham, the pyramid-like temple
  • Visit Prasat Damrei, the monument of Koh Ker

Recommended place to stay in Koh Ker

Koh Ker Jungle Lodge, for the once-in-a-lifetime experience of staying in the remote yet historic area

Not the most luxurious one, but the closest one to Koh Ker, and the most authentic one. Koh Ker Lodge is located in the remote village of Koh Ker, where only 80 families lived. A stay in the small and quiet lodge in the historic area will be your once-in-a-lifetime experience. Also, its close proximity to the pyramid temple, Prasat Tham, offers you the chance to see stunning sunrise as the temple view rises through the fog and golden sky.

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7. Phnom Penh, for the culture in the capital of Cambodia

As the capital city of Cambodia, Phnom Penh is busy yet filled with cultural gems. Thus the city deserves a few day’s visits to kick-start your love adventure across the Cambodian soil. Immerse yourself to hustle and bustle of locals in the bustling city by starting your journey at the National Museum of Cambodia. After a day exploring Wat Phnom, Royal Palace, and the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum, spices up your love expedition by tasting street foods at the Phnom Penh Night Market. A truly perfect cultural immersion for your Cambodia honeymoon.

Best time to visit Phnom Penh

The capital is good to visit all year round. While monsoon occurs from April to October, it’s still good to visit because rain usually falls short and it’s still easy to explore the city when it rains. Dry season happens from November to May which the hottest part is in May.

Things to do in Phnom Penh

  • Visit the Royal Palace and learn the history of the monarch
  • Admire the Silver Pagoda
  • Learn history at the National Museum of Cambodia
  • Explore the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum
  • Learn the silk-making process
  • Taste street foods in the Phnom Penh Night Market
  • Explore Wat Phnom
  • Dive into the Old Market

Recommended place to stay in Phnom Penh

Baitong Hotel & Resort, for oasis amongst the bustling city of Phnom Penh

Baitong Hotel & Resort is an oasis amongst the bustling city of Phnom Penh. Easy access to any important landmarks around the city center is guaranteed thanks to its location in the BKK1 neighborhood. The experience of bath and swim in its pool is not to be missed. Inspired by the passion of Gardens of Babylons and its magical pool, it’s perfect for couples who love exploring bustle cities in style.

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8. Kampot, for river paradise

Kampot is a sleepy city situated on the Preaek Tuek Chhu River in the Southern part of Cambodia. Yet less-visited, the city offers what other popular destinations don’t: peaceful and calm ambiance. It’s only you, your loved one, a few tourists, and the rest are locals. Here you get a great chance to immerse yourself in the culture and daily life of Cambodians. By kick-start your journey to visit the pepper plantation, what the city is famous four, you’ll learn how locals depend on that commodity.

Ambling with your precious half to the city center and amaze the old colonial architecture. Though old, it still has its own charm. The most iconic is the Governor’s mansion which now becomes the Kampot Museum. Need a place to enjoy nature? Head to the Preah Monivong Bokor National Park where you’ll discover a plethora of waterfalls and sights of wildlife such as gibbons and the big cats.

Best time to visit Kampot

Just like other riverside cities, Kampot is inadvisable during the rainy season that falls from April to October because most roads are inaccessible due to muds. So it’s best to visit once the rainy season ended after October.

Things to do in Kampot

  • Dive yourself into the Bokor National Park
  • Paddleboard in the river
  • See the Old Catholic Church at the top of Bokor Mountain
  • Amaze the Kampot Museum with its history
  • Visit the pepper plantations
  • Kayak the Green Cathedral

Recommended place to stay in Kampot

The Columns, for historic ambiance

Previously wealthy French colonial house, the Columns building is restored to continue charming anyone visiting. With its fascinating blends of classic and luxury, you get to enjoy the slow life ambiance of Kampot in style. Also, its location in the Old Town of Kampot makes it a perfect place to stay.

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9. Sihanoukville, for enjoying a slow life

Sihanoukville is known for its casinos and the tacky commercial centers. Yes, it has nothing to do with romance. But once you head to its stretches of powdery sands on the coastline, you’ll find out why the city is a destination for the couple. It’s calm, sleepy, and tranquil. Life in Sihanoukville is slow and unhurried. It’s a place where hours pass as you enjoy the serenity of its beaches. One must visit is the Lazy Beach!

Best time to visit Sihanoukville

Visit Sihanoukville from November to January when the weather is at its best, expect sunny, bright, and loads of sunshine. The wave is also at its best during that time.

Things to do in Sihanoukville

  • Snorkel with the glowing bioluminescent plankton in Koh Kong Samloem
  • Enjoy tranquil sunset at the Independence Beach
  • Hike to the Kbal Chhay Waterfall
  • Go sailing with small boats in the gentle water of Sihanoukville
  • Relax at the Serendipity Beach
  • Explore the bustling Phsar Leu Market
  • Take yoga retreat on a quiet beach in the morning for retreat during Cambodia honeymoon

Recommended place to stay in Sihanoukville

Sokha Beach Resort, for tropical beachfront seclusion

Perched on the side of 1.5 long stretches of pristine beach, the beachfront Sokha Beach Resort is positioned for the best view imaginable. Float on its infinity pool and watch the sunset on the balcony for a relaxing day. To stir up your passion, go toward its top-notch bars for a glass of wine. Coming from inspiration to restore the Khmer tradition, the well-decorated room must be loved by any couples staying for Cambodia honeymoon.

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10. Song Saa Island, for the romance of a tropical island

After spending time on mainland Cambodia, discovering its secret and engage with its culture, we recommend staying at the Song Saa Island for a perfect end of your romantic sojourn. Song Saa is a small island situated near the Andaman Sea. Pampering you with its gentle water and its clear turquoise color, a day with your loved one here will stir up your romantic passion.

Best time to visit Song Saa Island

Song Saa is a small island off the coast of the Cambodian mainland. Thus rainy season visit is unadvisable because waves can be very bad and it can limit activities you can do on the island. Visit when it’s most shiny from November to December for the best Cambodia honeymoon.

Things to do in Song Saa Island

  • Have a candlelit dinner on the beach
  • Enjoy spa overlooking the ocean
  • Go sea kayaking in the gentle water of Song Saa
  • Do morning yoga atop a big stone in the Song Saa Beach
  • Visit local village Prek Svay

Recommended place to stay in Song Saa Island

Song Saa Resort, for private beach luxury

As you stay on the Island of Song Saa with the private beach of Song Saa Resort, the needs of privacy, intimacy, and time to enjoy just you with your loved one are fulfilled. Imagine waking up with sounds of gentle waves, while you directly look at the never-ending sea view. Established with top-notch service and a sense of luxury, your dream vacation is served.

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With such plenty of choices, the Cambodia honeymoon will be the one to remember for a lifetime. We hope with all the previous recommendations, you can decide the city to visit for your Cambodia honeymoon. Also read this article to help to improve your choices for the trip.

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