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Top 10 Philippines Wedding Websites You Must Know

Almost every girl has an idea or two about their dream wedding. Growing up, they have spent some time picturing about it— from the dress they’d be wearing to the flowers they’d be holding, every minute detail has been thought about and planned. After the engagement, it is their goal to make their dream wedding possible. The only problem is finding the right shops and vendors.  Luckily, the internet is filled with vast information, including those about wedding planning. To help you find inspirations for your dream wedding, we compiled a list of the Top 10 Philippine Wedding Websites You Must Know.

Top 10 Philippine Wedding Websites You Must Know

1. Bride and Breakfast, for Complete Packages

Bride and Breakfast   Bride and Breakfast is an all-in-one site that’s perfect for those who are looking for wedding inspirations. They regularly feature different Filipino celebrity weddings and unique or luxurious weddings. Their articles are actually very informative, giving the readers every important detail of whatever it is that they write about. In addition to that, they also give the latest trends about weddings. They also talk about wedding style, venue, and themes. Bride and Breakfast is your go-to website for everything wedding-related. You’ll surely be able to find what you’re looking for here!

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2. Bride Story, for a Digital Photo Album

(2) Bride Story Bride Story is a blog that contains different wedding features from all over the globe. It is like an online photo album where everyone is welcome to post and share about their own wedding experiences. Gorgeous brides share tips and ideas here on how to make your wedding day perfect. The website also features the best photographers and suppliers around. Best of all, they even have an app for your smartphone so you can browse and look for more wedding ideas anywhere you are. Isn’t that convenient!?

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3. Bridalpod, for Wedding Photo Stories

(3) Bridal Pod Bridal pod is a Philippine wedding portal based in New York. Their website is arranged in a very organized way, so you wouldn’t have a hard time looking for anything. The Little Pink Box page is for the readers guide on vendors and supplier directory, while the #Bridalpod is their image gallery on Instagram. The Teen Pod, however, caters the younger generation. They also have their own online magazine that features top weddings, editorial shoots, and other suppliers. What makes Bridal Pod unique is that they have a strategic platform in terms of advertising – that’s why they have become so popular. They can also tell you the story of the bride and groom through their wedding photos. It’s like you already know the story just by looking at the displayed photographs.

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4. Female Network, for the Ultimate Wedding Planning Guide

8 9 Female Network is the first Philippine website made for women. It is owned by the Philippine-based publication Summit Media. It is a women’s magazine that gives a fresh and useful information for our daily lives. If you are about to get married, you might want to check out Bridal Book, Female Network’s wedding arm. The website gives informative articles, tips, and tricks about wedding planning. They also have a list of different suppliers ranging from flower arrangement to magnificent venues.

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5. Weddings at Work, for a Stress-Free Wedding Planning

 Wedding at Work What started out as a dream became a reality for the couple behind Weddings at Work or W@W. It was established by Benneth Rana together with her husband, John. They started their journey by just looking for possible suppliers through magazines, newspapers and even attended different bridal events. Their main objective is to help others get that stress-free wedding planning process. Now, with the help of other contributors and writers, W@W continues to give wedding-related tips and insights. Wedding planners and soon-to-be-married couples will probably favor this website because of its simplicity and user-friendly interface.

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6. Weddings in the Philippines, for Fun Blog Entries About Weddings 

Weddings in the Philippines In the Philippines, weddings are considered to be very sacred. It is highly important for those who want to be together for the rest of their lives.  That’s why the website Wedding in the Philippines serves as your trusted companion for your journey towards forever. It shows the importance of culture and the values of the Filipinos in celebrating this remarkable event. They have tons of blog entries that tackle about everything and anything that’s related to weddings – from the money you’ll spend for your special day to the latest trends in wedding gowns, this website is definitely a must-visit for everyone.

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7. Kasal, for Free Wedding Announcements and Discounts

kasal Kasal is a Filipino term that means both wedding and marriage. Established in 2001, is the first Filipino wedding website. It was established by Web.Phil.Com.Inc, who also owns  If you are looking for the nearest wedding fairs to get inspirations from, or even wedding vendors and suppliers that you can count on, do check them out. On their site, you’ll be able to see a list of wedding fairs happening in the country for the year. They are also a pioneer organizer of the Kasalang Filipino’s National Wedding Fair. By joining their community and signing up to their website, you’ll be able to get an exclusive access to their newsletter.  Plus, you also have their privilege card for more discount and freebies.  Best of all, you can announce your wedding day on the internet for FREE!

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8. Wedding Philippines, for an Extensive List of Suppliers

Wedding Philippines

A very simple and organized website, does have a lot to offer. You can browse their long list of suppliers for all your wedding needs. What’s more interesting about them is that you can create your own account with them and receive fresh news or you can advertise your own product through their website. Weddings Philippines
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9. Wedding Philippines, for DIY Wedding Projects

(9) Weddings Philippines DIY or Do It Yourself wedding projects are great because they can easily add personal touches to your special day. For DIY tutorials and wedding projects, visit Wedding Philippines, as they highlight simple and easy handmade projects that you can use to make your wedding day extra special. They also give suggestions of modernized and fun color motifs for the new generation. Christine, the founder and writer of Wedding Philippines, describes herself as a self-confessed wedding geek. She loves every little detail about weddings. She wanted to provide a useful wedding website that can be helpful for everyone. True enough, Wedding Philippines is indeed a very useful site for all the couples out there who wish to have a very successful wedding.

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10. Marche Wedding Philippines 21

Marche Wedding Philippines is a free E-magazine that showcases world-class talents in terms of designing and applying makeup. They also have their own list of the best suppliers and unique finds for your special day. Run by a BPO professional Chris Galleros together with his intern Grace Micah Oreiro, Marche wants to give opportunities for wedding vendors through online marketing and advertising services.


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That’s it for our list of the Top 10 Philippine Wedding Websites You Must Know. We hope that this helps you a lot in making your dream wedding come true.

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