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Top 10 Popular Wedding Themes in Singapore

Now that you have given him your sweetest “yes”, it’s time to finally decide on one of the most beautiful¬†and fascinating factors of your special day – your wedding theme. With a wide array of concepts to choose from, looking for the perfect theme that will truly match your love story and personality as a couple might be one of the most difficult things to determine.¬†That’s why we had come up¬†with our list of the¬†Top 10 Popular Wedding Themes in Singapore¬†to help you decide on a theme that will not only make you happy but will also reflect your love and story.

Top 10 Popular Wedding Themes in Singapore

1. Beach Wedding Theme, for a Classic Fairytale Ending


Saying your vows in the midst of the sunny sea brings a different type of tranquility that perfectly suits the mood of your special day. The colors that would best fit this wedding theme are aqua, mint, and coral. You can also be creative in terms of designing the dining tables. You can use starfishes, colorful stones, and seashells with vases filled with sand and flowers of different colors. A beach wedding theme has a lot of interesting concepts that you can play with. You can go for a nautical, tropical, underwater or shipwrecked feel. These fascinating concepts can also be paired with themes such as Morrocan, Bohemian, and Elegant. Great venues in Singapore for this type of theme would be Shangri-La Rasa Sentosa, Tanjong Beach Club, Coastes.

2. Contemporary Wedding Theme, for an Edgy and Artsy Feel


This type of wedding theme is absolutely perfect for those who are both edgy and artsy. Given its versatile nature, a Contemporary Wedding Theme would allow you to incorporate your own style into it Рmay it be minimalistic or elaborate. A brush of earthy and blush gray tones can make also give this theme an extra push for a more classy feel. Also, when it comes to a Contemporary Wedding Theme, a monogram is a must while calligraphy is a bonus. Feel free to play with shapes, lines, laces, and stripes. You can also use orchids and calla lilies to give life to the tones that you have added. For a Contemporary Wedding Theme, it would be best to keep your eye on Colonial buildings, arthouses, and museums such as the One Rochester, Dempsey, and The Arts House.

3. Elegant Wedding Theme, for Pure Sophistication and Class


An Elegant Wedding Theme can spice up the night with a romantic atmosphere. Aside from the modern royalty feel that it presents, the complete set-up of fresh red roses, yellow lights, gold accessories and expensive utensils can bring up that pure sophistication and class that you’ve always wanted your wedding to have. For this type of wedding theme, anything that’s white and gold in accent can perfectly keep the elegance going.

4. Garden Wedding Theme, for a Natural and Intimate Vibe


The natural color of flowers and tress can make a great backdrop for a wedding. Style it up with bright blooms everywhere, or simply just light it up with classic flowers like roses and tulips. For a Garden Wedding Theme, spring pastel and bright colors can make your wedding stand out in photos. You can give your big day an extra touch by pairing this theme up with either the whimsical, rustic, or elegant concept. Suitable venues in Singapore include the Courtyard at ShangriLa Rasa Sentosa, Marina Barrage, Burkill Hall, Nosh, and The Halia.

5. Glamorous Wedding Theme, for Sparkles of Shimmer


Spread glitz and glamour with this wedding theme whose hot favorite is gold. Accompanied with the shades of black and white, a Glamorous Wedding Theme will surely fill your special day with sparkles of shimmer. You can also give it a little drama by pairing it with dark shades like marsala.

6. Romantic Wedding Theme, for a Love-Inspired Wedding


Often matched with pastel colors, a Romantic Wedding Theme will never fail to leave your guests with a dreamy sigh.  Prep the big day up with wonderful colors like blush, peach, and mint. With simple accessories and a couple of great blooms on your braided hair, you will definitely turn heads as you walk down the aisle with your sweetheart neckline tulle gown. You can also pair this theme with peonies, carnations, and hydrangeas together with a fairytale, disney, and whimsical concepts Рgiving your wedding a glow of love and romance.

7. Rustic Wedding Theme, for a Dance with Wood, Greenery, and Wild Flowers

rustic wedding theme

A Rustic Wedding Theme usually uses the shades of brown accentuated with different shades of pastel along with deep colors as well. This kind of set-up is often done in a country barn decorated with elements that would enhance a rustic feel. On the other hands, outdoor rustic weddings use wooden signages, garden benches, and wooden tables, decorated with daisies, lavender, baby’s breath, and other fitting blooms that would give it a livelier touch. More often than not, mason jars and wooden crates complete the look – if not, recycled cider or apothecary bottles as vases usually do the work. Candles, hanging lanterns, and fairy lights wrapped around pillars make a perfect match, too. If you want a Rustic Wedding Theme for your big day, you can go to Singapore’s The White Rabbit and Wheeler’s Yard.

8. Traditional Wedding Theme, for a Cultural Feel


For a Traditional Wedding Theme, red is the ultimate favorite. This concept strongly uses culture and tradition as its foundation. If you’re up for this type of wedding, you can also accentuate the whole event with white, along with peachy accents.

9. Vintage Wedding Theme, for a Nostalgic Vibe


With compatible themes of Carnival, Travel, Gatsby, Rustic, Victorian and Whimsical, the Vintage Wedding Theme is one of the most popular concepts when it comes to weddings. Make your big day a beautiful memory to remember with adding pearls and a touch of sepia to it. You can also go old school along with a vintage carnival theme, or maybe a little bit classy with Audrey Hepburn’s curls and classic red lips.

10. Whimsical Wedding Theme, for a Quizzical Wedding


If you want to splash your wedding day with cute colors and lively blooms, then a Whimsical Wedding Theme might be the right match for you. This concept fully welcomes fun and creativity. A Whimsical Wedding Theme usually observes bright, pastel colors, and can absolutely match a lot of other concepts too like Vintage, Rustic, Romantic, and many others. When it comes to choosing your wedding theme, it is best to pick a concept that could perfectly describe you as a couple. You can also welcome suggestions from your family and friends, or just about anyone who has witnessed your love story unfolds along with time.

We hope that our list of the¬†Top 10 Popular Wedding Themes in Singapore¬†had helped you come up with the perfect wedding theme in mind. If you feel like we’ve missed anything, feel free to drop us a comment below.¬†

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