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Top 10 Wedding Favour Shops in the Philippines

Your wedding day won’t be fun and memorable without your family and friends. So, it is best to express your gratitude and appreciation to them by giving amazing wedding favours. But you should remember that wedding favours don’t have to be too much expensive because it has to be meaningful and memorable to be appreciated by your guests. To give you some ideas for your wedding favour, we made this list of the Top 10 Wedding Favour Shops in the Philippines.

Top 10 Wedding Favour Shops in the Philippines

10. Things Remembered, for Personalized Stamped Products

wedding favour shops philippines - Things Remembered
Photo Credits: Things Remembered

Giving away sugared almonds as a wedding favours are for traditional weddings. If you want some unique wedding favours, browse items at Things Remembered. This is an online manufacturer of unique and elegant personalized foil stamped products based in the Philippines. They are using latest art machinery for hot stamping and embossing. Unlike other traditional products, they don’t use inks. Things Remembered is using dry stamping process, which makes their products unique and special. You can shop and have your own dry stamped products like personalized card holder, wallet, check holder and more.

(10) Things Remembered Logo

Things Remembered
2nd Avenue Corner 30th Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig Fort Bonifacio, Philippines 1684
0917 888 8517 │ 02-2118089

9. Leather Ph, for Handmade Leather Products

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This handcrafted leather products by are very useful for your guests. It is perfect for luxurious events and parties. The company was established by Mr. and Mrs. Patalinghog in 2010 wherein they create functional, practical and stylish leather products for traveling and carrying gadgets and everyday valuables.

Take note that all products made and marketed by them are all handmade and unique, without the use of sewing machines and solvents. They also sell products such as wallet, phone holder, card holder, bags, and more.

(9) Leather Ph Logo
+63 925 8141205
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8. Cabaña Workshop, for Customized Wedding Items

wedding favour shops philippines - Cabaña Workshop
Photo Credits: Cabaña Workshop

Create joy with unique gifts from Cabaña Workshop. You can choose different wedding favours personalized with monograms and custom designs. Cabaña Workshop started as a one-woman business that grew over time. Their products which are meticulously hand-crafted includes towels, napkins, bags, and more. Also at Cabaña Workshop, you can choose your own designs, colors, and styles that are suitable for your wedding. 

(8) Cabaña Workshop Logo

Cabaña Workshop
#77 President Avenue, BF Homes, Parañaque
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7. Oliver & Maude, for Elegant and Personalized Gifts

wedding favour shops philippines - Oliver and Maude - Jin Loves to Eat
Photo Credits: Jin Loves to Eat

Have these elegant and personalized items of Oliver and Maude Home as your wedding favour. O&M was established on 2013 by Julia Sarabia Morales. Their products are made with high standards which were crafted by talented artists. They have products like wooden boards, glasswares, tablewares and more. Do note these items are perfect for luxurious events and weddings.

(7) Oliver & Maude Logo

Oliver and Maude
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6. Alice Blue, for Scented Candles

wedding favour shops philippines - Alice Blue
Photo Credits: Alice Blue

The faces of your guests will surely light up when you hand them elegant scented candles from Alice Blue. This company was founded in 2005 and has been marketing scented candles for over 11 years now. The brand was born because of the founder’s desire of bringing home fragrance to a higher standard. Each candle was locally manufactured, using local and imported materials.

Furthermore, the candles from Alice Blue are made from soy wax which is a processed form of soybean oil which has a lower melting point than regular candles. Another thing is that they are natural and they burn 50% longer and cleaner because they are not made with chemicals.

(6) Alice Blue Logo

Alice Blue

3 Santa Rosa St., Kapitolyo, Pasig City, 1603

02 994 8500 │ 02 664 6655 +63 917 822 6353 │ +63 9369673773

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5. Royal Wedding Favors, for Cute Souvenirs

wedding favour shops philippines - Royal Wedding Favors - Bride and Breakfast
Photo Credits: Bride and Breakfast

If you and your partner have a tight budget, we suggest that you visit this online supplier of unique and cute wedding souvenirs in the Philippines. Royal Wedding Favors offers a variety of options when it comes wedding favours. They have souvenirs such as keychains, bottle opener, salt and pepper shakers and more. Take note that keychain is one of the great wedding favours because they are always adorable and cute!

(5) Royal Wedding Favors Logo

Royal Wedding Favors
+63 917-5807798 │ +63 925-8910001
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4. Ilog Maria, for Organic Bee Products

wedding favour shops philippines - Ilog Maria - Wazzup Pilipinas
Photo Credits: Wazzup Pilipinas

Bath products as wedding favours will be a great way to add a touch of uniqueness on your wedding day. You can give the gift of relaxation to your friends and family for being a part of your celebration. Natural soaps from Ilog Maria are always packed fresh from beehives to retain their nutritive and medicinal values. Also, Ilog Maria Honeybee Farm was named after Blessed Virgin Mary. They sell and produce organic products such as soaps, body wash, feminine wash, lip balm, and more, using the most natural method to preserve its healing and nutritive properties.

(4) Ilog Maria Logo

Ilog Maria
Km. 47 Aguinaldo Highway, Lalaan 1, Silang, 4118 Cavite

3. Skitbooks, for adorable flipbooks

wedding favour shops philippines - Skitbooks
Photo Credits: Skitbooks

Store the happiest moment of your life in photographs with the help of Skitbooks. They offer albums with photos that create an animation effect when flipped. Their mobile booth records 7-second videos of your guests having fun and makes little flipbooks out of the video stills in less than three minutes.

(3) Skitbooks Logo

Fotogra Weddings, Inc. Unit 404 JBD Plaza 65 Mindanao Avenue, Quezon City
(0917) 9904254

2. Bizu Patisserie, for Unique Cakes and Pastries

wedding favour shops philippines - Bizu Patisserie
Photo Credits: Bizu Patisserie

Instead of giving away figurines that would collect dust as it age to your guests, why not send them off with delicious macarons from Bizu Patisserie? Their Macaron de Paris is beautiful inside and out. It has a crisp outside with soft crème ganache and ground almonds in the middle. You can show gratitude, happiness, excitement, love and affection as you indulge your guests with this. Do note that Bizu Patisserie’s name was derived from the French word “Bisous” which means kiss or Beso – beso in Filipino terms. It is a known quality of Filipinos for showing gratitude and affection. 

(2) Bizu Patisserie Logo

Bizu Patisserie
(632) 845-0590 │ 845-0591 845-05-92 │ 845-05-93
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1. Made in Candy, for Fancy and Cute Candies

wedding favour shops philippines - Made in Candy - Manila Fashion Observer
Photo Credits: Manila Fashion Observer

Who wouldn’t want colourful and cute candies? Candies will surely be perfect for a giveaway on your wedding. After all, no one is too old to for candies. In fact, this colorful treats can also match with your wedding themes. It represents the colourful journey of your life with your partner.

Furthermore, Made in Candy allows customization of products and services to have their own fun and personable experience. It was founded in 2009 by Mr Wayne Lim Wei Wen, a passionate Sugar Artisan, with its co-owner, Ms. Darling Shirui Yao.

(1) Made in Candy Logo

Made in Candy
(02)866 56 24 │ 0920.964 90 76

Wedding favours hold a special significance to the theme of your wedding. We hope that our list of Top 10 Wedding Favour Shops in the Philippines will help you to find perfect wedding favour shops suited for you and your guests. 

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