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Types of Wedding Flowers

If you are one of the couples who are struggling in finding their wedding flowers, you are on the right page. We understand that you may feel conflicted as there are lots of beautiful flowers to choose from but worry no more as we are here to help you.

First things first. You have to find the best flower shop or florists who can cater to all of your needs. The local flower delivery normally has a wide selection of the prettiest and affordable flowers that are perfect for weddings. To complete your planning, we have compiled some of the most favourite and well-sought types of wedding flowers. Scroll down to discover which fits your budget, wedding theme and personal preferences.

Types of Wedding Flowers

1. Roses


Being the most romantic type of flower, there is no doubt that Rose is at the top of the list of many couples. It symbolises both beauty and love, and most commonly used as a metaphor in conveying emotion, passion, and love for a lifetime.

On your wedding day, you can mix-and-match roses that are available in both solid colors and bi-colors. If you wish to have a different type of roses for your boutonnieres, corsages, hair accessory, and centerpieces, you can ask your florist to give you some striped and tipped roses.

2. Tulips


Popular for symbolising happiness, gracefulness, and consuming love, Tulips also became one of the most favorites wedding flowers. It is mostly used as a bridal hand bouquet and can also help to make your wedding venue more elegant. Whether you are having a rustic style, or a modern wedding event, you can never go wrong with the gorgeous flowers of tulips. They are available in white, cream, and pastel colors such as pink, yellow, and peach. Some tulips are also bright in colors with red, purple, and magenta.

Tulips are a meaningful choice for a wedding flower. It symbolizes happiness, gracefulness, and consuming love. They are available in white, cream, and pastel colors such as pink, yellow, and peach. Some tulips are also bright in colors with red, purple, and magenta.

3. Calla Lilies


For classic lovers, Calla Lily is perfect for your wedding day. Derived from the Greek word “beauty”, Calla Lily has been symoblising the “magnificent beauty” in Africa for such a long time. It has a distinctive form and is available in two types – a large-headed variety and a miniature version.

You can also consider picking some Lily of the Valley, sometimes called “the ladder to heaven.” They are expensive but it will surely meet your expectations of having a wonderful wedding.

4. Peonies


An all-time favorite of many brides, the beautiful flowers of Peonies have the softness and the unique texture in varieties of colors. The bright color and strong scent of the flowers of Peonies are the reasons why the Victorians use it to symbolize bashfulness. The florist can make bouquets of Peonies alone or pair it with other flowers. These flowers are also great for gorgeous styles for wedding flower arrangement.

5. Ranunculus


If you are looking for a flower that you can combine with your roses or peonies but afraid with the coordination, you can pick Ranunculus as it has a similar beauty with the first two types of flowers. This gorgeous flower also symbolises dazzling charm and magical beauty perfect for some fairytale-like wedding theme.

Additionally, Ranunculus flowers have multi-petals and mild scents which will surely please all of your guests. They are available in many colours such as white, yellow, pink, and orange perfect for creating a bridal bouquet or even decorating the aisle!

6. Hydrangeas


Representing vanity, Hydrangeas are popularly chosen for weddings because of its attractive colors. The colors depend on the acid level contained in the soil giving blooms in a pretty sky blue or bubblegum pink. There are white, green, pink, burgundy, and blue Hydrangeas, giving you a wide range of designs to match any motif.

The flowers of Hydrangeas are scentless but they look very charming and appealing which can help you make a great standalone centerpiece for any wedding decoration. The blooms can also be used for the boutonnieres, corsages, headpiece, and bouquets and most importantly, Hydrangeas cost less.

7. Stephanotis


The star shape, the waxy florets, and the dainty white color make the Stephanotis a perfect wedding flower. This mildly scented flower is also symbolic of marital happiness. It is mostly used as a bouquet in a formal wedding or classic solemnization. There is also no need to be worried about the flower season because Stephanotis is available all throughout the year!

8. Sweet Peas


The candy-like scent of Sweet Peas is very significant as to why this flower is a favorite choice for weddings. This flower symbolizes lasting pleasure, which is associated with and related to weddings and happy marriage. You can explore different styles as Sweet Peas are available in a wide range of colors, from pink to purple to white and yellow. We are sure that you will also fall in love with the flower as soon as you see its ruffles, just like how the other brides felt on their wedding day.

9. Gardenia


Gardenias are captivating not only because of the unique and distinct creamy white ivory petals but also because of the intoxicating fragrance it carries. Most wedding florists tuck the flowers of Gardenias in the bouquets for a mixed bloom bridal bouquet or place them in a bowl for table centerpieces or in the hair for hair accessories. This bloom is available in large heads as well as in miniature varieties.

10. Lilacs


The list will not be complete without Lilacs. This flower is one of the most favourite wedding flowers as it symbolizes the youthfulness and innocence, as well as the spirit of confidence and pride. With lilacs, it is not only the color that may vary but also the scent! You can opt for the warm spicy scent or stick to your favourite light floral scents.

Weddings will always be a lovely event and you don’t have to be afraid as there are lost of florists who are more than willing to help you from discovering inspiring flowers until you chose gorgeous collections and arrangements for your own wedding day. Your dream wedding can definitely turn into a reality as long as you have the right flower delivery service and professional wedding florist services.

We hope the above article have helped you in picking your own wedding flowers!

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