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Villa Borobudur – Experience Authentic Java in the Heart of Indonesia for your Honeymoon

A villa honeymoon experience on an Indonesian Island? No doubt Bali often comes to mind. But if you are looking for a off-the-beaten path experience, read on.

In the hills of Central Java lies the cradle of Javanese culture – authentic and true to its very nature. An hour away from Yogyakarta, set on the slopes of the Menoreh mountains and the dense Javanese jungle, we discovered a resort that features a refreshing yet down to earth concept – Villa Borobudur.

Perched on lush green hills, surrounded by vast paddy fields and flanked by volcanoes and small villages, Villa Borobudur features unsurpassed views of nature that you can enjoy right from your bedroom villa. Dedicated to serving you with traditional Javanese hospitality, you will no doubt be enchanted by the friendliness and genuine service of their staff. Read on to discover a honeymoon experience with them. 

6 ways how Villa Borobudur gives you an authentic Javanese experience

1. A breathtaking view of nature’s finest

The moment you step into the resort is the moment you are transported into another realm, where nature and culture are of central focus. Whether you are sitting out on the pool deck or chilling out on the porch of your villa, you get scenic views of lush greenery, blue skies and volcanoes like Merapi, Sumbing and Merbabu. Feel deeply relaxed and connected with Mother Nature as you spend your honeymoon vacation here.

Villa Borobudur also overlooks UNESCO heritage site, Borobudur Temple in the distance. Just 10-15 minutes from your resort, you can discover a culturally rich experience at the Borobudur temple where you can see one of the best sunrises in Indonesia. The sunrise tour is a must-go for anyone visiting this region, and we strongly recommend reaching out to Kaleidoscope of Java Tour. The experience we had with them was wonderful. Larasati is an amazing tour guide that will get you connected with the beautiful history and story of the temple. It was one of the best tours we have taken.

Kaleidoscope of Java Tour
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2. Stay in authentic & traditional villas

Villa Borobudur

Villa Borobudur is steadfast in bringing forth the Javanese culture to every guest. Evident in its traditional architecture, furnishings and decor, staying at Villa Borobudur unlocks an authentic way for you to experience to the Javanese lifestyle.

Each villa is built with teakwood arches and meticulously carved roofs and doors. The interior is furnished with Javanese antiques and paintings, many of which are made by local artists. Beds are lined with traditional batik pillows and draped with a translucent cloth to keep out any unwanted guests (flies, mosquitoes, though we did not face any during our stay). It also gives a romantic feel to your bedtime.

Featuring 6 different villa categories with each having its own special touches, we stayed at the Siddharta suite (60m2), equipped with one of the largest bathrooms that we have ever seen! Other villa options include the spacious and romantic Villa Diponegoro (140 m2), the 2-bedroom Villa Menoreh (90m2) or Villa Kayangan (140m2) that comes with a private pool, the 3-bedroom Villa Merbabu (200m2) and the 4-bedroom Villa Merapi which has 4 separate buildings, 1 for each bedroom. Click here to see their villas.

Villa Borobudur

3. Enjoy genuine Javanese hospitality

For a relaxing and enjoyable honeymoon, Villa Borobudur aims to bring you traditional friendliness and genuine hospitality from the kindness of the people of Central Java. Their local staff are more than happy to introduce you to their rich culture and cuisine. During our stay, it was a very nice feeling to always return home to friendly faces and pleasant service. Your villa is also fully serviced 24 hours a day, and we were given a phone to ring the reception desk any time of the day. As our check out timing was very early in the morning, we appreciated that the staff took the initiative to prepare transport for us down the hill in advance.

4. Be inspired by sustainable living

What impressed me most is that as much as Villa Borobudur enchant their guests with the spectacular views and Javanese culture, they see importance in keeping it sustainable. Sustaining a resort in the middle of the jungle atop a mountain is not an easy feat. To add to the challenge, Villa Borobudur aims to do so in a sustainable and responsible way.

Villa Borobudur ensures to take good care of the area they are in. Apart from promoting the rich culture of Java, Villa Borobudur supports local communities by hiring locals, and preserves the natural heritage and environment by taking good care of the floral and fauna around them. They have also added to the beautiful landscape by planting over 15,000 new trees, plants, bushes and flowers!

To create a sustainable concept of living, the estate even has their own fishpond and garden where they grow their own fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices. The beauty of this sustainable living is shown in how the people of Villa Borobudur aims to balance culture, nature and luxury living all in one.

5. Escape to a peaceful and serene haven

The Javanese culture emphasises on self-reflection and social peace. In order to do so, a quiet and peaceful environment is key. At Villa Borobudur, start your morning with nature at your doorstep. Have sun rays peep through your windows, have birds lightly awaken you with their chirps and be greeted by lush greenery as you open your doors. Let the sounds of rustling tree leave as they sway in the wind remind you that you are immersed in the midst of nature. Experience peace and serenity throughout your stay, whether in the privacy of your own villa, at the infinity pool, or at the gazebo and gardens of Villa Borobudur.

6. Create memorable experiences

Whether it is enjoying a relaxing Balinese massage, doing morning yoga, visiting ancient temples like Borobudur or discovering volcanoes and waterfalls through cave tours and river rafting, there is so much to discover during your stay at Villa Borobudur. You can even go to the local towns to explore museums, galleries and take workshops in batik, cooking, and so much more. Here, you get a vacation that combines a unique ambience with a touch of local culture. The lovely staff at Villa Borobudur would be happy to advise you on an itinerary that suits your preferences.

Click here to book your honeymoon at Villa Borobudur today.

Villa Borobudur
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