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Laundry Day Bliss: Best Washing Machines in Singapore 2024

Washing machines in Singapore have become an essential part of daily life. It’s not just about cleaning clothes; it’s about reclaiming time, simplifying routines, and embracing the convenience of modern living. From the evolution of their design to the myriad features that make laundry day a whole lot easier, we explore in our Best Washing Machines in Singapore how these everyday marvels have become the indispensable workhorses of every household.

Best Washing Machines in Singapore

1. EuropAce 10 Kg Front Load Washing Machine

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Product Image Source: EuropAce – Best Washing Machines in Singapore

Innovative laundry companion equipped with a steam prewash function

The EuropAce 10 Kg Front Load Washing Machine (EFW 9102Y) is not just your ordinary washing machine; it is designed to make your laundry day more efficient. This is mainly because of the washing machine’s innovative steam prewash function, employing the power of steam to effectively break down and lift away stains, dirt, and grime from your clothes even before the initial washing cycle begins. This steam technology also excels at banishing trapped odours from fabrics, ensuring that your laundry emerges with a delightful, fresh scent. With the EFW 9102Y, your clothes receive meticulous care in a time-saving manner, consistently delivering a perfect wash every time.

Furthermore, you will know that this washing machine is in for the long haul with its BLDC inverter motor, making it super-efficient and built to last. Additionally, this washing machine proudly wears its 4-tick water-saving efficiency badge. Meaning, it is not wasteful and is smart about how it uses water.

Power, precision, and convenience combined

When it comes to functionality, the EuropAce 10 Kg Front Load Washing Machine (EFW 9102Y) features 15 preset programs that cater to different fabrics and levels of dirtiness. Meanwhile, you have 5 options for spin speeds, from a gentle no-spin to a turbo 1400 rpm spin that practically dries your clothes while still in the machine. Plus, 5 water pressure selections to adapt and conquer. The washing machine also has an auto-restart feature that restarts the machine automatically when you encounter power failure. What’s more, the washing machine offers a 24-hour delay start. You set the time and just like magic, the washing machine starts on its own.

Engineered for delicate treatment

But what really sets this washing machine apart is how it treats your clothes. Its stainless steel honeycomb drum is not just for show; it is designed for optimal gentle fabric care. You do not have to stress about your clothes getting ruined. On top of that, you also do not have to worry about your washing machine damaging your floors as the EuropAce 10 Kg Front Load Washing Machine (EFW 9102Y) is equipped with anti-shock technology.

In a nutshell, the EuropAce 10 Kg Front Load Washing Machine (EFW 9102Y) is not just a washing machine. It is a partner in your laundry journey that takes care of business while you focus on everything else. Laundry day? More like laundry luxury.

Why we love this washing machine from Europace:
  • Equipped with intelligent functions such as a 3D steam pre-wash feature
  • Time-saving washing cycles
  • Efficient and durable BLDC inverter motor
  • Stainless steel honeycomb drum for delicate care
  • Stable operation with anti-shock tech
  • Auto-restarts after power failure and 24-hour delay start feature
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2. Beko 8kg Front Load Freestanding Washing Machine

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Product Image Source: Beko – Best Washing Machines Singapore

Express wash and get rid of different stains

The Beko 8kg Front Load Freestanding Washing Machine WCV8746X is a worthy contender for our top choice, with efficiency and elegance in one delightful package. With its brushless motor design, ProSmart delivers enhanced energy efficiency, reduced noise levels, and extended durability. It also comes with a steam-infused stain treatment and the capability to tackle 24 stain types; your clothes will be spotless and refreshed with every wash. But what sets it apart is its remarkable speed. In just 14 minutes, you can have 2 kg of laundry clean, making it an ideal companion for busy households in Singapore.

What we love about Beko Washing Machine:
    • High efficiency, low noise operation for peaceful laundry days


  • Capable of addressing 24 different types of stains
  • Speedy 14-minute wash cycle for 2 kg of laundry


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3. Whirlpool Time Wash

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Product Image Source: Whirlpool – Best Washing Machine in Singapore

Up to 50% savings on your utility bill

Whether you are seeking to reduce utility bills or streamline your laundry routine, the WFRB802AHW is a cost-effective choice. Powered by 6TH SENSE Technology, this washing machine offers an intelligent wash that guarantees savings of up to 50% on electricity, water, and time. Furthermore, its SENSE Inverter Motor and 3D Sensor, known for its whisper-quiet performance, ensure that your laundry sessions remain efficient and peaceful.  It has also been awarded 4 ticks under Singapore’s Mandatory Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme (WELS).

What we love about Whirlpool Time Washer:
  • Guarantees up to 50% savings on electricity, water, and time
  • SENSE Inverter Motor for advanced, quiet performance
  • 3D Sensor ensures reliability and silent operation
  • Total four ticks under the Mandatory Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme (WELS) in Singapore for exceptional water efficiency
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4. Samsung Washing Machine

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Product Image Source: Samsung – Best Washing Machine Singapore

Durable and convenient to use

The Samsung WW70T3020WW/SP combines efficiency and innovation to redefine your laundry experience. With its 7 kg load capacity, this washing machine ensures that you can handle your laundry chores with ease. What sets it apart is the eco-friendly, quiet, and durable performance powered by the Digital Inverter Motor. It promises not only reliability but also a more peaceful laundry experience. For those seeking quick solutions, the Quick Wash feature ensures that your clothes are cleaned fast. Moreover, the WW70T3020WW/SP has been awarded an impressive 4 ticks for water efficiency.

What we love about Samsung Washing Machine:
  • 7 kg load capacity
  • Digital Inverter Motor
  • Quick Wash feature
  • Awarded 4 ticks for water efficiency
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5. Midea White Top Load Washer

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Product Image Source: Midea – Best Washing Machines in Singapore

Leaves clothes fresh and adapts intelligently to loads

The 7 kg capacity top load Midea washer ensures ample space for your laundry needs. With a convenient top-loading design, it’s a perfect fit for those seeking added ease in their washing routines. Customisation takes the forefront with adjustable water levels and wash programs. Its cutting-edge features, including the 3D Waterfall technology, ensure every garment is cleaned, leaving clothes fresh and pristine after each wash cycle.  Moreover, its Fuzzy Logic Control and multiple wash programs adapt intelligently to the load, providing optimal cleaning performance tailored to the fabric type.

What we love about Midea White Top Load Washer:
  • 7 kg load capacity
  • Top-loading design for added convenience
  • Adjustable water levels and wash programs for customized cleaning
  • A focus on energy efficiency to save resources
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6. Electrolux Top Load Washer

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Product Image Source: Electrolux – Best Washing Machines Singapore

Ideal for putting on heavy loads

Promising efficient cleaning and innovative functionalities, the Electrolux EWT0H88H1WB is an exceptional choice for washing machines in Singapore. This washing machine is designed with a generous 10.5 kg load capacity. It caters to the needs of modern households for handling heavy loads, striking a balance between spaciousness and performance. The appliance has various advanced features, including its Vapour Care Technology, ensuring clothes come out clean but soft and wrinkle-free. Furthermore, with its Time Manager function, users can adjust cycle times, enabling them to save both time and energy.

What we love about Electrolux Top Load Washer:
  • 10.5 kg load capacity
  • With Vapour Care Technology
  • Time Manager function that users can adjust cycle time
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7. Panasonic 8kg Washing Machine

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Product Image Source: Panasonic – Best Washing Machine in Singapore

Combines cutting-edge technology in one

For those who seek a washing machine in Singapore that combines cutting-edge technology with impeccable performance, the Panasonic NA-128XB1WSG is the ideal choice. Its generous 8 kg load capacity makes it a perfect choice for Singaporean households. What sets it apart is the ECONAVI technology, which adapts the wash cycle based on the load’s weight and fabric type, ensuring water and energy efficiency. Additionally, its StainMaster+ feature tackles stubborn stains with ease, while the ActiveFoam system provides thorough and consistent cleaning.

What we love about the Panasonic Washing Machine:
  • 8 kg load capacity
  • ECONAVI technology that adapts the wash cycle
  • StainMaster+ feature and ActiveFoam system
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8. Hitachi Top Load Washer

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Product Image Source: Hitachi – Best Washing Machine Singapore

Delivers top-tier performance for a washing machine

In the ever-evolving landscape of washing machines in Singapore, the Hitachi Top Load Washer SF130TCV stands the test of time. This washing machine has cutting-edge features, including its innovative Auto Self Clean, ensuring your washing machine remains pristine and odour-free. Its Inverter Motor technology not only ensures quiet operation but also extends the machine’s lifespan. The Hitachi SF130TCV doesn’t disappoint, offering both water and energy efficiency while still delivering top-tier cleaning performance.

What we love about Hitachi Top Load Washer:
  • 13 kg load capacity
  • Auto Self Clean feature for maintaining machine hygiene
  • Inverter Motor for quiet, long-lasting performance
  • Water and energy efficiency
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9. Toshiba White Front Load Washing Machine

washing machines in Singapore
Product Image Source: Toshiba – Best Washing Machines in Singapore

With allergen-free advanced feature

The Toshiba TW-BL85A2S T11 White Front Load Washing Machine redefines laundry excellence in the world of washing machines in Singapore. Its innovative features, including the Inverter Motor and ECO Hybrid Technology, ensure that your laundry is cleaned to perfection.  The AI Inverter Control analyses the load to optimise water and energy usage, reflecting a commitment to sustainability in the age of eco-awareness. Furthermore, the ActiveCare Technology and Allergen Wash setting ensure that your clothes are not only clean but also free from allergens.

What we love about Toshiba Front Load Washing Machine:
  • 7.5 kg load capacity
  • Inverter Motor and ECO Hybrid Technology for efficient performance
  • AI Inverter Control optimizes water and energy usage
  • ActiveCare Technology and Allergen Wash setting
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10. Sharp Top Load Washer

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Product Image Source: Sharp – Best Washing Machines Singapore

Ensures innovative and effortless wash

A top-tier choice for washing machines in Singapore, the Sharp Top Load Washer has a 10.5 kg load capacity, ideal for larger Singaporean households. The appliance’s innovative features, including the One-Touch Wash function and Inverter Motor, guarantee that your laundry chores are effortless. The One-Touch Wash takes the guesswork out of laundry with pre-set programs for various fabric types and stains. At the same time, the Inverter Motor ensures a quiet and energy-efficient operation.

What we love about Sharp Top Load Washer:
  • 10.5 kg load capacity, ideal for larger Singaporean households
  • Intelligent Waterfall System for thorough and efficient cleaning
  • Hydro Twin Power technology optimises water and energy usage
  • Drum Clean function for maintaining machine hygiene
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FAQs: Best Washing Machines in Singapore

What is the average cost of a washing machine in Singapore?

The average cost of a washing machine in Singapore can vary depending on the brand, type, and features of the appliance. It can be estimated as follows:

  • For front-load washing machines (e.g., EuropAce, Beko, Whirlpool, Samsung, Panasonic, and Toshiba), the average price range is approximately SGD 400 to SGD 800.
  • For top-load washing machines (e.g., Midea, Electrolux, Hitachi, and Sharp), the average price range is approximately SGD 300 to SGD 500.

Keep in mind that these are average price ranges, and the actual prices may vary based on factors such as specific models, features, store promotions, and market conditions. It’s essential to compare prices and features when shopping for a washing machine to find the best option that suits your needs and budget.

What type of detergent is best for my washing machine?

In Singapore, the preferred washing machine detergent is typically high-quality liquid laundry detergent. Liquid detergents are effective at removing stains and ensuring great coverage during the wash. They are compatible with top- and front-loading washing machines, making them versatile for various household appliances. Liquid detergents leave less residue in washing machines, reducing the risk of buildup and odours. While liquid detergents are favoured, personal laundry requirements, fabric types, and environmental considerations should guide your choice, as some individuals may still opt for powder or pod detergents for specific needs.

Tips for extending the lifespan of my washing machine

Extending the lifespan of your washing machine in Singapore is not only cost-effective but also environmentally friendly. Here are some valuable tips to help you maintain and prolong the life of your washing machine:

  1. Proper Loading: Avoid overloading your machine, as it can strain the motor and other components. Use the recommended load capacity and distribute clothes for balanced washing.
  2. Regular Cleaning: Periodically clean the drum, detergent dispenser, and filters to prevent mould, dirt, and lint buildup. Use a washing machine cleaner or a mixture of vinegar and baking soda for effective cleaning.
  3. Use the Right Detergent: Choose a detergent suitable for your washing machine type (top-load or front-load). Using the wrong detergent can lead to excess suds and strain on the machine.
  4. Cold Water Wash: When possible, opt for cold water washes, as hot water can wear down the machine faster. Cold water is often enough for most laundry needs.
  5. Maintenance Checks: Check for leaks, unusual sounds, or vibrations during operation. Address any issues to prevent further damage.
  6. Regular Inspections: Inspect hoses and connections for signs of wear or damage. Replace any damaged parts to prevent leaks.
  7. Filter Maintenance: Clean or replace filters as the manufacturer recommends to prevent clogs and maintain water flow.


Selecting the correct washing machine for your needs is a decision that impacts both your laundry routine and the environment. From tackling spaghetti stains to preserving our favorite tees, these innovations make life a whole lot easier. We hope that our guide on the Best Washing Machines in Singapore has helped you to buy the best one for your laundry routine needs.

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