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10 Best Website Design Singapore Companies & Freelancers for 2023

You want to create a website for your business to boost your online presence, but you have zero coding knowledge. There are a million creative ideas inside your head, but you don’t know how to translate them into visually impactful graphics and layouts. You have a wealth of knowledge and secret hacks to share with the world and make you an industry leader, but you need some help with the whole content creation process. And oh, not to mention the tricky SEO! These are just some of the reasons why the 10 best website design companies and freelancers in Singapore exist—to handle all the intricate tasks, big or small, involved in building a professional and well-functioning site. Read on to get a glimpse of some of the expert-vetted web designers in Singapore.

This article was last updated on 18 January 2023.

Table of Contents:

  1. FirstCom Solutions Pte Ltd
  2. Verz Design
  3. Novage
  4. E Fusion Tech
  5. Ripplewerkz
  6. AWebStar Technologies
  7. Lemonade
  8. Subraa
  9. Amalina Zakaria
  10. Terris.SG

The Best Website Design Companies in Singapore

1. FirstCom Solutions Pte Ltd, one of the most reviewed website design companies

FirstCom Solutions Pte Ltd website design
Source: FirstCom Solutions Pte Ltd

Checking out client references is a good start for determining the credibility of any company you want to entrust your project with. With over 11 years of experience in providing a full suite of web design solutions, FirstCom has already worked with some of the notable SMEs in Singapore that are happy with the end results of its service.

You can read a lot of Google reviews about FirstCom Solutions. Gaining an average rating of 4.3, the high rating is impressive, considering that it’s one of the most reviewed among the top website design companies. It indicates an overall positive experience of the many satisfied clients they’ve worked with.

Check out FirstCom Solutions Pte Ltd > 
Address: 158 Kallang Way, #03-05
Performance Building, Singapore 349245
Tel: (+65) 6653 7545
Contact form

2. Verz Design, with specialty in WordPress website design

Verz Website Design
Source: Verz Design

Developing a website through WordPress is a fraction of the cost of building one from scratch. WordPress features an extensive collection of highly customisable pre-designed themes and helpful plugins. Also, it has an open-source format which allows developers to easily reprogram sections and features, and tweak these according to the client’s requirements.

Perhaps, like many others, creating a website on WordPress is the best option for you. That said, you will need a web design company that specialises in the development of WordPress sites. Verz Design is your best pick. And if you need other digital services for your business, consider Verz Design as a one-stop digital agency that you can hire for branding, interface, graphics, and more.

The company boasts an impressive roster of clients from small start-ups to huge international companies. Toyota, Singapore Airlines, and Gong Cha are just some examples.

Verz Design garners an average rating of 4.6 out of 109 Google reviews.

Check out Verz Design > 
Address: 56 Kallang Pudding Road
#07-05/06 HH@Kallang, Singapore 349328
Tel: +65 6841 1680
Contact form

3. Novage, for SEO-friendly website

Novage Website Design
Source: Novage

Don’t underestimate the good-old SEO. It’s probably one of the cheapest marketing strategies around. Yet, it yields positive results for your website and your business. For example, it drives more traffic to your site, boosts readership, and leads potential customers to you. Thus, most businesses invest on building SEO-friendly websites. And that’s what Novage is known and hired for. From web design to SEO and other digital marketing strategies, you can count on the company’s know-hows. Plus, they even offer a package service that comes with free one-year site hosting and technical maintenance.

Their value package starts at $198 and a premium package is available as well. Novage gets an average rating of 4.9 from 63 Google reviews.

Check out Novage > 
Address: The Commerze @ Irving 1 Irving Place,
#09-01 Singapore 369546
Tel: +65 6924 5138
Contact form

4. E Fusion Tech, for a massive portfolio

E Fusion Tech Website Design
Source: EFusion Tech

E Fusion Tech prides itself on 16 solid years of experience in the web design industry. The company has since accumulated over a thousand projects that make up their massive portfolio. And yet, it’s incredible how they seem to never run out of creative juices, injecting uniqueness in the look and feel of every website they create. Catering to a wide range of industries, from fashion to electronics, a team of versatile experts can generate the best web design ideas tailored for your business and its target market.

Out of 42 Google Reviews, E Fusion Tech garners an average rating of 4.7.

Check out EFusion Tech > 
Address: 321A Beach Road,
Singapore 199557
Tel: 65) 6292 3086
Contact form

5. Ripplewerkz, one-stop media production house

Ripplewerkz Website Designs
Source: Ripplewerkz

Aside from web design, Ripplerwerkz has a knack for corporate identity design, graphic and print, as well as UX and UI. They are able to cater to different look and feel for your website design. So, whether you want a sleek and elegant design or a cool and funky one, they’ll bring it on. Check out their portfolio to see samples of their previous work.

Since the company began offering their services, their team of around 26 members has successfully completed over 900 web design projects.

Check out Ripplewerkz > 
Address: 267A Jalan Besar
Singapore 208939
Tel: +65 8817 9941
Contact form

6. AWebStar Technologies, for more sophisticated services

AWebStar Technologies Website Designs
Source: AWebstar Technologies

Besides creating sophisticated and responsive websites, AWebstar Technologies provides a wide range of digital marketing solutions including SEM, SEO, and YouTube marketing. If you’re looking for ways to optimize your content on YouTube, AWebstar can give you tons of ideas. Better yet, they’ll get it done for you.

They also specialise in using AI technologies to help businesses cut back on operating costs. For example, instead of employing customer chat representatives for your eCommerce store, AWebstar can set up an automated communication channel in your website, such as chat-bots. This is ideal for small start-ups that aim to up their customer service with less manpower.

The company also helps businesses increase their productivity by developing software applications that streamline their processes. And if you want to boost customer satisfaction among mobile users, they can also create mobile apps for both iOS and Android to supplement and simplify the online services and features that your website provides.

AWebstar Technologies has successfully completed over 4,700 projects thus far. Check out their portfolio to see some of their amazing works.

Check out AWebstar Technologies > 
Address: 03 Raffles Place, #08-01B Bharat Building, Singapore 04861
Tel: +65 6909 9163
Contact form

7. Lemonade, for optimised website design that converts

Lemonade Website Designs
Source: Lemonade

While relatively new in the web design scene, what strikes us about Lemonade is their goal to design websites that convert visitors into customers. This is very important for businesses – whether you are looking to get in more leads, or purchases, you want to create an online customer journey that is well thought through and goal-oriented.

Lemonade also specialises in website maintenance services that include daily backup, 24-hour monitoring, domain monitoring, WordPress update, 10GB Hosting, and more. As a reminder, all the technical work doesn’t stop once your brand-new website is up and running.

To keep it constantly safe from cyberattacks and sustain its seamless operations, your website needs pro maintenance. Lemonade offers affordable rates for this, starting at only $120 per month. It’s a worthwhile investment that guarantees your online security, as well as virtually glitch-fee site operations whole-year-round. For any huge, thriving business, that’s surely just a fraction of its typical revenue.

Check out Lemonade > 
Address: 31 Woodlands Close, Woodlands Horizon, #04-02, Singapore 737855
Tel: +65 3158 3831
Contact form

8. Subraa, for creative logo and web designs

Source: Subraa

Started off only as a hobby, Subraa’s passion for developing creative logos and websites has transitioned into a thriving profession. As of writing, he has already gained over 12 years of experience doing logo and website design. It’s a beautiful combination of two essential services, especially for businesses that are in the early stages of brand development.

Working with just one creative designer for both logo and website development comes with great upsides. You’ll get to present your concept and story at one go, rather than approaching several professionals to work with, one after another. Thus, it’s easier to come up with a logo that’s coherent with your website and vice versa. As a result, they both reflect your brand identity well.

Check out Subraa > 
Address: Blk 471A Upper Serangoon Crescent, Singapore, 531471
Tel: +65 9795 7890
Contact form

9. Amalina Zakaria, for stylish website design

Amalina Zakaria
Source: Amalina Zakaria

Boosting your website for search engines is crucial. Optimising it for mobile is a must. But to spark initial interest among your target audience, your website needs to be visually impactful. If your brand leans more on sophistication and style rather than simplicity and minimalism, Amalina Zakaria is your best pick for developing your website. She’s the best freelance web designer to work with if you’d like to give your website some feminine touch—perfect for women’s fashion and lifestyle blogs.

While she started as a freelance web designer, she has also co-founded Hello Pomelo Creatives, a boutique agency that specialises in web design services, and Coding For Her, a company that aims to empower women with coding skills. Check out their impressive portfolio of works.

Check out Amalina Zakaria > 
Contact form

10. Terris.SG

Source: Terris.SG

With so many distractions these days coupled with busy lifestyle, people’s attention span tend to decline more and more. And if your website takes forever to load, the game is over for your business. You’ve just lost a lead or even a customer! If that seems to be the major pain in your business, Terris.SG can help. Aside from building responsive websites that look good across various screen sizes, Terris.SG specialises in website speed up. It’s an ideal service that helps businesses not to lose out on every potential sale by making sure your website takes less than two seconds to load.

Check out Terris.SG > 
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I hope that this article has helped you to find the best website design company available in Singapore to power up your website. Please share this with your family and friends if you have found it useful.

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