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10 Reasons why Wyndham Tamansari Jivva Bali Resort will become every Honeymooner’s Secret Paradise

Bali, as one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in Southeast Asia, harbours some of the best resorts in the world. However, some might say with its increasing popularity, it gets commercialized and crowds are hard to get away from. For couples looking for a peaceful getaway, we found just the hideout for you.

With Wyndham Hotels and Resorts, you can look forward to a brand new resort experience in one of the most quaint and serene parts of Bali – Lepang beach. Wyndham Tamansari Jivva Bali Resort, featuring luxurious accommodation set upon a beautiful black beach, makes the perfect paradise for any newlywed couple. When we heard the news, there was no waiting around. Once their doors opened in December 2016, we packed our bags and flew across to Bali to see it for ourselves. We came back with 10 reasons why you should head there too.

10 Reasons why Wyndham Tamansari Jivva Resort Bali is the perfect choice for your Honeymoon

1. Enjoy the epitome of serenity

Wyndham Tamansari Jivva Bali Resort_Lobby
The gorgeous hotel lobby of Wyndham Tamansari Jivva Bali Resort

Living in a city has its perks, everything is closely situated and there is always something to be done. But for your honeymoon, the hustle and bustle might just be the exact opposite of what you need. Your honeymoon is the first trip that you both take as a married couple. It is a romantic vacation for rest, relaxation and discovery.

Wyndham Tamansari Jivva Bali Resort_Lobby 2
The walk in to the lobby

It seems that Wyndham Tamansari Jivva Bali Resort has gotten that on point. Tucked away in a secret spot of Bali, you get a tranquil and refreshing experience here. Mornings are welcomed by the beauty of the sunrise and spectacular beach views. Evenings are accompanied by stunning sunsets and soft sounds of waves hitting the shores in the background. Imagine a relaxing meditation tape. At Wyndham Tamansari Jivva Bali Resort, there’s no tape. The entire experience is real.  It’s dreamy and beautiful.

2. Be captivated by the stunning sunset every evening

Wyndham Tamansari Jivva Bali Resort_Jivva Beach Club_Sunset
The stunning pink sunset – it’s unbelievable!

One of the most unique experiences in the resort is the gorgeous pink sunset that ushers in every evening. You don’t have to climb mountains or temples just to see a stunning sunset like this. Every evening, the soft rays shine upon the black beach the resort is set upon. The dramatic black volcanic sand is fine and dazzles under the sunlight. Lie here with a book in one hand and a cocktail in another, and await to watch the captivating pink sunset. It is incredible.

Wyndham Tamansari Jivva Bali Resort 2
The ariel view of the resort – you can see how exclusive the resort is!
Wyndham Tamansari Jivva Bali Resort_Black Beach
The unique black sand beach

3. Locally inspired rooms with a modern touch of luxury

The resort features locally inspired upscale rooms, suites, private pool villas with a modern design of Indonesian inspiration.

Wyndham Tamansari Jivva Bali Resort_Room
The ocean front jacuzzi suite
Wyndham Tamansari Jivva Bali Resort_Room Toilet
The bathroom is huge!

Built to look like a luxury condominium, staying here long enough will make you feel like it’s home. The suites come with either a jacuzzi or plunge pool right at your private balcony. The experience of dipping in a plunge pool or soaking up in the jacuzzi the entire time while facing the ocean sea is surreal. Check out the different rooms here.

Wyndham Tamansari Jivva Bali Resort_Jaccuzi Suite
Soak in the jacuzzi tub while enjoying the sea breeze

Each room is made complete with a set of thoughtful amenities and 24 hour in-room dining. Needless to say, the food is amazing, and very reasonably priced. Most dishes are priced between S$10-15. Check out view from our suite below. The pools are awesome!

Wyndham Tamansari Jivva Bali Resort_Jivva Beach Club_Beach Pool
The Beach Pool
Wyndham Tamansari Jivva Bali Resort Pool
The Garden Pool

4. Enjoy a revitalizing spa experience at Tirta Spa

Wyndham Tamansari Jivva Bali Resort_Tirta Spa 3

No honeymoon is complete without a couple spa experience. I make it a point to always visit the spa, as it is the perfect place to unwind and refresh yourself after a long period of hectic wedding preparations.

Wyndham Tamansari Jivva Bali Resort_Tirta Spa 2“Tirta” is the Sanskrit word for “Holy Water”. At Tirta Spa, they focus on bringing you a rejuvenation journey with their pampering spa services with a soothing touch. Upon reaching, we were escorted by friendly spa staff to their exotic garden huts facing the ocean. We were instantly transported into a paradise of pure relaxation. I felt stress and tiredness melt away from my body. It was one of the most enriching spa experiences I have had.

Wyndham Tamansari Jivva Bali Resort_Tirta Spa

Tirta Spa uses traditional healing techniques with a ‘high-touch, low-tech’ approach. They utilize organic and natural quality ingredients, combined with Balinese ‘Taru Pramana’ to bring you one of the best spa experiences you can possibly get in Bali. Each spa hut comes with an outdoor rain shower and a gorgeous stone tub for relaxing soaks. See their spa menu here.

5. Delight in a rich dining experience

Bumbu Restaurant | Photo via Teron Ying, Insight Media Singapore
Bumbu Restaurant | Photo via Teron Ying, Insight Media Singapore

It’s no secret that we love good food. I have never been more impressed at the food choices available at a resort. The ala-carte menu at Wyndham Tamansari Jivva Bali Resort presents you an extensive array of options to choose from under each section appetizers, main courses, desserts and drinks. Their appetizers are very nicely presented too!

Wyndham Tamansari Jivva Bali Resort_Food

Wyndham Tamansari Jivva Bali Resort_Bumbu Restaurant
Wyndham Tamansari Jivva Bali Resort_Food (2)

We were so thankful to have arranged for a full-board stay, which I would highly recommend for your stay. Each day comes with a free cocktail. My favourites were the calamari rings dipped in sweet chilli as well as the sirloin beef steak that tastes divine. The local delights are also pretty good. Also, be sure to try their refreshing specialty – the chardonnay cocktail.

The Bar at Jivva Beach Club
The Bar at Jivva Beach Club

There are two resort restaurants – Bumbu Restaurant and Jivva Beach Club where you can get your bites from. The Senja poolside bar serves up exotic cocktails and mouth-watering snacks. If you want to laze in bed, opt for 24-hour in room dining, where you can also enjoy the same restaurant menu.

6. A space perfectly built for self discovery and rejuvenation

There is a reason why Wyndham Hotel Group’s first Bali resort among its 8,000 resorts is in a secret and tranquil spot, tucked away from crowded places and tourists. It gives you a dedicated space to spend that ‘me time’ and ‘we time’ that we all desperately lack. A honeymoon here is about peace and enjoyment in an exclusive and serene setting.

The Tirta Yoga deck is a spot for yoga lovers. Set in a traditional garden setting just metres away from the beach, this space is dedicated to finding yourself through yoga and meditation. Enjoy the sea breeze with nature as your backdrop, as you practice in this eco-friendly open space bamboo studio.

Wyndham Tamansari Jivva Bali Resort_Gym

There is also a gym available for you to keep up with your fitness routine and a sauna for you to unwind after a long day.

7. Chill out over great music

Wyndham Tamansari Jivva Bali Resort_Jivva Beach Club 2

It cannot be paradise without music. I absolutely agree. Jivva Beach Club makes your evenings more lively with a DJ spinning up great tunes. Order a cocktail from the bar and have great music entertain you. The vibes here are the best!

8. Go out and explore

For those who want to explore a piece of Bali, Wyndham Tamansari Jivva Bali Resort has drivers that you can hire for day trips at about S$50-60. It is very convenient and flexible as the driver will bring you to the spots you want to go to. The car will accompany you the entire day for pick up and drop offs, so you can hit as many destinations as you want.

Photo via Bali Safari and Marine Park
Photo via Bali Safari and Marine Park
Keramas Beach | Photo via Bali Hello Travel
Keramas Beach | Photo via Bali Hello Travel

Nearby attractions to the resort include the Bali Safari and Marine Park and world-famous surf beach, Keramas. However, the resort was too comfortable, and we were inspired to have a more relaxing trip. Hence, we did not pack it with too much activities and only headed out to see the Tegallalang Rice Terraces, and Mount Batur – which were gorgeous!

tegallalang rice-terraces bali indonesia
Tegallalang Rice Terraces
Mount Batur and Lake Bali
Mount Batur and Lake

Check out our Bali Honeymoon Travel guide here for more things to do.

9. For a truly intimate and exclusive experience

Let Wyndham Tamansari Jivva Bali Resort whisk you away to one of the most serene spots of Bali. Embrace the beauty of nature as you are surrounded by Klungkung rice padi fields and ocean waves. This resort is perfect for that intimate and exclusive honeymoon you desire. To enjoy even more privacy, opt to stay in their villas here, where you have your own sundeck to lounge at.

Wyndham Tamansari Jivva Bali Resort_Villa
The Villa | Photo via Teron Ying, Insight Media Singapore
Wyndham Tamansari Jivva Bali Resort Villa
Private Pool at The Villa | Photo via Teron Ying, Insight Media Singapore

10. A warm touch of hospitality

Wyndham Tamansari Jivva Bali Resort_Jivva Beach Club

When it comes to staying at posh resorts, sometimes the classy upscale vibes might pass off as cold. However, at Wyndham Tamansari Jivva Bali Resort, the resort is luxurious and comfortable but nicely paired with a very warm touch of hospitality. Our stay here was pleasant, as every day was accompanied with warm smiles and friendly staff who are very attentive to your needs. Friendly conversations here are aplenty, and you can expect a homely and welcoming atmosphere. We will definitely come back here again. 

Click here to book your stay at Wyndham Tamansari Resort Jivva Bali.


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