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6 Tips to Choose Your Perfect Chic Wedding Dress

(source) Chic¬† Adj.¬† Attractive & Fashionable; stylish Noun Style & elegance, especially in dresses Why is it important to choose a suitable wedding dress for yourself?¬† Nothing is more significant than discovering your perfect wedding dress after you nodded to the man’s proposal. All young ladies merit impressive manifestations on their enormous days. Memories left on that serious date will generally be loved for life. To show your best to your Mr. Right while walking down the walkway makes for a perfect starting for an happily ever after. A wedding gown is an unquestionable must have, and so here in this post we’ve got some tips on how to choose your perfect dress! Wedding gown designs are aplenty. If you’re one to seek the hottest trends, you could check out this compilation of the 50 hottest wedding trends off the runway by Glamour Weddings. If you ask me, I think scrolling through these endless photos of wedding dresses could take your breath away (Source: Identity). You might want to wear all of them for your big day.¬†

Tip #1: Look at bridal magazines and compilations for inspiration. 

How do you know which is the right one for you? Despite the wide array of selection out there, trust me when I say you will  manage to select one (or at least, narrow it down to your favourites) from the rich accumulation. There will be a style that is bound to hold up for you. It will superbly finish your physique shape and skin tone and every breath you take while wearing the dress gets to be more princess-like.

Tip #2: Keep an open personality to trends & patterns in the dress industry.

There are tons of styles, cutting and fabrics to choose from. Keep an open mind. Don’t jump at the latest trends and don’t exclude the moderate styles such as ball gowns. Besides, the fascination on ball gown dresses started when Queen Victoria dumbfounded the swarm by an exquisite ball gown dress. Dressing like royalty is a privilege.


Tip #3: Get feedback. Honest feedback.

Often, dresses that look superb on magazine shoots might not be the best choice. And dresses that look uh, not as stunning might serve to surprise you! Trust me when I say you’d rather the dress look less stunning on the magazine and gorgeous on you! It’s important to grab feedback from your loved ones (psst and this is not necessarily your fianc√© haha) & best friends, who you can be sure to tell you the honest truth in the most lovely way.

Tip #4: Find a dress that suits your body physique and shape. 

If you’ve yet to check out this infographic on wedding dress cuttings, it’s time you did. The first step is to identify what body shape you are. Oprah tells you how.¬†If you don’t want to measure yourself, do this quiz by Beauty Riot to find out. Next, take note of these main sections when evaluating your gown – 1) the silhouette, 2) neckline, 3) waistline, 4) the cutting & length of the sleeves, 5) the back cutting and 6) the train. You should get one that has the kindest cut for your body.

Narrow down your best options here:

  • If you are pear-shaped with sexy curves i.e. triangle, go for an A line cutting.
  • If you’re tall & slender i.e. rectangle/ruler, go for a clean & simple silhouette
  • If you have an athletic built i.e. inverted triangle, go for a flared bottom to give yourself a sultry silhouette
  • If you’re petite, go for something with flare, like an empire cut dress
  • If you’re busty, go for a strapless gown with a sweetheart neckline to accentuate your assets. A trumpet flare would perfect the look.
  • Smaller chest? No worries, get a halter neckline
  • If you’ve an hourglass physique, almost any dress would look great on you. But take your chances with the mermaid body hugging style, you might cause some people to faint with envy.
  • Sexy shoulders & you’ve got insane chest bones that look absolutely gorgeous? Please put on a gown like this below.

Tip #5: Find a dress that completes your style, personality (and smile). 

Sounds like quite a high calling right? It’s pretty simple actually. After choosing the cutting which best accentuates your body shape, the next step would be to look at the colour and pattern of the fabric used in the dress, and match it to your personality. Traditionally, brides wear only white wedding dresses. But since we’re in the modern era, we’re lucky to be able to choose from an array of shades. You could go for pastel creamy colours for a light sheer & natural princess-y look, but if you’re the type who’s outrageously bold, there’s no need to shy away from the bold colours. It would definitely take the stage.

Top Wedding’s Latest Arrivals 2014

Or you could mix a little colour & patterns on a white base. Like this!

Besides colour, there’re also tons of fabric you can choose from – stain, chiffon, lace, organza, tulle, taffeta Besides, now that there are several parters to a wedding – ceremony & lunch / dinner reception, after party, you would have the option to wear several styles in a day – yes, like a fashionista ;).

Tip #6: Comfort is Key

As much as looking good is important, feeling great on your big day is too as well. Comfort shouldn’t be sacrificed. Feeling great would get you bright & cheery wide smiles on all your photos. Find a dress that is easy to manage as well, too much ruffles aren’t necessarily a good thing (especially if it’s a windy outdoors event). Do ensure that your dress is tailored to fit you nicely to prevent any fashion disasters happening.


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Top Wedding has loads of designs for you to choose from – even traditional qipaos! <3

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They’ve got live chat, so you can contact them anytime with enquiries¬†here. They also have tracking service for your order, so you can rest assured your beautiful gown will arrive safe & sound. If you’re worried about sizing & fit, they’ve got a pretty good return policy that you should check out here. They even have an entire category dedicated to Disney Style. Yup, this image totally came to mind. <3
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top wedding
Customer Hotline: +1 626-478-3616

That’s it from us here at TWV! Here’s wishing you all the best in finding your perfect chic dress to complete your dream. Feel free to share your experiences below! ¬†¬†

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