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[Giveaway] How to Choose a Bridal Veil for your Wedding Day

Hello lovely TWV readers, I’m happy to announce some exciting news! We’ve partnered with Simply Bridal to create more awesome blogposts for your reading. This marks our first edition, and it’s a topic centered around gorgeous bridal veils for your big day. If you’ve always wondered how to choose one that’s perfect for you, Simply Bridal will tell you all there is to it! Plus, we have an *EXCITING GIVEAWAY* in store just for you!!! If you would like to win a bridal veil for yourself, feel free to participate! It’s a simple 3-step process to win! Instructions on how to win are at the end of the blogpost. 


A veil has long been a traditional wedding accessory and many brides are torn about whether or not they should don one when they walk down the aisle. Before we can convince you that veils are gorgeous and can enhance your wedding look, maybe we should look at the history of the wedding veil.


Veil 01

Wedding veils are incredibly traditional, and can be traced all the way back to ancient Greek and Roman times, when brides wore veils in their wedding ceremonies to ward off evil spirits from taking away their purity. This idea was carried through to Jewish, Christianity and Muslim religions, which have all adapted it for their own specific purposes. Through the years the veil has become a fashion statement, and a compliment to a wedding dress regardless of what silhouette, style or length.  It’s a beautiful addition to your wedding look as long as you select a suitable style.


1. COMPLIMENT THE DRESS When attempting to select your perfect veil, it is very important to first consider your wedding dress. Make sure that the veil that you select embellishes your dress, making you look absolutely stunning.

2. FIND YOUR FOCAL POINTS If there’s something you would like to show off in your dress, use your veil to draw attention to it. Make sure it is made of sheer material so it draws attention to something you’d like people to see such as your shoulders and neckline. Alternatively, you can have the veil end at a part you want to show off, such as beading or lace detail at your waistline.


veil 03

After you’ve complimented your dress and found all of the focal points that you want to call attention to, you can find the perfect length for your dress. Here are a few popular length choices:

  • BLUSHER VEILS – Flips over the face during the ceremony and can be flipped back over the headpiece once the ceremony is over, or completely detached. If birdcage veils are not your style, it can be attached to a longer veil in the back. This can be great for more informal weddings
  • FINGERTIP VEILS  – the length of your arms when they are resting at your sides.
  • BALLERINA VEILS – almost floor length, but not quite. This is great for a bride who wants a long veil but does not want it to drag behind her.
  • CHAPEL VEILS – two yards long from the headpiece. This is a more formal veil that drags behind the bride as she walks down the aisle. veil 04
  • CATHEDRAL VEILS – most formal of all of the veils. With its long and sweeping train, it has an incredibly romantic look to it.


When considering the width of the veil, check to make sure you’re getting the perfect width for your dress, and whether it has straps or not. For example, a 54-inch width veil is a little smaller, and ideal for a dress that has ornamental straps; a 72-inch width is a little more formal, and better for veils that have shoestring straps. Finally, a 108-inch width is best for strapless dresses.


Make sure you consider the shades of both your dress and the veil, because you want to match the colours as closely as possible so that they complement each other.


You don’t want your accessories (i.e. your veil!) to steal the show, but rather, accentuate. Pick a great feature from your dress and find a veil that compliments it or has similar features; lace, pearls, rhinestones, etc. It will tie your look together.


You can get one layer veils, or two layer veils. One-layer veils have a more casual look. Two-layer veils, on the other hand, tend to look stunning with more formal wedding dresses. It all depends on the look you want!


We’ve been talking about your dress a lot, but what about you? Make sure that you consider your height as well, so that you don’t overwhelm yourself with tulle and lace. If you’re not confident of pulling a long veil along with your gown, it’s okay to choose a shorter one.


veil 02

It is so important to figure out what kind of hairstyle you want to wear before you buy your veil, as it might require a little more support than you’re willing to give with the hairstyle that you have in mind.


Remember that, ultimately, you have to be happy with your decision. A veil is designed to add to your look, but if you feel like it adds nothing, you’re not obligated to wear one. If you fall in love with a veil but aren’t sure if it coordinates with the “rules”, throw those rules out the window! With these useful tips from Simply Bridal, I hope you girls are excited to choose your own bridal veils! But wait up, we’ve got something special for you! Read on to find out more :)

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