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The Secrets of Happy Couples

Valentine’s is coming!! I caught this infographic done up by Happify (appeared on Lifehacker), and thought it was pretty useful for couples out there who are looking to unlock the secrets to happy ever after.

Falling in love can be easy, but maintaining a relationship is hard work. It takes time & effort from both parties to establish understanding and commitment. But the hard work is worth it when you both get to enjoy the fruits. You get to enjoy a beautiful & loving relationship that will make you happy and lively everyday.

Happify’s infographic is pretty cool! There are many ingredients that goes into cultivating a successful long-term relationship, but I think the Michelangelo’s effect is absolutely true, where partners sculpt each other to grow, improve & become more like their ideal selves. :)



Happify is an online portal that introduces activities & games that are specifically designed to make you happy. Yes, you heard me right! It’s pretty cool, because it’s personalized for you. Happify recommends daily activities for you that will allow you to learn valuable skills for you to feel more motivated, engaged and excited about your future. Check them out here, it’s free to join!

Photo Credits: Lucy Rice Photography


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