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Streamlined Drying: Best Automated Laundry Racks in Singapore

Dealing with laundry in Singapore’s ever-changing weather, from sudden downpours to the harsh sun, can be quite a hassle, especially if you’re not a fan of using dryers. Excessive sun exposure can also wear out favourite outfits faster. But don’t worry! Automated laundry racks or indoor drying systems are the solution. They save space by retracting when not in use but holding lots of laundry. With many options available, finding the best fit in Singapore might seem tricky. That’s where our Best of Home series helps, picking the Best Automated Laundry Racks in Singapore to match your needs and budget, just like a helpful neighbour sharing laundry tips!

Best Automated Laundry Racks in Singapore

1. Oikia Automated Winch Laundry Rack

best automated laundry rack
Product Image Source: Oikia – Best Automated Laundry Racks Singapore

Innovative laundry solution perfect for older family members 

Step into the future with the Oikia Automated Winch Rack – a game-changing solution for how you handle your laundry. This retractable ceiling laundry rack is not just a space-saver; it is a time-saver too, especially if laundry is being taken care of by an older family member or helper. Imagine managing your laundry effortlessly with just the touch of a remote controller! No more manual hanging and taking down of clothes, no more spending a lot of energy and time on laundry. Plus, the added 18-watt LED lights ensure a well-lit environment, providing optimal visibility for handling clothes even in spaces with limited lighting.

Premium quality steel rack from South Korea

Distinguished by its proud origin in South Korea and meticulous assembly in Singapore, Oikia underscores a steadfast commitment to quality manufacturing. Crafted from the durable 304 Stainless Steel, their automated laundry rack stands sturdy and rust-free, a testament to its resilience even in the high-humidity weather of Singapore. What’s even better is that they could load up to 30kg of clothes effortlessly!

Hassle-free installation

For your convenience, various installation options are provided to accommodate different ceiling types and heights. The length of the laundry rack can be trimmed during installation to fit your specific space. Oikia even offers complimentary services such as dismantling your existing laundry rack and providing disposal services for it. This makes switching to the innovative Automated Winch Rack even more convenient for you!

What we love about the Oikia automated winch laundry rack:
  • Remote-controlled operation to simplify your  laundry experience
  • Tailored rack to fit specific space and unique dimension of your laundry room
  • Equipped with 18-watt LED lights to illuminate your laundry area
  • Proudly made in South Korea and assembled in Singapore
  • Designed for long-term use
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2. GoodLiving Luxe Pro

automated laundry racks
Product Image Source GoodLiving – Best Automated Laundry Racks in Singapore

The slimmest design in the market

Go big, or go home. GoodLiving’s newest masterpiece introduces upsized features packed into one lean machine. The Luxe Pro model struts an ultra-slim design, making it the crowning glory as the slimmest intelligent laundry rack on the market. This laundry rack is slender and sleek at just 9cm thick. It complements any modern home and elevates its surrounding aesthetics with ease.

World-class quality

Crafted from strong and durable aluminium alloy that withstands up to 40kg of load in motion and 120kg of load when still, the Luxe Pro is built to last with outstanding quality. It comes with 3 layers of protective coating that prevents rusting and fading, giving you that shine through years of use. Behind the scenes, you have the latest electricity-saving 2nd generation German DC motors that work quietly and rapidly to deliver the best performance possible.

Customised just for you

GoodLiving recognises that every homeowner has individual preferences. You can toggle its LED brightness and choose between 5 different brightness settings from 3 to 20W. You can also adjust the 4 length-extendable poles to your desire. These poles stretch from 140cm when unextended to a maximum length of 220cm when extended. This space-saving characteristic also makes it ideal for smaller balconies or yard areas in BTO flats. In addition, the ingenious feature display indicators equipped on the Luxe Pro smart laundry machine help you quickly identify activated features. All it takes is a quick glance to know what’s happening!

Superior drying efficiency

The Luxe Pro is designed with your needs in mind down to the smallest details. The air blower vents are carefully planned to direct airflow at a precise 60-degree angle. This allows hot air to be blown directly onto your textiles, improving drying efficiency overall so that your clothes get dry faster, just in time for when you need them.

What we love about GoodLiving Luxe Pro:
  • Slim and modern
  • Built with sturdy and long-lasting materials
  • Uses electricity-saving German DC motors

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3. Singgate LS029 Smart Laundry System Rack

Full Smart Singapore
Product Image Source: Full Smart – Best Automated Laundry Rack Singapore

Simulated sunlight and fresh air in the comfort of your home

Living in the city definitely has its perks, but we all forget that when we have heaps of laundry to take care of. The easiest solution may be going into the nearest laundromat, though if you ask us, nothing beats the assurance of doing your own laundry, and that is why exactly you should get the Singgate LS029 Smart Laundry System Rack.

After cleaning your clothes in the washing machine, simply hang the clothes onto the rack and the LS029 will dry them as if they are actually outside – all thanks to solar drying technology! That said, your clothes can dry with ease even if it is already the wet season. Even better, this automatic indoor drying rack has wider ventilators and a higher maximum temperature for its solar heaters. So you can expect 8 times the faster-drying speed!

Best hygiene care with solar heat and UV technology

Other than simply drying, the rack’s solar heaters also function to eliminate bacteria, germs, and unwanted odours that have possibly accumulated in your clothes. The solar heat effectively penetrates evenly through your clothes, leaving you with a fresher, more hygienic load of finished laundry every time. Moreover, combined with UV sterilisation technology, you can get rid of even the most stubborn bacteria!

Don’t worry, this rack does not use the harmful UV rays that may cause your clothes to fade. Instead, it provides the most delicate way to bring out the natural fluffiness of your clothes with its Fabric Care Technology.

Highly durable and efficient

The maximum loading capacity of the LS029 is 35kg, so it can perfectly cater to 2 full loads of a large-capacity machine. Not only that, the rack is coated on aviation-grade aluminium material to enhance the lifespan of every use and provides extra support for heavy textiles when extended. We also like how the LS029 features a built-in multi-purpose LED light, so it will not be a problem even if you place the rack on dimly lit areas within your home. Although for easier access and adjustments, you can just use the rack’s remote control for the ultimate convenience.

What we love about Singgate:
  • Built-in smart sensor for obstacle detection
  • Heavy-duty with a 35kg maximum load capacity
  • Great fabric and hygiene care

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4. Philips Automated Laundry Rack

laundry racks in SingaporeIntroducing the innovative Philips Smart Drying Rack 703, a game-changer among automated laundry racks in Singapore! What we absolutely loved about this rack is its Smart Heat Drying system. It’s just amazing how it adjusts heat levels precisely, ensuring your laundry dries efficiently without risking any damage to delicate fabrics. Plus, the built-in disinfection and mite removal features are helpful for hygiene-conscious households. Another standout is the LED lamp that lights up the drying area, making it super convenient to access your laundry, even in dimly lit spaces. The obstacle-sensing technology, which detects any obstructions, also gives you peace of mind, ensuring safe operation. Also, those overload alerts? Lifesavers! They instantly notify you if you’ve overloaded the rack, preventing any strain on the system. These thoughtful features make the Philips Smart Drying Rack 703 a smart, safe, and efficient laundry solution that perfectly fits into our busy lifestyle.

What we love about the Philips automated laundry rack:
  • It adjusts heat levels precisely for efficient drying without harming delicate fabrics.
  • Also ensures added hygiene by disinfecting and removing mites from laundry
  • Fits well into busy lifestyles, offering smart functions, safety, and efficiency for hassle-free laundry management.
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5. Homledj Automated Laundry Rack System

automatic garment dryer
Product Image Source: Homledj – Best Automated Laundry Racks Singapore

The HOMLÈDJ Automated Laundry Rack Lux Model Legacy is a sleek addition to the lineup of automated laundry racks available in Singapore. This rack is loaded with cool features that make laundry days way easier. First off, it rocks a super bright 18W LED light that lights up the whole drying space, making laundry sorting easy. What’s also neat is its smooth and steady movement, thanks to those fancy 304 Stainless Steel Wire Ropes – you can count on this rack to handle your laundry without any hiccups. And get this, the motor runs at a quiet 50DB, so you won’t have any noisy interruptions during your drying sessions.

What’s more, it’s got these nifty drying systems – a Hot Air Drying one that dries clothes quickly and gently, and a Rapid Cool Air Drying system that mimics nature’s drying conditions. It even boasts a UV Disinfection Function to keep your clothes squeaky clean. And the best part? It’s exclusively available in a sleek Noir Black, adding a touch of style to your laundry room while making laundry days a whole lot smoother!

What we like about this automated laundry rack:
  • Operates quietly, providing a peaceful drying environment without noisy disruptions during use
  • Offers Hot Air Drying for quick and gentle clothes drying
  • Also has a Rapid Cool Air Drying system that replicates natural drying conditions for optimal results
  • Incorporates a UV function to ensure clothes stay clean and hygienic
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6. VeriEazy

best laundry rack in Singapore
Product Image Source: My Digital Lock – Best Automated Laundry Racks in Singapore

The VeriEazy W20 Automated Laundry Rack stands out as one of the stellar choices among automated laundry racks in Singapore. Boasting built-in lighting that not only dries clothes effectively but also serves as a bright alternative to standard lights, this rack is a multi-functional gem. It effortlessly lifts heavy laundry loads without any hassle and it ensures convenience with its remote-controlled height adjustment feature, allowing precise stopping positions. Plus, it is crafted from durable aviation-grade aluminum, so its rust-resistant build promises longevity! Taking into account all these features, we believe this rack caters to users of all ages, making laundry tasks hassle-free for households in Singapore.

What we love about this laundry rack:
  • Effortlessly lifts heavy laundry loads up and down without requiring any manual effort from the user
  • It is made from durable aviation grade aluminium, ensuring rust-resistant and long-lasting quality.
  • Also includes a safety cutoff mechanisms to prioritise user safety
  • Designed to be suitable and user-friendly for both elderly and young users
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7. Airer Premium+ Automated Laundry Rack

Airer Premium
Product Image Source: Airer – Best Automated Laundry Rack Singapore

The AIRER Automated Laundry Rack is another drying rack we like. It can dry sheets and towels, has a heater for warm air drying, a fan for cool air drying, and a bunch of other features. Moreover, we appreciate the fact that you are able to get all of these benefits at a lower price. This is because AIRER Singapore works closely with the source supplier and operates online, allowing the brand to avoid distributors and retailers and eliminate middlemen markup costs.

Another feature of this automated laundry rack that we think you’ll enjoy is the built-in ceiling light. Even if you place the rack in the darkest corner of your home, the rack itself will be able to provide you with illumination. It’s also available in three colours: silver, rose gold, and black, and we think they’re all gorgeous! While these look really sleek and stylish, they are also extremely durable, holding up to 40 kgs of clothing.

What we love about Airer Premium:
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Can carry up to 40kgs of clothes
  • Features heat/wind drying functions and a disinfection UV light
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8. Varlux – Automated Laundry Racks in Singapore

smart drying rack
Product Image Source: Varlux – Best Automated Laundry Rack in Singapore

The Varlux Automated Laundry Rack has an elegant design that can support your clothes up to 38 kg. This automated laundry system features poles that are covered with metal braided wires, so they can withstand extreme conditions like wind or heavy rain. Moreover, it features an aluminium motor fan to help you dry your clothes faster instead of using UV lights. You can get this automated laundry rack for less than $1000.

What we love about Varlux:
  • Has four sturdy poles that withstand extreme weather
  • Contains an aluminium motor fan for a quick-drying effect
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9. Amoresol

automated laundry system
Product Image Source: Amoresol – Best Automated Laundry Racks Singapore

The Amoresol Sol Pro stands as one of the remarkable choices among automated laundry racks in Singapore, offering advanced features that redefine the laundry experience. Featuring Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) heating technology, this rack ensures rapid and safe drying while preventing fabric overheating by automatically shutting off after two hours. Its gentle simulation of natural wind also keeps clothing intact and preserves its quality. Moreover, its UV light steriliser effectively eliminates bacteria, allergens, and unpleasant odours, ensuring impeccably clean and fresh laundry. Additionally, we also liked its integrated LED light contributes to a well-lit environment, enhancing the convenience of laundry chores. But among these advanced features, we were particularly impressed by the rack’s effortless retractability with a gentle touch, highlighting its seamless functionality and delivering a hassle-free and efficient laundry solution in Singapore!

What we loved about this automated laundry rack:
  • The PTC heating technology that enables quick and safe drying
  • It emulates natural wind that’s gentle on fabric
  • The rack retracts seamlessly with gentle touch for an effortless laundry experience
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10. Remode Hub Automated Laundry Rack

Remode Hub laundry racks
Product Image Source: Remode Hub – Best Automated Laundry Racks in Singapore

Remode Hub SG is revolutionising the chore of laundry with its top-tier automated laundry rack systems designed for convenience and efficiency. Their commitment to superior quality shines through in every product, boasting remote-controlled systems that redefine the ease of managing laundry tasks. User-friendly, safe, and built to last, their range of options caters to diverse needs, from the compact yet efficient Mini PRO to the feature-rich Infinity Model. What sets Remode Hub SG apart is its dedication to enhancing consumer lifestyles; its innovative solutions not only simplify laundry but also elevate daily living. So for anyone seeking a durable, hassle-free laundry solution that aligns with modern living standards, Remode Hub SG stands tall as the go-to choice!

What we loved about Remode Hub:
  • User-frendly, safe and durable
  • Offers a range of laundry rack models that cater to diverse needs
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FAQs: Best Automated Laundry Racks in Singapore

1. What should I think about before buying an automated laundry rack in Singapore?

Think about how much space you have, how much weight it can hold, what special features you want (like timers or remote controls), how to install it, and if it’s good for different kinds of fabrics.

  • Load capacity: Know your needs, be it for personal or family. Of course, you need a bigger load capacity for family use – and usually, it also needs larger spaces
  • Dimension: Keep in mind if you need to think about the size when the drying rack is open and folded down
  • Features: Not every dying rack has the same feature, so you need to look at the details. Choose the features that would best fit your budget and preferences

2. How good is an automated laundry rack compared to drying clothes in the traditional way in Singapore?

It’s really good! These racks save space, work well in small homes, and dry clothes inside where it’s not affected by rain or sun. They’re easy to use too!

3. How long does it take for clothes to dry on these racks in Singapore?

It depends on how humid it is and the type of clothes. Usually, they can dry in a few hours or overnight, depending on how you set it and how much laundry you have.

4. Are these racks better for delicate clothes than dryers?

Yes, they’re gentle! They use air to dry instead of heat, so they’re nice to delicate clothes and won’t damage them like dryers might.

5. Can these racks be used for items other than clothing?

Yes. These racks are versatile and can be used for drying items like linens, towels, shoes, and more!


Navigating the multitude of options available for automated laundry racks can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve picked out the best ones that work well, last long, and are easy to use. Our guide aims to make it easier for you to decide by showing you the best options available. We want to help you find the right rack for your laundry needs.

If you found our list helpful, sharing this article with friends and family could help them find convenient and efficient automated laundry systems too. Making laundry easier for others is as simple as sharing this article, making laundry days easier for everyone!

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