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12 Best Automated Laundry Racks in Singapore | Best of Home 2023

With Singapore facing more unpredictable rainy weather lately, drying your laundry can become a headache if you are not keen on using a dryer. Moreover, clothes that are exposed to too many UV rays will fade in colour and become more worn out quicker. Fortunately, thanks to innovation, you can solve this problem with automated laundry racks, or indoor drying racks. These latest automated laundry systems take up little space in your home with their retraction capabilities, yet allow you to hang much laundry! With an extensive variety of automatic clothes drying racks in the market, which then is the best automated laundry rack in Singapore? In this Best of Home series, we introduce the 12 Best Automated Laundry Racks in Singapore, providing quality recommendations based on your budget and needs.

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This article was last updated on 05 January 2023.

Table of contents 

  • How to choose the best automated laundry rack in Singapore?

12 Best Automated Laundry Racks in Singapore

1. Steigen Solar

Steigen Solar - Best Automated Laundry Racks in Singapore

High solar drying performance via modern, space-saving automated laundry drying system

Modern homes call for modern solutions on drying their laundry efficiently, and the Steigen Solar definitely does not disappoint. Known as one of the most energy-saving indoor automated laundry drying systems, it only needs 0.72kWh to dry your clothes perfectly. That’s at least 9 times more energy efficient than using a conventional dryer! Not just known for its drying function, but the incredible Steigen Solar also boasts an advanced system that kills bacteria and germs effectively, making your clothes more hygienic without consuming too much energy. 

Thanks to its UV-free technology, you get to enjoy a multitude of other benefits aside from drying your clothes hassle-free. In fact, Steigen also brings back the natural fluffiness of your clothes! And of course, your clothes will not get easily worn out as much compared to drying them via conventional dryers. 

Highly durable build and space-saving

The fuss-free drying undoubtedly comes at a premium, but we definitely find the benefits outweigh the costs. With the robust build of the Steigen Solar – automated laundry drying system being coated with aviation-grade aluminium material, this helps to enhance the lifespan tremendously. At the same time, this provides extra support for heavy textiles if needed. Furthermore, the indoor drying rack can be extended to accommodate up to 35-45kg of laundry, which is equivalent to around 3 full loads of a large-capacity washing machine. Thus, you can let your laundry pile up for a week without worries. 

Just like your regular clothesline, you can easily install the Steigen Solar to your ceiling or you can have it installed onto your wall using L-brackets, allowing you to save a ton of space in your modern home. Even if you place it in the darkest corners of your home, fret not as the Solar has a built-in powerful LED light to illuminate the area. Moreover, the automated laundry drying system features a built-in obstacle recovery to detect objects around and if it bumps into another object when lowering, it would retract upwards by 5cm which is great for enhanced safety procedures.

Easy and user-friendly access

Lastly, probably our favourite feature: The Steigen Solar can be controlled via Steigen Home. So no matter where you are, you can take care of your clothes while it’s on the system. You can even set different weather-based criteria to trigger different functions. Or perhaps schedule your drying! Simply download the app on your phone to control all functions in your automated laundry drying system.

If you want to take your solar drying up a notch, you may also consider the Steigen Solar Ultra or Solar Alpha. These are more sophisticated versions of this indoor drying rack. On top of the solar drying, both the Solar Ultra and Solar Alpha have a powerful dust mite repeller and inbuilt ioniser that removes airborne allergens on your clothes while also eliminating the musty odours we hate. 

Why buy this: 
  • Automated laundry drying system with solar drying function
  • Remote control via app + voice navigation for IOS users 
  • Space-saving and energy-efficient
  • Can load 35-45kg with strong wind-resistance
  • Various colour options are available

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2.  GoodLiving Luxe Pro 

GoodLiving Luxe Pro - Best Automated Laundry Racks in Singapore

The slimmest design in the market

Go big, or go home. GoodLiving’s newest masterpiece introduces upsized features packed into one lean machine. The Luxe Pro model struts an ultra-slim design, making it the crowning glory as the slimmest intelligent laundry rack in the market. This laundry rack is slender and sleek at just 9cm thick. It complements any modern home and elevates its surrounding aesthetics with ease.

World-class quality

Crafted from strong and durable aluminium alloy that withstands up to 40kg of load in motion and 120kg of load when still, the Luxe Pro is built to last with outstanding quality. It comes with 3 layers of protective coating that prevents rusting and fading, giving you that shine through years of use. Behind the scenes, you have the latest electricity-saving 2nd generation German DC motors that work quietly and rapidly to deliver the best performance possible.

Customised just for you

GoodLiving recognises that every homeowner has individual preferences. You can toggle its LED brightness and choose between 5 different brightness settings from 3 to 20W. You can also adjust the 4 length-extendable poles to your desire. These poles stretch from 140cm when unextended to a maximum length of 220cm when extended. This space-saving characteristic also makes it ideal for smaller balconies or yard areas in BTO flats. In addition, the ingenious feature display indicators equipped on the Luxe Pro smart laundry machine help you quickly identify activated features. All it takes is a quick glance to know what’s happening!

Superior drying efficiency

The Luxe Pro is designed with your needs in mind down to the smallest details. The air blower vents are carefully planned to direct airflow at a precise 60-degree angle. This allows hot air to be blown directly onto your textiles, improving drying efficiency overall so that your clothes get dry faster, just in time for when you need them.

Why buy this:
  • Slim and modern
  • Built with sturdy and long-lasting materials 
  • Personalisable settings 
  • Uses electricity-saving German DC motors 
  • Equipped with useful feature display indicators
  • Carefully designed blower vents for better drying efficiency
GoodLiving promo code:
Use the promo code TWV10 on GoodLiving’s website for 10% discount on all products
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GoodWife Luxe

GoodWife Luxe - best automated laundry racks singapore

Best value for money for a quality automated drying rack

If you are looking for a quality automated clothes drying rack in Singapore, yet not looking to burn a huge hole in your pocket, be sure to check out GoodWife. Carrying a huge range of automated laundry systems, they feature the exceptional Luxe model (which we thoroughly enjoy using), Premium and Premium Limited, as well as Lite+, Lite, and Lite Mini for those with smaller spaces.

GoodWife’s Luxe model provides one of the top automated laundry systems for efficient and convenient drying of clothes. To begin with, the rack is built with aviation aluminium material and colour coated through an oxidation process to provide a robust and stable laundry rack. 

What’s great about this automatic indoor drying rack is that it has a UV disinfection feature. With 37.5 minutes of regular disinfection, it effectively kills bacteria, mites, and other microorganisms. You can choose to turn the disinfection lamp on immediately or to automatically switch it on after 8 hrs of drying (disinfection is more effective when clothes are dry).

Dual fan mode and dual heat mode

What we especially like about the Luxe model is that it has dual-fan and hot air functions which help dry our clothes much faster. This is especially useful in Singapore, where rainy days and humid weather are common. Sometimes, it can even rain almost every day in the entire month! GoodWife’s automated laundry rack’s hot air system is specially designed to reduce the surrounding humidity, allowing moisture on the clothes to evaporate faster. The hot air element is also dispersed evenly throughout the drying area rather than being blown directly at a spot, preventing potential damage to the clothes due to the hot temperature. 

You can choose between Eco mode (2 hrs) or Turbo mode (4 hrs) according to weather conditions. During the rainy season, it is recommended to turn on Turbo mode for faster clothes drying. 

One-push automatic stop or lifting with child lock control

The Luxe model is inbuilt with smart sensors which enable smart detection. All you have to do is a simple one-push to stop or lift the rack without using the remote controller. On top of that, you can also activate the child-lock feature to prevent children at home from misusing the system and keeping them safe. 

As new parents, what we absolutely love is that there is also an additional 2 bars of mother and baby clips + 4 crossbars, providing you with plenty of areas to air your clothes. Baby clothes can take up almost half of our old laundry rack, so this was extremely useful for us! Furthermore, this is extremely useful for hanging bedsheets as our old rack sometimes results in our bedsheets touching the ground. Should the Luxe model be too big for your indoor space or yard, you can also check out their Premium or Lite version here. Whatever the case, we highly recommend getting one as it really helps make doing the laundry much easier.

Why buy this:
  • Best value for money for an automated laundry rack system
  • Built with aviation aluminum material
  • Inbuilt LED light that helps to illuminate your yard
  • UV disinfection lamp to kill germs and bacteria
  • Fan drying feature to assist in cloth-drying
  • Heat-drying feature to accelerate drying and remove the sour smell of undried clothing

GoodWife promo code:

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  • TWV50 for $50 off with no minimum spend
  • TWV75 for $75 off with a minimum spend of $700
  • TWV100 for $100 off with a minimum spend of $999
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3. Singgate LS029 Smart Laundry System Rack

Singgate LS029 Smart Laundry System Rack

Simulated sunlight and fresh air in the comfort of your home

Living in the city definitely has its perks, but we all forget that when we have heaps of laundry to take care of. The easiest solution may be going into the nearest laundromat, though if you ask us, nothing beats the assurance of doing your own laundry, and that is why exactly you should get the Singgate LS029 Smart Laundry System Rack. 

After cleaning your clothes in the washing machine, simply hang the clothes onto the rack and the LS029 will dry them as if they are actually outside – all thanks to solar drying technology! That said, your clothes can dry with ease even if it is already the wet season. Even better, this automatic indoor drying rack has wider ventilators and a higher maximum temperature for its solar heaters. So you can expect 8 times the faster-drying speed!

Best hygiene care with solar heat and UV technology

Other than simply drying, the rack’s solar heaters also function to eliminate bacteria, germs, and unwanted odours that have possibly accumulated in your clothes. The solar heat effectively penetrates evenly through your clothes, leaving you with a fresher, more hygienic load of finished laundry every time. Moreover, combined with UV sterilisation technology, you can get rid of even the most stubborn bacteria! 

Don’t worry, this rack does not use the harmful UV rays that may cause your clothes to fade. Instead, it provides the most delicate way to bring out the natural fluffiness of your clothes with its Fabric Care Technology. 

Highly durable and efficient

The maximum loading capacity of the LS029 is 35kg, so it can perfectly cater to 2 full loads of a large capacity machine. Not only that, the rack is coated on aviation-grade aluminium material to enhance the lifespan of every use and provides extra support for heavy textiles when extended. We also like how the LS029 features a built-in multi-purpose LED light, so it will not be a problem even if you place the rack on dimly lit areas within your home. Although for easier access and adjustments, you can just use the rack’s remote control for the ultimate convenience.

Why buy this:
  • Rapid heat and smart drying system
  • Zero maintenance is needed with easy and user-friendly access
  • Built-in smart sensor for obstacle detection
  • Heavy-duty with a 35kg maximum load capacity
  • Great fabric and hygiene care
  • 5-year onsite warranty

Full Smart promo code:

Use the code weddingvow5 on Full Smart’s website for a 5% storewide discount
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4. AIRER Premium+ Automated Laundry Rack

airer automated laundry rack singapore

The AIRER Automated Laundry Rack is another drying rack we like. It can dry sheets and towels, has a heater for warm air drying, a fan for cool air drying, and a bunch of other features. Moreover, we appreciate the fact that you are able to get all of these benefits at a lower price. This is because AIRER Singapore works closely with the source supplier and operates online, allowing the brand to avoid distributors and retailers and eliminate middlemen markup costs.

Another feature of this automated laundry rack that we think you’ll enjoy is the built-in ceiling light. Even if you place the rack in the darkest corner of your home, the rack itself will be able to provide you with illumination. It’s also available in three colours: silver, rose gold, and black, and we think they’re all gorgeous! While these look really sleek and stylish, they are also extremely durable, holding up to 40 kgs of clothing.

Why buy this:
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Comes in 3 stylish colours
  • Can carry up to 40kgs of clothes
  • Features heat/wind drying functions and a disinfection UV light
Check price on AIRER Singapore >

5. Orlant X5 Drying Rack

orlant x5 best automated laundry rack singaporeThe Orlant X5 is one of the best automatic indoor drying racks for those with time constraints. It features 360 degrees Powerful Air Connection to perfectly dry your clothes within 125 minutes. Moreover, it has a vertical 3W ultraviolet feature that kills germs and bacteria effectively, so your clothes will become more hygienic.

This automated laundry rack has five poles that come in a 3D position multifunctional that can be extended until 2,200mm, so there would be enough space even for your tiny socks. Moreover, it has a Noise Reduction feature which makes the machine work smoothly and discreetly. All of these features can be controlled through their app, even without an internet connection.

Why buy this:
  • Quick-drying feature
  • Can support clothes up to 45kg
  • Discreet
Check price on Orlant >

6. Goodwife Advanced Premium Clothes Dryer Rack

goodwife best automated laundry racks singaporeMade with top-notch aluminium material, the Goodwife Advanced automatic indoor drying rack has a dual-fan system that can dry your clothes perfectly within 120 minutes. Even in a short time, this automated laundry rack features UV disinfection that can effectively kill 99% of bacteria and germs.

Goodwife also has an anti-collision mechanism to avoid collisions, whether you dry them during the day or night. Its UV light will automatically turn off after 30 minutes to protect your clothes from discolouration. This laundry rack is available in three stunning colours.

Why buy this:
  • Strong and durable – can support clothes up to 35kg
  • Quick-drying function
  • UV disinfection
  • Space-saving and efficient

GoodWife promo code:

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  • TWV50 for $50 off with no minimum spend
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  • TWV100 for $100 off with a minimum spend of $999
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7. Mensch MB02

mensch mb02 automated laundry system singaporeMade with quality aluminium alloy, Mensch is a great option for automatic clothes drying racks which come in adjustable sizes that can withstand clothes up to 35kg. It has poles that can be extended up to 200cm, which you can also fold when you’re done to save more space.

On top of that, it also has an energy-saving function which only needs 60W for the motor and 12W for the light. Its Safety Stop feature automatically stops drying your clothes when it detects an error, allowing you to save energy in case you left the drying racks unattended. Plus if you’re tired enough from your laundry day, you can easily control the racks from your resting area using the remote control!

Why buy this:
  • Adjustable design
  • Quality aluminium for a strong build
  • Energy-saving function
Check prices on Shopee and Lazada >

8. EZ JR

EZ JR Automated Laundry Indoor Drying Rack

Made with Australian technology, this Ezzi JR rack can be used indoors. We also like that it can be mounted on the ceiling or walls, so it is perfect for saving more space in your ideal home. Plus, its stylish design allows for the extreme resilience it can withstand with a heavy laundry load!

Why buy this:
  • Can be mounted to unused walls in your home
  • Rustproof
Check price on Ezzi Living >

9. Varlux 0.8M Mini-Series Automated Laundry RackVarlux 0.8M Mini-Series Automated Laundry Rack singapore

The Varlux Automated Laundry Rack has an elegant design that can support your clothes up to 38 kg. This automated laundry system features poles that are covered with metal braided wires, so they can withstand extreme conditions like wind or heavy rain. Moreover, it features an aluminium motor fan to help you dry your clothes faster instead of using UV lights. You can get this automated laundry rack for less than $1000.

Why buy this:
  • Has four sturdy poles that withstand extreme weather
  • Contains an aluminium motor fan for a quick-drying effect
Check prices on Shopee and Lazada >

10. Oikia Telescopic Laundry Rack System

oikia telescopic indoor drying rack

Unlike previous automatic drying racks, Oikia offers the best indoor drying racks which are available in many sizes. It is also made with high-grade aluminium, which makes it flexible to get installed anywhere—whether mounted on walls, ceilings, or railing.

Available in three metallic colors: champagne, grey, and silver, this modern-looking automatic clothes drying rack are completely durable and extendable, so it can support your clothes up to 50kg and extend up to 110cm.

Why buy this:
  • Available in different sizes
  • Made with high-grade aluminium
  • Rust-free and durable for years
  • No drilling is needed for installation
Check price on Lazada >

11. Yuhome Automated Laundry System Pro

yuhome automated laundry rack singapore

Yuhome has a lot of modern features in an automated laundry system that you can’t ignore, and this includes the Negative Ion Purifier. This feature keeps the bad odour away, so you won’t need to spray perfume or fresheners on your clothes anymore. On top of that, we like the UV light that penetrates evenly through your clothes, effectively eliminating germs and bacteria. Now, you can guarantee your clothes will be safe even if you leave them hanging for a while!

Why buy this:
  • Features a 50°C Solar-Heat & 3.77m/s Wind-Air Drying
  • With built-in powerful 18W LED light
  • Can support clothes up to 35kg
  • Negative iron purification for bad odours
  • Dual UV lights to eliminate bacteria
Check price on Yuhome >

12. Nikawa Smart Hanger

nikawa indoor drying rack singaporeClaimed as the first world 3D Laser Cut Design Laundry System, Nikawa offers an automated laundry system that uses a 3D smart dryer. This feature makes the drying process 50% more effective and 200% less time-consuming, so you will get your perfect dry clothes within hours while saving energy. The UV light feature kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria, so it’s guaranteed your clothes will be fully cleaned even in a short amount of time.

What we also like about this smart hanger is the Voice Control system. This completely steps up its game because you won’t need a smartphone anymore! If you’re looking for the smartest way to dry your wet clothes, Nikawa is the top pick.

Why buy this:
  • Elegant and smart features
  • Efficiently kills bacteria and virus
  • Voice control system
  • Long-lasting paint
Check price on Lazada >

How to choose the best automatic laundry rack in Singapore?

Before choosing an automatic indoor drying rack for your home, you need to look at the details of the products too, such as:

  • Load capacity: Know your needs, be it for personal or family. Of course, you need a bigger load capacity for family use – and usually, it also needs larger spaces
  • Dimension: Keep in mind if you need to think about the size when the drying rack is open and folded down
  • Features: Not every dying rack has the same feature, so you need to look at the details. Choose the features that would best fit your budget and preferences


We sincerely hope that our recommendations on the 12 Best Automated Laundry Racks in Singapore have helped your find the best automatic clothes drying racks in Singapore for your laundry days. Please share this with your family and friends if you’ve found it useful. Do look forward to more automated laundry system guides that we will be releasing soon!

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