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10 Best Clothing Racks in Singapore | Best of Home 2022

Clothing racks are helpful when you need to organize your clothes or when getting an outfit ready for use. It also serves as an additional storage space for your clothes when your closets are full. Some clothing racks can also double as drying racks or even coat hangers. With an extensive variety of clothing racks in the market, which then is the best clothing rack in Singapore? In our Best of Home series, we introduce the 10 Best Clothing Racks in Singapore, providing quality recommendations based on your lifestyle and budget needs.

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This article was last updated on 12 January 2022.

Table of Contents:
  1. Tough and durable: Leifheit Pegasus 180
  2. Sufficient hanging space: Leifheit L80025
  3. For storage or drying: JML Ultimo Casa Deluxe
  4. Modern and versatile: SIGNAYE Clothes Rack 
  5. Minimalistic and functional: HAPPY SPACE Standing Clothes Rack
  6. Tall and customizable: Whitmor Double Rod Garment Rack 
  7. Budget-friendly option: E00 Clothes Rack 
  8. Multilayered and well ventilated: Newerlives BR505
  9. For your bathroom or closet: Homlly Over The Door Towel Rack 
  10. Multifunctional coat rack: Rak Baju Clothes Rack 

10 Best Clothing Racks in Singapore 

1. Leifheit Pegasus 180

Leifheit Pegasus 180 Best Clothing Racks Singapore
Source: Lazada

Tough and durable

The Leifheit Pegasus 180 is a clothing rack that is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Its sleek design can complement the aesthetics of your laundry room or bathroom. Its tough frame also makes it ideal if you prefer to dry your clothes outside. Also, the drying bars on the rack are covered with a special powder coating that makes the bars resistant to rusting.

Large space for clothes

It has plenty of space for drying your clothes with various heights on the foldable wings on its sides. The bars on the wings have heights ranging from 87 cm to 105 cm. This height makes it ideal for drying towels or trousers while making sure that they do not touch the floor. Also, it has two holders that can be used to hold small laundry items such as socks and handkerchiefs. These holders can hold small items with or without the use of laundry pins.

Compact and easily stored

The legs and side wings of the Pegasus 180 can be easily folded when not in use. This makes the rack very compact and easy to store in small spaces or by hanging it on your wall. Its lightweight frame also makes it easy to bring along for camping trips and outings.

Why buy this:
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor use
  • Durable legs and wings
  • Adequate space for hanging clothes
  • Adjustable and foldable side wings
  • Compact and lightweight
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2. Leifheit L80025

Leifheit L80025 Best Clothing Racks Singapore
Source: Lazada

Sufficient hanging space

Another product from Leifheit, the Leifheit L80025 is a solid and stable indoor clothing rack for your home. The frame is made of solid chrome metal rods combined with some plastic parts. The rack has two rails for clothes with a clicking mechanism that allows you to adjust their height. The height of the racks has a range of 100 cm to 164 cm. Its height makes it ideal for holding long clothes like dresses and trousers.

In addition to the adjustable height, the clothes rails can also be extended for nearly a meter of additional space. The additional hanging space comes in handy when you have a surplus of clothes. Also, the metal frame is durable and stable enough to be able to support any additional clothes on the extended rails. If you need more space for shoes and bags, the bottom of the rack is made of a mesh that can hold several small boxes, bags, and pairs of shoes.

Mobile and stable

The rack features four 360-degree castor wheels that make it easy for you to move this rack. This is ideal if you want to position the rack near a mirror or close to a bathroom for your towels. Additionally, it has a locking brake mechanism so you would not have to worry about your rack rolling away when not in use.

Why buy this:
  • A solid frame that can hold several clothes
  • Adjustable height for both rails
  • Extendable rails for additional space
  • Mesh bottom for shoes and bags
  • Has 4 wheels for added mobility
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3. JML Ultimo Casa Deluxe

JML Ultimo Casa Deluxe Best Clothing Racks Singapore
Source: Amazon

For storage or drying

The JML Ultimo Casa Deluxe is a drying rack that can double as a clothing rack. It can be used to store and organize your clothes and shoes. The rack has a carrying capacity of 250 clothes or up to 60 kilograms of clothing. The frame is made of durable high-quality stainless steel for optimal support. Also, the frame s made to handle both indoor and outdoor use.

The rack is equipped with 3 bars with adjustable heights for maximized storage space. Also, the adjustable bar heights give the rack optimal air ventilation for your clothes. This avoids developing any unwanted smell on your clothes or towels while drying. 

Easy assembly

Though it requires some assembly, it can be easily assembled without the use of any tools other than your hands. You can also collapse and fold the rack for easy storage. Also, the adjustability of the rack makes it a fit for any room in your home. The lightweight frame also makes it possible for you to bring it whenever necessary. Also, it is equipped with durable wheels for easy manoeuvrability and transport. 

Why buy this:
  • Multiple bars for clothes
  • Adjustable heights for maximum ventilation
  • Able to support heavy loads
  • Easily assembled without tools
  • Can be collapsed for easy storage
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4. SINGAYE Clothes Rack 

SINGAYE Clothes Rack Best Clothing Racks Singapore
Source: Amazon

Modern and versatile

For a multipurpose rack, the SINGAYE Clothes Rack can hold everything from clothes to shoes to headgear. This rack combines the functionality of a clothing rack and coat rack into a single frame. The entirety of the frame is made of carbon steel with a polymer coat and anti-rust coating. Also, its tree-like design makes it ideal for entrances, living rooms, and bedrooms.

The rack has a singular bar that serves as a garment rack and each of the sidebars has hooks for coats and hats. There are a total of seven hooks that have rounded ends for safety. These ends also prevent your coats and hats from being damaged by the hooks. In addition, the rack has space at the bottom for holding boxes and shoes. Also, the rack has 4 wheels for convenient storage and placement.

Why buy this:
  • Durable frame
  • Modern design
  • Has multiple hooks for coats and hats
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5. HAPPY SPACE Standing Clothes Rack

HAPPY SPACE Standing Clothes Rack Best Clothing Racks Singapore
Source: Shopee

Minimalistic and functional

If you have limited space for a clothing rack, the HAPPY SPACE Standing Clothes Rack is the one for you. This clothing rack is composed of several rods that are linked to form hanging racks. The rods are fitted with top and base fixing plates to firmly attach to your ceiling and floor. Also, the top fixing plate has an inner tight spring mechanism that lets you adjust the placement of the rod based on your ceiling’s height. 

The rods may also be fitted with trays that can hold small items, shoes, and boxes. Another accessory for the rods is sectioned hangers that can also be used for additional areas for hanging clothing. In addition, the sectioned hangers are firmly secured through a convenient and durable internal spring mechanism. 

Why buy this:
  • Customizable build
  • Can be fitted with functional attachments
  • Minimalistic design
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6. Whitmor Double Rod Garment Rack 

Whitmor Double Rod Garment Rack
Source: Amazon

Tall and customizable

The Whitmor Double Rod Garment Rack is an ideal choice for holding your casual or seasonal clothing. The rack is equipped with 2 removable rods to maximize space for your clothes. If you need to store long clothes such as dresses, gowns, and coats, you can remove the bottom rod from the rack. This makes it easy to store long clothing while avoiding creasing. 

In addition to the hanging rods, it also has an adjustable swing arm that is an ideal place for hanging belts and ties. Also, it has a spacious bottom rack that can be used to hold shoes and larger items. The rack also has wheels that you can lock in place for easy handling.

Why buy this:
  • Has 2 removable rods for clothes 
  • Comes with an adjustable swing arm
  • Sufficient space for shoes and larger items
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7. E00 Clothes Rack 

E00 Clothes Rack
Source: Lazada

Budget-friendly option

For a high-quality clothing rack that can fit your budget, take a look at the E00 Clothes Rack. The rack is made of highly durable steel that is 1.10 mm thick. Its legs are also fitted with anti-slip stoppers that add to the stability of the rack. There are also metal bumps near the end of the hanging bar to prevent hangers from slipping. Also, there are several versions of the clothing rack available, with some having additional space, rods, and hooks for coats and hats.

Why buy this:
  • Tough steel frame
  • Has metal stoppers that prevent slipping
  • Available in other designs
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8. Newerlives BR505

Newerlives BR505
Source: Amazon

Multilayered and well ventilated

The Newerlives BR505 is a spacious drying rack that can be used both indoors and outdoors. With its 3 tiers comprised of 6 collapsible trays, this rack can hold several of your clothes for drying or storage. There are also detachable side wings for additional hanging space. The wings have slots for hangers to avoid the hangers from slipping or falling. 

For additional storage, the rack has a grid tray at the bottom for shoes or a laundry basket. In addition, it is equipped with 8 wheels with locking brakes to easily move it from outdoors to indoors. When not in use, you can collapse the trays and fold the wings to make the rack easier to store.

Why buy this:
  • Multiple trays for clothes
  • Made for indoor and outdoor use
  • Has 8 wheels for increased mobility
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9. Homlly Over The Door Towel Rack 

Homlly Over The Door Towel Rack Clothing Hanger
Source: Lazada

For your bathroom or closet

From Homlly, the Over The Door Towel Rack is the perfect place to place your towels or clothes. It is ideal if you have limited space in your closet or want a towel holder in your bathroom. This rack helps you utilize the unused space behind your door. It has 4 horizontal bars that you can use to hold towels or organize your clothes. Also, its hooked top can easily be placed on doors that are up to 4.5 cm thick. 

Why buy this:
  • Multiple bars for towels and clothes
  • Ideal for bathrooms or closets
  • Hooked top for easy placement
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10. Rak Baju Clothes Rack 

Rak Baju Clothes Rack
Source: Shopee

Multifunctional coat rack

For a coat rack that can also hold your other items, the Rak Baju Clothes Rack is the rack that you need. The frame is made of iron and the legs are positioned at 120-degree angles for improved stability. It has 3 tiers of hooks for a total of 9 hooks that can hold your items. In addition, the rack has included instructions and tools that can help make assembly easier for you.

Why buy this:
  • Sturdy and stable frame
  • Multiple hooks for holding clothes
  • Tools included for assembly
Check price on Shopee >


Which is the best brand for clothing racks in Singapore?

With high product ratings from numerous satisfied customers, Leifheit is one of the best brands for clothing racks in Singapore.

Where to buy clothing racks in Singapore?

You used to only be able to buy clothing racks in retail stores and malls, but now you can purchase them from online stores. Online shops such as Shopee and Lazada save you time and energy in browsing and comparing products. In addition, some stores even offer discounted prices and free deliveries! The retail stores in this article are online shops where you can order the clothing racks and related products that you may need. 

We hope that our guide on the 10 Best Clothing Racks in Singapore has helped you to find the best clothing rack in Singapore for your wardrobe storing and organizing needs. Please share this with your family and friends if you have found it useful.

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