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10 Best Baby Rattles in the Philippines | Best of Baby 2023

Little ones can practice their growing skills while learning about cause and effect from rattles. However, many of today’s rattles don’t resemble the rattles that come to mind, which are old-fashioned balls with handles. Modern rattles come in a wide variety of shapes, but they all have the same purpose: to entertain children. Baby rattles do more than only make your baby happy; they also help your baby’s hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills grow. They hold a special place in the hearts of parents as well because they are usually the first toy your child will play with. With an extensive variety of baby rattles in the market, which then is the best baby rattles in the Philippines? In our Best of Babies series, we introduce the 10 Best Baby Rattles in the Philippines,Ā providing quality recommendations based on your lifestyle and budget needs.

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This article was last updated on 6 January 2023.

Table of contents

10 Best Baby Rattles in the Philippines

1. Vtech Playtime Puppy Baby Rattle

Vtech Playtime Puppy Baby Rattle baby rattles philippines
Image Credits

The high-tech rattle

Your baby will adore this rattle if they prefer the loud noises and flashing lights of electronic toys to toys that are more Montessori-inspired. It even has the traditional rattle form. Simply shake it gently to see the puppy’s cheeks light up; also, the music button will play roughly two dozen songs and sounds for hours of entertainment. The concept of cause and effect is introduced by rattling the puppy, which also makes the dog’s cheeks glow. Its vibrant, crinkly ears stimulate the senses visually and physically.

Why buy this:
  • Easy-to-grasp rattle and sing puppyĀ 
  • Introduces the concept of cause and effect
  • Two textured rings rattle
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2. Infantino Orbit Rattleā„¢

Infantino Orbit Rattleā„¢ baby rattles philippines
Image Credits

Perfect rattle to stimulate all senses of your baby

This activity ball is incredibly simple to grasp and control. The rain stick has a group of happy, rattling beads in the middle. The baby’s interest is stimulated by the small, colourful beads’ soothing sound and visual appeal. Little hands may easily take and grasp the loops. This activity object is fantastic for play-ready toddlers who want to exercise their motor skills and hearing senses. It features a variety of sands, beads, and rattles.

Why buy this:
  • Easy to graspĀ 
  • Rattling, tumbling beadsĀ 
  • 100% BPA-Free, Phthalates-Free, Lead-Free, Mercury-Free
Check prices on Shopee and Lazada >Ā 

3. Blithe Baby Rattle

Blithe Baby Rattle baby rattles philippines
Image Credits

Feature multiple easy grip handles

Another wonderful educational tool for your children is the Blithe Baby Rattle. There are 6 pieces in total, all of which are manufactured of non-toxic materials. It has polished smooth edges that are safe for curious babies to touch, chew, and nibble on as they choose. It is burr-free, tough enough to endure biting, and big enough to prevent choking dangers. This rattle toy has a dishwasher safe, enabling rapid steam sterilization and cleaning. Each toy was carefully wrapped in a clear packing bag and kept in a huge container.

Why buy this:
  • Safe and Durable Materials
  • Offers a wide variety of sounds
  • Great variety of textured surfaces
Check prices on Shopee and Lazada >Ā 

4. Looney Tunes Lollipop Ring Rattle

Looney Tunes Lollipop Ring Rattle baby rattles philippines
Image Credits

Specially made with your baby’s small hands in mind

The Baby Lollipop Ring Rattle by Looney Tunes (TM) is especially made with your baby’s small hands in mind. While the rattle is supposed to engage your baby’s ears, its colours and patterns are meant to stimulate their vision. Tested for safe play and made of tough, non-toxic materials. It assists with the motion skills and hand-eye coordination development of your baby. The toy’s rounded shape and lack of sharp edges guards against potential damage.

Why buy this:
  • Comes with a handle, perfect for baby’s small hands
  • Rattle made with quality material and guaranteed safe to use
  • Top-rack dishwasher safe
Check prices on Shopee and Lazada >Ā 

5. Baby Bliss Musical Maracass Rattle

Baby Bliss Musical Maracass Rattle
Image Credits

Encourages self-expression and learning

The little hands of your newborn may easily grasp and shake these rocking maracas.Ā  These maracas will have your child rattling and swaying to the beat in no time thanks to the plush, fabric pom-poms and vibrant beads that generate entertaining rattle sounds. Where growth is engaged Gross Motor: your baby’s gross motor abilities get a wonderful workout from all that grasping and rattling. Colours, textures, and entertaining rattle noises come in a variety, which helps your baby’s growing senses be stimulated.

Why buy this:
  • Lead-free and non-toxic
  • Safe for your babyĀ 
  • Enhances your child’s fine motor skills and sensory functions
Check prices on Shopee and Lazada >Ā 

6. Yookidoo Cow “Shake Me” Rattle for Babies

Yookidoo Cow Shake Me Rattle for Babies
Image Credits

Battery-operated motion-activated rattleĀ 

A motion-activated rattle featuring sounds, music, and different textures that runs on batteries. has a handle with a comfortable grip made especially for little hands. The “Shake Me” Rattle sound effects will quickly stimulate those movements and reward grabbing and shaking at first, which are parts of your baby’s natural talents. This will inspire additional exploration and motion attempts. When your kid is about three months old and lying on his stomach, hold the rattle about 20 cm in front of him. Watch as your baby lifts his head, reaches out, and then crawls forward to grab the rattle as you shake it.

Why buy this:
  • Battery-operated motion-activated sounds and music rattles
  • Easy to grab handle specially designed for tiny grasps
  • Multiple textures and crinkly partS
Check price on Lazada >Ā 

7. Playgro Twisting Barbell Rattle

Playgro Twisting Barbell Rattle
Image Credits

Offers many different surface structures to discover

Discover a variety of surface structures with the Playgro Twisting Barbell Rattle. Small hands can quickly grasp its various details, and thanks to the number of things it may be played, it is hours of enjoyment.Ā  The rattle’s two little structural rings can be pushed back and forth to encourage the growth of fine motor skills. The transparent ball contains colourful beads that chime when the rattle is moved, and rotating the rattle causes clicking noises in addition to the senses of sight and touch.

Why buy this:
  • Textured teethers to soothe sore gums
  • Colurful rattling beads
  • Rattle rotates to encourage shaking
Check prices on Shopee and Lazada >Ā 

8. HelloKimi Baby Rattle

HelloKimi Baby Rattle
Image Credits

Lightweight and easy rattle

The official HelloKimi store, a specialised children’s toy store, seeks to make kids happy. They offer toys for children from 0 to 14 years old. TheyĀ  have toys for your baby that are safe, educational, and reasonably priced. The baby rattles visually excite your baby’s vision and focus, encourage touch and exploration, and include high contrast colours, patterns, and happy animal faces. For any expectant mother or new parent, these soft hand toys are wonderful gifts.

Why buy this:
  • Soft plush material
  • Great baby gifts
  • Made with soft and premium short velvet fabric
Check prices on Shopee and Lazada >Ā 

9. Fisher Price baby rattle ball

Fisher Price baby rattle
Image Credits

Give your child the best possible start in life

These rattles from a renowned toy company are the ideal size for tiny hands to grab and shake. They have colourful beads in the handles that rattle when shaken and a soft, patterned pom-pom on top. For infants three months and older, they are appropriate. With these multicoloured maracas, the baby will enjoy shaking and creating music. Little hands can easily grasp, shake, and rattle them since they are the ideal size. Grasping and shaking the maracas helps strengthen gross motor skills.

Why buy this:
  • Set of 2 toy maracas sized just right for little hands, great for take-along play
  • Featuring colourful beads and soft pom-poms
  • Fun rattle sounds engage baby’s auditory senses
Check prices on Shopee and Lazada >Ā 

10. Bebeta Rattle Lollipop Pink

Bebeta Rattle Lollipop Pink
Image Credits

Cute colour variations and BPA-free

This pink and blue coloured rattle toy will help in the growth and stimulation of your child’s senses and complies with the National Standard of Health and Safety Inspection of the Food and Drug Administration FDA. For the safety of your child, this is created using BPA-free materials. Its simple design makes it Montessori-friendly, and if you’d prefer a little additional colour, there are even (non-toxic) painted variations available.

Why buy this:
  • Easy-to-grab design
  • Smooth finish with no sharp edges
  • BPA and lead-free plastic
Check prices on Shopee and Lazada >Ā 


Where to buy baby rattles in the Philippines?

You used to only be able to buy a baby rattle in the Philippines in some physical baby toys/ accessories shops and stores, but now you can purchase them online for the ultimate convenience and even enjoy discounted prices! Shopee and Lazada are my go-toā€™s for buying baby rattles. It is also a great place to compare the price of baby rattles in the Philippines.

Above all, we hope that our guide on the 10 Best Baby Rattles in the Philippines has helped you to choose the best baby rattles in the Philippines for your baby’s joyful entertainment for them. Do read our other articles on buying the best baby rattles in Singapore and Malaysia. Please share this with your family and friends if you have found it useful.