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10 Best Eyeliners in Singapore – Smudge-proof & Long-lasting | Best of Beauty 2022

The secret to the perfect wing-tip is a good eyeliner. Never underestimate the power of eyeliner! It can transform and elevate basic makeup looks to anything from sophisticated to sexy. Especially for people like me with single eyelids and small eyes, a trusty eyeliner can take your makeup to places. For parties and special occasions, you can even play around with colours and shimmers to dazzle up your evening. With the market saturated with eyeliners, which then is the best eyeliner in Singapore? In this Best of Beauty series, we have rounded up the 10 Best Eyeliners in Singapore – liquid, gel, pencil, waterproof, smudge-proof and long-lasting, so you can easily pick out a suitable one from this list. Let’s check them out!

This article was last updated on 18 January 2022.

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10 Best Eyeliners in Singapore

1. Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner

Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel best eyeliner singapore

Long-lasting matte gel liner

First on our list is the Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner, one of the best eyeliners in Singapore. Many consider this to be a game-changer in the eyeliner market that is predominantly liquid or pencil liners. At first glance, gel liners may intimidate people because of its high-maintenance application process and thick pigment prone to smudging. While that may be true for some gel liners, this Bobbi Brown one is definitely among the top-quality, user-friendly gel liners I have ever used. It gives you the same dark black pigment of a liquid liner, but with more control over building up your look. What I personally love most about it is its creamy texture that goes smoothly and gently over eyelids and quickly dries into a long-lasting matte finish.

What you might find inconvenient with eyeliner pots, is the need for your own angled eyeliner brush as your applicator. Keep in mind though, this can be a good thing especially for avid make-up users, as using a special brush allows you to create a more precise and defined line. Ignoring the fact that you need an applicator, I would definitely recommend this good-quality eyeliner for special occasions. For a softer make-up look, you can also purchase it in Sepia Ink (brown). If you want to give this a try and need a good eyeliner brush, check out the Stila #13 One-Step Eyeliner Brush.

Why buy this:
  • Top-quality gel format
  • Well-pigmented like a liquid liner
  • Quicky dries into a long-lasting matte finish
  • Smooth application and gentle on the eyelids
  • Gives you more control over application and build-up
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2. Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Waterproof Eye Pencil

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Waterproof Eye Pencil

Best pencil eyeliner

One of the best pencil eyeliners in Singapore is the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Waterproof Eye Pencil. It is everything its name promises – waterproof, smudge-proof, impressively long-lasting and satisfyingly smooth to apply. You’ll be impressed by how it disproves the usual perception of pencil eyeliners as having a tendency to scratch your eyelids and create uneven, disconnected lines. In fact, its ultra-creamy formula that makes it feel like an oil pastel crayon and work like a liquid liner. According to Harpers Bazaar, it is the “smoothest and creamiest waterproof eyeliner we’ve ever tried, in shades you didn’t even know you needed.” This is ideal for full-day events and long nights out.

If you want to add a little more oomph to your look, consider the Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner – # Spandex 7.5ml/0.25oz for a glitter eyeliner promising the same quality as this matte pencil.

Why buy this:
  • Waterproof and smudge-proof
  • Lasts for 24 hours
  • Smooth and creamy like a liquid liner
  • Available in a variety of colours
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3. Lancome Grandiose Bendable Eyeliner

Lancome Grandiose Bendable best Eyeliners singapore

One of the more premium eyeliners in Singapore, the Lancome Grandiose Bendable Eyeliner may be more expensive than the others in this list, but we promise it’s worth the price. Underneath its sleek and luxurious packaging is a unique feature of a 35-degree bendable wand that makes it comfortable to hold and easy to apply, so you can achieve any kind of look from a bold line to the perfect cat-eye. When it comes to the formula, it is highly pigmented and dries as a smooth matte finish.

Why buy this:
  • 35-degree bendable wand for easy hold and application
  • Highly-pigmented formula
  • Smooth matte finish
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4. Benefit Roller Liner Black Eyeliner Pencil

Benefit Roller Liner Black best Eyeliner singapore Pencil

Like all make-up by Benefit, their Roller Liner Black Eyeliner Pencil is a top-quality product that is as cute as it is effective. It is a great waterproof matte liner that lasts for 24-hours without smudges, perfect for busy days from morning to night. Application is a breeze with its precision felt tip that delivers sharp, smooth and controlled lines and dries in a jiffy. I particularly use this eyeliner when I’m going for a natural make-up look, with an option of building it up when I need to. For those interested in liquid eyeliners, check out the Benefit Roller Liner Brown Liquid Eyeliner.

Why buy this:
  • Precision felt tip to achieve sharp lines
  • Waterproof and smudge-proof
  • Lasts for 24 hours
  • Natural-looking and buildable
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5. NARS Via Veneto High-Impact Longwear Eyeliner

NARS Via Veneto High-Impact Longwear best Eyeliners singapore

The NARS Via Veneto High-Impact Longwear Eyeliner has an intensely pigmented formula that delivers a bold line in just one swipe. It comes with a sharp pencil tip that is good for creating tight lines or applying on the waterline. For a classic or colourful smokey eye look, this is also a great option because of its wide variety of rich colours that easily blend when smoking out your lash line.

Why buy this:
  • Intense pigment and rich colour for a bold line or a smokey eye
  • Precise pencil tip for tight lines and waterlines
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6. Maybelline Hypersharp 0.01mm Eyeliner

Maybelline Hypersharp 0.01mm

The Maybelline Hypersharp Eyeline is my personal go-to for years whenever I want to create a precise and bold eye line. It is known for blacker than black rich colour that is delivered by light-absorbing micro-carbon pigments. Its 0.5MM precise control tip is ideal for filling in those nearly invisible gaps between lashes, giving you a full black line. Because of its water, sweat and oil resistant formula, it lasts the whole day without signs of smudging, yet it is also so easy to remove with any makeup remover.

Why buy this:
  • 5MM precise control tip for filling in all gaps
  • Intense black colour through light-absorbing, micro-carbon pigments
  • Water, sweat and oil resistant formula
  • Easy to remove
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7. Too Faced Sketch Marker Liquid Art Eyeliner

Too Faced Sketch Marker Liquid Art best eyeliner singapore

Inspired by Japanese calligraphy pens, the Too Faced Sketch Market Liquid Art Eyeliner will definitely make you feel like a seasoned artist painting on your bare-faced canvas. Its precision control felt tip makes it easy to apply a single-stroke bold line or experiment with multiple paintbrush-like strokes for a more dramatic look. In true calligraphy fashion, it leaves you with vivid colour in a waterproof finish. Like all Too Faced product lines, it comes in fun and colourful packaging and a wide range of shades from light to dark.

Why buy this:
  • Precision felt tip good for single or multiple strokes
  • Waterproof and long-wearing
  • Available in many colors
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8. L’Oréal Paris Infallible Lacquer Eyeliner, Blackest Black

L'Oréal Paris Infallible Lacquer best Eyeliner singapore, Blackest Black

If you’re a fan of glossy eyeliners, you need to get your hands on the L’Oreal Paris Infallible Lacquer Eyeliner. This gel liner is a definite step up from the bold black line with its bright lacquer finish that adds a multi-dimensional shine to your eye look. It comes with its very own eyeliner brush that applies effortlessly and precisely, and lasts on for 24 hours. This sophisticated formula comes in 2 radiant shades.

Why buy this:
  • Glossy lacquer finish
  • Smooth and precise application with its own eyeliner brush
  • Lasts for 24 hours
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9. NYX Professional Makeup Matte Liquid Eyeliner

NYX Professional Makeup Matte Liquid best Eyeliners singapore

Another trusty liquid liner is the NYX Professional Makeup Matte Liquid Eyeliner that has been around for years and still remains to be a favourite for many. Its beautiful matte formula is designed to be smudge-proof and full coverage. With its ultra-fine precision tip, you can create a thin natural-looking line or easily build it up to a thick bold line. It also boasts off being a cruelty-free PETA-certified product, a good thing to consider especially for those who shop consciously.

Why buy this:
  • Smudgeproof and full coverage
  • Ultra-fine precision tip for a natural look
  • Buildable for dramatic looks
  • Cruelty-free and PETA-certified
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10. Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner

Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid best eyeliner singapore

Ending this list is the Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner, an exquisite matte liner great for creating a variety of looks. Its fine tip glides smoothly on the eyelid, creating clean and precise lines whether thick or thin. You don’t need to worry about reapplying or smudging because it literally stays perfect all day thanks to its long-wear and waterproof formula. It comes in a range of colours limited to dark and cool blue and gray tones.

Why buy this:
  • Fine tip for creating any look
  • Waterproof and smudge-proof
  • Lasts the whole day
  • Comes in black, blue and gray tones
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Where to buy eyeliner in Singapore?

Sephora is my go-to store when it comes to makeup and skincare. We especially love its product swatches, which allows you to easily select your desired shade when you find your best eyeliner in Singapore. It’s also super convenient, plus you get free shipping for orders $50 and above! You can also check out beauty products on Zalora and Shopee to compare prices of your best eyeliner in Singapore.

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I hope that our guide on the 10 Best Eyeliners in Singapore has helped you to find the best eyeliner in Singapore for your makeup needs. Please share this with your family and friends if you have found it useful. Also, do check out our other buying guides below!

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