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10 Best Mortgage Brokers in Singapore | Best of Home 2023

More often than not, applying for a home loan or purchasing a new property is a long, intimidating process. You get swamped by misleading deals and negotiations full of jargon that go over your head. This is where mortgage brokers come in; they are trained professionals who specialize in finding the best deals for you, negotiating with financial institutions, and assisting you in securing the property that you need. With an extensive pool of candidates in the real estate industry, which then is the best mortgage broker in Singapore? In our Best of Home series, we have curated the latest 10 Best Mortgage Brokers in Singapore, providing quality recommendations to suit your needs and budget.

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This article was last updated on 5 February 2023.

Table of contents 

10 Best Mortgage Brokers in Singapore

1. Redbrick Mortgage Advisory

Redbrick Mortgage Advisory Singapore
Best Mortgage Brokers Singapore – Redbrick

Unbiased and simplified advice

Redbrick Mortgage brokers pride themselves on giving unbiased advice that is free of jargon to all of their clients. Given the complexity of the real estate world, it’s important for you to receive information that is easy to digest and comprehend. This way, you won’t be blindsided in any aspect whenever you’re purchasing or selling properties. Even the smallest misinformation may lead to extra cost or conflict, which you must avoid at all times!

These trusted mortgage brokers always make sure that their clients can properly weigh the available options at all times. Firstly, they give relevant, concise, unbiased information. Secondly, they always treat each transaction with utmost respect and urgency, providing regular updates on the dynamic market, whether it’s about loans, market trends, legal proceedings, or cost management.

Working solely for their client’s interest

Although Redbrick Mortgage has numerous bank and media partners, they never favour one option over the other for their own interests. Every step of the way, these mortgage brokers stay independent, working solely for their client’s interests and nobody else’s. Furthermore, Redbrick Mortgage has one of the lowest interest rates! Highly rated for professionalism, responsiveness, and knowledge, everyone at Redbrick Mortgage can surely help you with any of your needs.

  • Residential Property Home Loan
  • Commercial & Industrial Property Loan
  • Home Construction Loan
  • International Home Loan
  • Bridging Loan
  • Equity Loan
  • Cost Management
  • Loan Eligibility Check
Check out Redbrick Mortgage Advisory >
Redbrick Mortgage Advisory
24 Peck Seah Street #03-00 Singapore | (65) 9169 9662
Facebook | LinkedIn 

2. Dollar Back Mortgage

Dollar Back Mortgage Singapore
Best Mortgage Broker Singapore – Dollar Back

Best mortgage advisory tailored for you

Dollar Back Mortgage built a bridge between the general public and the vital information that banks were gatekeeping. As a result, it allowed clients to know the loopholes and pitfalls regarding home loans. Therefore, you can now take advantage of the various loopholes and take the route that is most beneficial for you.

But most importantly, Dollar Back Mortgage, unlike most companies, do not settle for mere quick fixes. Opting for the lowest rate possible isn’t always the way to go—considering the risks, macroeconomic environment, and interest rate trends are all vital to get the most out of mortgage deals. Whether it’s for a multimillion transaction for commercial properties or a loan for your personal abode, these dedicated mortgage brokers will scout over 140 options offered across over 18 banks to offer a deal that is worth your time and money.

Extended network of professionals

Dollar Back Mortgage is applauded by many because they never leave their clients in the dark, always giving informative introductions and concise updates. With an extended network of professionals from various industries such as interest rate product managers, credit approvers and policy managers, lawyers, and bankers, you can ask anything at any time and get clear-cut answers.

  • New or Refinance HDB Loan
  • New or Refinance Private Property Loan
  • Home Equity Loan
  • IPA Housing Loan
  • Property Conveyancing
Check out Dollar Back Mortgage >
Dollar Back Mortgage
Contact: (65) 9816 4855

3. Mortgage Master

Mortgage Master Broker
Best Mortgage Singapore – Mortgage Master

Convenient, quick, & tailored services

After over 50 years of experience in the field, Mortgage Master brokers came to know the ins and outs of the mortgage industry. Therefore, they can now expertly manoeuvre things to streamline both home and commercial loan application processes. What’s even greater is that they always offer tailored advice that considers the client’s financial status and risk profile, the latest rates or packages, and the market’s historical trends.

For example, Mortgage Master brokers provide a shortlist of the best options available and calculate the difference between the top two rates. As a result, the decision-making process becomes a quick yet careful affair, which all their clients appreciate. Run by experienced professionals, it is certain that you’ll get the perfect rate and option for your budget without much waiting time!

Transparent and accessible

Before, secrecy was weaponized by financial institutions to gain more profit in the mortgage industry; thus, the public would only be able to get good deals because the best ones were hidden from sight. Mortgage Master promises to bring transparency & clarity to an outdated industry, ensuring that all their clients have access to the lowest, unpublished housing loan rates.

With Mortgage Master brokers, you’ll receive a full breakdown of all the exact costs involved, such as subsidies or cash rebates that you can have based on your loan package, whether it’s a residential or commercial loan.

  • Residential Property Loan (Buying or Refinancing)
  • Commercial Property Loan (Buying or Refinancing)
Check out Mortgage Master >
Mortgage Master
39A JLn Pemimpin, #02-00C 577183, Singapore
(65) 9785 8487
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4. Finance Guru

Finance Guru Singapore
Best Financial Mortgage Brokers Singapore – Finance Guru

Prompt, customised, & hassle-free services

FinanceGuru is made up of a team of experts that knows everything about finance and mortgage, sharpened by years of experience. They’re partnered with 16 banks and other financial institutions, allowing access to the best deals in the market. What brings FinanceGuru to the top of the game is their unbiased, spot-on, and prompt financial advice. They ensure that all of your financial goals are met, tailoring each action for your best interest and that you understand everything via seamless, jargon-less communication. Once they’ve figured out the best deals and rates for you, they’ll also handle all the paperwork for a hassle-free experience!

Furthermore, FinanceGuru does not only present you with the best rates and deals, but they also make sure that the deal carries through without hiccups. You can even get a free, no-obligation assessment from them, so you can have a taste of their top-tier services without a cost! It’s no wonder that all of their clients were really able to pay less & live more, making smart financial decisions and getting the best possible deals with no delays with FinanceGuru. 

  • Home Loans – Buying (a new home), Refinancing (existing home), Cash Out (private properties), and Renovation Loans
  • Business Loans – SMEs Working Capital Loans, Commercial & Industrial Loans, and Private Financing
  • Personal Loans – Debt Consolidation Plan, Balance Transfer, Car Loan, Education Loan
Check out Finance Guru >
Finance Guru
18 Sin Ming Lane, #07-25, Midview City, Singapore 573960 | (65) 9890 9090
Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn

5. Mortgage Consultancy

Mortgage Consultancy
Best Mortgage Consultancy Singapore – Mortgage Consultancy

Singapore’s one-stop mortgage platform 

Whether you’re seeking a mortgage consultancy, a broker to help you close deals, or home loan advice, Mortgage Consultancy is the perfect team to reach out to! Partnered with numerous banks, they are able to compare the best rates offered on the market and seek the lowest, unbiased rates that will suit your mortgage needs and expectations best. With their low offers of home loan rates at 1.7%+ (fixed rates) and 1.9%+ (variable rates), Mortgage Consultancy quickly became one of the most sought-out mortgage platforms in Singapore.

Mortgage Consultancy is made up of experienced mortgage planners and asset strategists who are all independent, unbiased, and skilful in finding the most cost-effective deal for their clients and taking away the hassle in mortgage loans and financing. Since these professionals never failed at being transparent, presenting all the pros and cons of each loan package from different banks to their clients, they’ve earned the trust of many homeowners in Singapore, making them the “go-to” platform for all mortgage needs.

  • Bridging Loan
  • Commercial and Industrial Property Loan
  • HDB and Private Home Loan
  • New Home Loan
  • Decoupling Matters
  • Equity Term Cash Loan from 1%+
Check out Mortgage Consultancy >
Mortgage Consultancy
47 Kallang Pudding Road #09-08 The Crescent, Kallang Singapore | (65) 8556 5271
Facebook | Instagram | YouTube | Twitter |  Yelp| LinkedIn

6. Home Loan Whiz

Home Loan Whiz Singapore
Best Mortgage Company Singapore – Home Loan Whiz

Quick, affordable, and trustworthy

With Home Loan Whiz, nothing is hidden—there are no hidden fees nor biased opinions when it comes to their services. And unlike other mortgage companies that charge extra for advice and paperwork, Home Loan Whiz offers free consultations and will only charge you solely for the mortgage fees! What’s even greater is that their team can always whip up concise, quick, and truthful responses when a client asks for advice or an update, which is extremely important when you’re trusting someone with your home or finances. Furthermore, they’re always patient in educating their clients, giving out objective and jargon-free explanations at all times.

Made up of a team of professionals who know the loopholes in the mortgage industry and partnered up with the leading banks in Singapore, Home Loan Whiz can surely give the optimal solution for your loan or refinancing problems. In their years within the industry, Home Loan Whiz has helped homeowners secure more than $3 billion worth of home loans from various financial institutions, all of which are seamless transactions that leave their clients happy and satisfied. 

  • New Home Loans
  • Refinancing
  • Home Equity Loans
  • Overseas Home Loan
  • HDB Private Properties and Commercial Properties
  • Resale Purchase
  • Conveyancing Lawyer

Check out Home Loan Whiz >

Home Loan Whiz
6001 Beach Road Singapore 199589 | +65 6631 8980

7. Ohmyhome

Ohmyhome Best Mortgage Brokers Singapore
Best Property Mortgage Singapore – Ohmyhome

A property transaction ecosystem that covers all your needs

As if an accessible 24/7 mortgage platform and free mortgage advisory aren’t impressive enough, Ohmyhome branched out to offer everything that you would need for your housing needs. They now assist in property search, mortgage, renovation, legal conveyancing, renovation, moving services, and destination services! What’s even greater is that Ohmyhome has its very own app, wherein you have access to a group chat that allows you to reach out to providers, anytime, anywhere. This eliminates the hassle of reaching out to providers one by one. You can even choose whether you want to transact with or without a property agent! As their clients have mentioned in their reviews, each mortgage broker from Ohmyhome is reliable and efficient, capable of closing transactions and deals within 48 hours, whether it’s property selling or buying.

Ohmyhome utilizes technology to make property transactions simpler and improve the user experience of its clients. As a result, they’ve built a lively ecosystem, wherein home buyers, sellers, owners, landlords, tenants, and professionals can all interact freely to get the best deals possible!

  • Home Content Insurance
  • HDB Resale Agent Service
  • Condo Agent Service (Condo Resale and Rental Agent Services and Condo Rental Documentation Service)
  • Legal Conveyancing
  • Home Renovation
  • Destination Services (Migration/Relocation)
  • Free Mortgage Advisory
  • Moving Services
  • Painting & Handy-Man Works
Check out Ohmyhome >
11 Lorong 3 Toa Payoh, Block B #04-17 Jackson Square Singapore | +65 9755 9283
Facebook | Twitter| YouTube

8. Property Guru

Property Guru Best Mortgage Brokers
Best Property Mortgages Singapore – Property Guru

Property Guru is a respected mortgage company in Singapore that can help you find a home that fits your lifestyle and budget. More than just a platform, they put their clients first and ensure that the search is transparent and convenient on their end. Their skilled team can help you strategically find a spot aligned with what you have in mind while also offering appealing loan strategies to fit your capability more. Definitely one call away, you can touch base with the team so they can extend necessary assistance depending on what you need. Refinancing and renovation are also accommodated by them too!

  • Best mortgage rate search
  • Packages from all banks
  • Objective and non-biased advice
  • Mortgage monitoring services
  • Appealing home loan strategies
  • Home refinancing and renovation
Check out Property Guru >
Property Guru LogoProperty Guru | +65 6238 5971
Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn | YouTube

9. Mortgage Wise

Mortgage Wise Brokers
Best Mortgages Singapore – Mortgage Wise

Truly wise as they say, Mortgage Wise advocates for their clients and potential clients to get out of the cycle and go for a more sustainable mortgage in the long run. With high-interest rates, new homeowners may find themselves struggling to continuously pay and are actually overpaying a lot more. They have lower than usual interest rates and appealing cashback or discount offers one can simply avail. Besides these, they are also a reliable company which helped over 4,000 clients in the last 9 years. You can also get updated on the current real estate news through their blog on the website.

  • Affordable cycle-based approach to home loans
Check out Mortgage Wise >
Mortgage Wise LogoMortgage Wise | +65 6221 1089
Facebook | LinkedIn

10. David and Partners

David and Partners Mortgage Brokers Singapore
Best Mortgage Companies Singapore – David and Partners

Proudly Australian-owned but Singapore-based, David and Partners sure have established their credibility over the years. Their expertise in the real estate industry and global knowledge for over 30 years helped them apply the best practices possible to help aspiring Australian homeowners in the country. We like that their services range from assisting with the purchase or selling, helping with the legal process and government documents, and managing properties up for rental. Their bank partners include local to international banks which can give you more options to choose from.

  • Assisting with purchase or selling
  • Helping with the legal process and government documents
  • Managing properties up for rental
Check out David and Partners >
David and Partners Mortgage LogoDavid and Partners | +65 8693 2000

We hope that our guide on the 10 Best Mortgage Brokers in Singapore will help you with your mortgage transactions, whether it’s to sell, buy, or get a loan in Singapore. Do also read our other buying guides too. Please do share this with your friends if you have found this useful. Do look forward to more buying guides that we will be releasing soon!

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