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7 Best Sandwich Makers in Malaysia | Best of Home 2023

During quarantine, sandwich hacks have been so popular, especially on TikTok. Have you seen them yet? Check out this article if you’re curious. Or perhaps, you’ve tried your own creative ways to elevate everyone’s classic childhood favourite—the ooeey, goey, scrumptious grilled cheese. Maybe, you craved for your favourite espresso buddy, that’s none other than the hearty BLT, so you’ve also tried recreating it at home. If your hearty toasts and sandwiches never fail to captivate your palate, you’ll be delighted for sure to discover that it will be easier to whip up these goodies at home with a robust sandwich maker. Excited? Here are the best sandwich makers in Malaysia that you can choose from.

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Table of contents

Best Sandwich Makers in Malaysia

1. Bongdou 5 in 1 Electric Sandwich Maker

Bongdou 5 in 1 Electric Sandwich Maker

Featuring five non-stick detachable plates, this stylish sandwich maker isn’t only capable of making the best clubhouse you’ll drool over but also luscious waffles, tasty eggettes, savoury Takoyaki and delightful donuts. You definitely have a couple of options to choose from for your brunch or afternoon tea. On top of that, the cooking process is lightning quick and a walk in the park—it only takes three to six minutes on average! Great for no-fuss yet filling breakfasts for the busy individuals on the go.

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2. Monda 3 in 1 Breakfast Maker

Monda 3-in-1 Breakfast Maker

Speaking of quick yet hearty breakfasts, this bilateral cooking breakfast machine is incredibly an all-in-one package. It functions as a sandwich maker, frying pan, electric skillet, plus there’s a steaming area where you can warm your milk or any other breakfast drink, boil some noodles or steam some eggs. The simultaneous cooking procedure is super handy if you’re always in a hurry in the morning. With this food machine, you’ll never have to go to work again with an empty tummy.

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3. Philux PL-811 Sandwich Maker

Philux PL 811 Sandwich Maker

Perhaps, you’re wondering why sandwiches are always sliced in triangular shape. Does it change the flavour? Is it tastier that way? Not really. But it does trick us into thinking that way. They’re just so appetizing when you see that melted cheese peeping in between the slices! But if you’re a bit of an obsessive-compulsive about perfecting those triangles, you’ll be glad you came across this Philux Sandwich Maker today. Equipped with a non-stick plate shaped in a way that conveniently slices your sandwiches into perfect triangular halves, you can always serve a platter of picture-perfect sandwiches that your loved ones can’t wait to sink their teeth into.

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4. Pensonic 2 Slice Sandwich

Pensonic 2 Slice Sandwich

This sandwich maker has similar built and design with the previous one, but it’s from a different brand. Performing equally wonderful with the Philux Sandwich Maker, the Pensonic 2 Slice Sandwich has a non-stick coated cooking plate that’s easy to use and convenient to clean. It’s built with a durable casing that fully protects the food machine. The cool touch housing feature is ideal for those who tend to forget and end up accidentally burning their fingers. There’s also an indicator light which gives signals when your sandwich is ready.

Perfect for ham sandwiches, French toasts, quesadillas, and whatever sandwich possibilities you have in mind, this food machine will surely be one of your favourite cookware in your kitchen.

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5. Russel Taylors Sandwich Maker SW-10

Russel Taylors Sandwich Maker SW-10

This Russel Taylors Sandwich Maker is another excellent choice for perfectly cut triangle sandwiches. It’s surely the best tool for phenomenal French toasts you’ll love pairing with perfectly cooked bacon, sausages and sunny side up. Talk about a beautiful marriage of sweet and savoury for breakfast!

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6. Panalux Multi Toast Maker PSM-304G

Panalux Multi Toast Maker PSM 304G

What is grilled cheese if there are no beautiful grill marks on it? If you don’t have a grill pan to achieve such perfection, the Panalux Multi Toast Maker is even a much better idea. This sandwich maker allows you to make toasts, grill or heat sausages, bacon, ham, or steak or fry eggs simultaneously in one spacious pan. Have you tried the famous Korean street toast yet? It’s the ultimate toast that will complete your morning and give you the boost you need to jumpstart your day. Try to whip up one on this Panalux Multi Toast Maker!

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7. Joyoung Doraemon Co Branded Multi-functional Breakfast Machine

Joyoung Doraemon Co Branded Multi functional Breakfast Machine

This super compact sandwich maker allows you to make cute, playful sandwiches with the famous cartoon character Doraemon’s face on it. If you have pre-school kids, they’ll surely look forward to their sandwiches even more. It comes super handy if you wish them to stay away from junk food and eat delicious healthy sandwiches instead.

The multifunctional breakfast machine also comes with a waffle plate where you can simply pour your batter, close the food machine, set the timer, wait a few minutes, and voila, you now have a beautiful and tasty waffle ready!

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I hope that this article has helped you to pick a few good choices for your ideal sandwich maker. Please also share this with your family and friends who love quick yet filling breakfasts.

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