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10 Best Pottery Class Studios in Singapore | Best of Lifestyle 2023

In pottery, expressing yourself through art is like talking with your creations. It’s super fun to play with clay because you can make whatever you want. You don’t have to be a pro to join a pottery class – just a few classes, and you can make cool stuff with your hands. It feels even better when the things you make are useful for you and your loved ones! With an extensive variety of pottery class studios in the market, which then is the best pottery class studio in Singapore? In our Best of Lifestyle series, we introduce the 10 Best Pottery Class Studios in Singapore, providing quality recommendations based on your lifestyle and budget needs.

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10 Best Pottery Class Studios in Singapore (Summary)

  1. The Potters’ Guilt
  2. Studio Asobi
  3. Padme Hum Studio
  4. Mud Rock Ceramics
  5. Thow Kwang Pottery Jungle
  6. Ceramic House
  7. Common Touch Craft Unit
  9. THE 8TH FLOOR Ceramics Studio
  10. Urth & Phire

Best Pottery Class Studios in Singapore

1. The Potters’ Guilt

The Potters’ Guilt - Best Pottery Class Studio in Singapore
The Potters’ Guilt – Best Pottery Class Studio in Singapore

A comprehensive crafting experience

Embark on The Pottery Do-It-All workshop at The Potter’s Guilt. This pottery class offers an immersive 3-hour session that covers every aspect of pottery. Unlike other classes, this workshop offers a comprehensive introduction to pottery by covering both hand-building and wheel-throwing techniques in a single session. If your schedule is tight, opt for the Pottery on the Wheel Experience, a condensed 1.5-hour workshop. Here, you will have the opportunity to learn and create functional pottery pieces. The session includes hands-on experience with centring on the wheel, coming up and down, and pulling a piece of your own.

Furthermore, it is important to note that the session fee does not cover the firing cost. However, participants have the option to have their completed pieces fired and glazed for a nominal starting fee of $10.00 per piece. 

  • Offers flexible options
  • Affordable pricing
  • Provides an immersive 3-hour session covering all aspects of pottery
Check out The Potter’s Guilt >

Pottery Courses and Workshops:

  • Pottery on the Wheel – from $520
  • Hand-building – from $480
  • Children Workshops – from $60

📍195 Pearl’s Hill Terrace #01-03 S (168976)
✉️ pottersguilt@gmail.com

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2. Studio Asobi

Studio Asobi - Best Pottery Class Studio in Singapore
Studio Asobi – Best Pottery Class Studio in Singapore

Blending artistry and social responsibility through pottery

Studio Asobi, deriving its name from 遊び心 (asobi kokoro), meaning having an open heart, truly embodies its ethos by dedicating a portion of its profits to charitable causes. Since 2018, the studio has been actively involved in community outreach, hosting monthly volunteer workshops focused on teaching pottery to injured migrant workers. Despite COVID-19 disrupting their original plans, Studio Asobi adapted by providing part-time employment for pregnant women and young mothers in need.

What sets Studio Asobi apart is not only its commitment to social responsibility but also its beginner-friendly Living Clay Pottery Workshop. Designed for novices, this workshop provides an overview of pottery-making techniques, allowing participants to craft their unique pieces in a single session. 

Therapeutic escape

The workshop covers the basics of pottery, including the formation of attachments like handles and decorative techniques. While attendees may not emerge as full-fledged potters, the three-hour class promises a fulfilling combination of pottery craftsmanship and a therapeutic escape from anxiety. Additionally, participants with newfound pottery skills have the opportunity to create functional pieces for themselves, adding a practical dimension to the artistic experience.

  • Beginner-friendly workshops
  • Contributes to community
Check out Studio Asobi >

Pottery Courses and Workshops:

  • Pottery Retreat
  • Pottery Class Regular Course
  • Pottery Team Building

📍 Hougang Ave 2, Block 705, Singapore 530705
📞 +65-6656-3008
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3. Padme Hum Studio

Padme Hum Studio - Best Pottery Class Studio in Singapore
Padme Hum Studio – Best Pottery Class Studio in Singapore

Unleash your creativity

Explore your artistic side and craft memorable pieces at Padme Hum Studio, where fun meets skill development. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced potter, their small classes and laid-back atmosphere cater to everyone. At Padme Hum Studio, they believe in fostering self-expression and encouraging every student to create their distinctive pottery pieces. The learning environment is unstructured, allowing you to unleash your creativity from the moment you touch that lump of clay.

What sets Padme Hum Studio apart is its all-inclusive pricing. With one comprehensive package, you get access to everything you need – from clay and tools to painting and firing. No hidden costs, just a seamless and enjoyable pottery experience where you can transform your imagination into tangible art.

  • Comprehensive packages
  • Hands-on experience
  • Inclusive learning environment
Check out Padme Hum Studio >

Pottery Courses and Workshops:

  • Ad-Hoc Pottery Class – $85
  • Private Group Classes – $110
  • Adhoc Only Open Studio – $45
  • Members-only Open Studio – $45

📍 BLK 1090, Lower Delta Road 169201
📞 +65 8611 4613
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4. Mud Rock Ceramics

Mud Rock Ceramics - Best Pottery Class Studio in Singapore
Mud Rock Ceramics – Best Pottery Class Studio in Singapore

From royal tea sets to fun pottery classes

Mud Rock Ceramics, based in Singapore, is an independent studio founded by two skilled ceramic artists. They are renowned for crafting a tea set for the Queen of England and collaborating with the National Gallery of Singapore. For those seeking a fun experience, the studio offers a beginner’s course covering pottery basics like coiling and glazing in five consecutive lessons. If time is a constraint, they also have an Ad Hoc Pottery Class where you can make your ceramic piece in just 2.5 hours.

The course fees at Mud Rock Ceramics cover all essentials – tools, trimming, glazing, and firing of one item. Plus, they provide unlimited clay during classes, so you can use as much as you like.

  • Renowned for crafting tea sets for the Queen of England
  • All-inclusive course fees
  • Unlimited class usage
Check out Mud Rock Ceramics >

Pottery Courses and Workshops:

  • Beginner’s Pottery – $315 per person
  • Advanced Pottery – $280 per person
  • Ad-hoc One-Off Trial Session – $83 per person
  • Little Mud Rockers Children Course – $180 per person

📍 5 Maude Road, Singapore 208357
📞 6291 1186
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5. Thow Kwang Pottery Jungle

Thow Kwang Pottery Jungle - Best Pottery Class Studio in Singapore
Thow Kwang Pottery Jungle – Best Pottery Class Studio in Singapore

Renowned for housing Singapore’s oldest surviving Dragon Kiln

Thow Kwang Pottery Jungle is renowned for housing Singapore’s oldest surviving and only operational Dragon Kiln—a firing chamber constructed from bricks and clay, stretching over 25 meters.  Thow Kwang Pottery Jungle offers a diverse range of activities, ensuring a day filled with fun and bonding opportunities for family and friends. Notably, visitors can stroll through its tunnels during non-operational periods, enhancing the overall experience.

What sets Thow Kwang Pottery Jungle apart is its attractive pricing. With rates as affordable as $28 for children and $35 for adults, participants can engage in a 2.5-hour hand-building session, inclusive of all materials, glazing, and firing. This creative art activity is designed to cater to all ages, providing an excellent platform for families to come together. Furthermore, there’s an incentive for parents and children to sign up together, benefiting from a discounted rate.

  • Affordable rates
  • Famous for housing the oldest surviving Dragon Kiln in Singapore
  • Family-friendly pottery classes
Check out Thow Kwang Pottery Jungle >

Pottery Courses and Workshops:

  • I Love Pottery Workshop – from $28
  • Long Term Potter’s Wheel Course – from $380
  • Private Group Workshops – from $35 per person (minimum of 15 pax)

📍 85 Lorong Tawas Singapore 639823
📞 +65 62686121
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6. Ceramic House

Ceramic House - Best Pottery Class Studio in Singapore
Ceramic House – Best Pottery Class Studio in Singapore

Pottery classes and handcrafted treasures

Discover a fulfilling new hobby that not only provides relaxation but also imparts valuable skills at Ceramic House Singapore. Since the 1980s, this studio has been a bastion of quality handmade products, services, and pottery classes. Founded by the master pottery couple Lim Kim Hui and Shee Bee Heo, Ceramic House Singapore has remained dedicated to its craft, infusing each piece with pride and individuality.

In addition to offering pottery classes, their website showcases an array of unique pieces available for purchase at attractive prices. Explore a diverse range, including chawan (such as Akoya, Iki, Shino I, Shino II, Kobi, Hidasuki, Iwai, and more), plates (Fuyu, Kajitsu, Aki I, Aki II, Sugata, Tenchi, Genei, Botamochi, Kuwa No Ha, Tenko, Subaru, and Nozomi), sculptures (Tenju, Tomi, Hiya, Aibo, Gashu, Shitau, Kiki, and Kiken), and tenmoku (Tenmoku I Teapot, Tenmoku II Ginsei Chawan, Tenmoku III Teadust, Tenmoku IV Gold Oil Spot, etc.).

  • Hands-on pottery class
  • Affordable pricing
Check out Ceramic House >

Pottery Courses and Workshops:

  • Beginner Class – $550 
  • Advanced Class – $650 
  • Trial Class – $80
  • Children’s class – $80
  • Bonding Class

📍 Blk 9004 Tampines St.93 #02-102 Singapore 528838
📞 +65 6784 0024
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7. Common Touch Craft Unit

Common Touch Craft Unit - Best Pottery Class Studio in Singapore
Common Touch Craft Unit – Best Pottery Class Studio in Singapore

Caters to all ages and skill levels

Welcome to Common Touch Craft Unit, a ceramics studio founded by Zestro and Fyon. They have showcased their art in Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, India, and Malaysia, gaining a reputation for skilled artists, finely crafted ceramics, and a chill vibe.

Their workshops cater to all ages and skill levels, offering 3-hour sessions teaching pottery techniques and creating basics like teacups and bowls. Try their exclusive Sake Ware Painting Workshop for a cultural touch, making and painting your own sake cups inspired by Japan’s history and ceremonies. Join Common Touch Craft Unit for a laid-back and creative experience.

  • Laid back ambience
  • Exclusive sake ware painting workshop
Check out Common Touch Craft Unit >

Pottery Courses and Workshops:

  • Hand & Wheel 1-Time Pottery Experience
  • Vase Hand-building Workshop
  • Little Craftsmen Camp – for kids

📍 Burghley Lifestyle Hub 45 Burghley Drive, #01-08
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ARUDIO - Best Pottery Class Studio in Singapore
ARUDIO – Best Pottery Class Studio in Singapore

Pottery class designed for couples

Looking for a delightful activity to enjoy with your partner? Consider trying out ARUDIO’s pottery classes! This art studio, located in Singapore, offers exciting short courses and trial workshops specifically designed for couples. In their engaging 3-hour workshop on ceramic hand-building, participants can create charming cups, plates, and vases. Throughout the course, you will explore various techniques such as coiling, pinching, slab-making, and more.

Alternatively, if you have a preference for crafting mugs and bowls, ARUDIO also provides a wheel-throwing workshop where you can learn the art of moulding these pieces with precision. Don’t worry if you are flying solo – individuals are more than welcome to join the classes, and you can even invite a friend or family member to make the pottery experience even more enjoyable.

  • Couple focused workshops
  • Wheel-throwing workshop option
Check out ARUDIO >

Pottery Courses and Workshops:

  • Hand-building and Wheel-throwing Trial Class – from $70
  • Wheel-throwing / Hand-building Short Class – from $300
  • Self-Glazing Class – from $35
  • Stay Home Kit Rental – from $140

📍11 Woodlands Close #09-30, Singapore 737853
📞 +65 97974064
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9. THE 8TH FLOOR Ceramics Studio

THE 8TH FLOOR Ceramics Studio - Best Pottery Class Studio in Singapore
THE 8TH FLOOR Ceramics Studio – Best Pottery Class Studio in Singapore

Singapore’s first private pottery studio

Introducing THE 8TH FLOOR Ceramics Studio, a unique pottery workshop and studio in Singapore devoted to fostering creativity and a passion for traditional handcrafted products. Distinguished as the first private pottery studio in the country to implement a comprehensive progress-monitoring and customization system for students, they excel in tailoring programs to individual learners. One standout feature of THE 8TH FLOOR Ceramics Studio is their adept tracking of students’ progress. New registrants receive complimentary tool kits, enhancing their initial experience in the studio.

The studio’s Wheel-Throwing Courses are divided into two phases: Phase I focuses on crafting domestic objects, while Phase II delves into the creation of decorative items. The studio proudly showcases exceptional works by their students on their website, providing a glimpse into the artistic achievements of their community.

Best pottery experience

As an added highlight, THE 8TH FLOOR Ceramics Studio offers a Wheel-Throwing Course, available for private date requests and team-building sessions. This 2.5 to 3-hour introductory workshop offers participants an immersive experience in the ceramic-making process, materials, and techniques through live demonstrations.

For those seeking advanced pottery classes, the studio presents the Traditional Kintsugi Masterclass. This program offers a deep dive into the intricate art of Kintsugi, a traditional Japanese technique involving the use of Urushi lacquer. The masterclass comprises five lessons, each lasting three hours, providing students with a comprehensive understanding of this time-honoured craft. 

  • Singapore’s first private pottery studio
  • Complimentary tool kits for new registrants
  • Two-phase wheel-throwing courses 
  • Tradition Kintsugi masterclass
Check out THE 8TH FLOOR Ceramic Studio >

Pottery Courses and Workshops:

  • Pottery Course – $599
  • Wheel-throwing workshop – $98
  • Traditional Kintsugi Masterclass – $540

📍 37, Lorong 23 Geylang  Yu Li Industrial Building #08-03 Singapore 388371
✉️ contact@the8thflr.com

10. Urth & Phire

Urth & Phire - Best Pottery Class Studio in Singapore
Urth & Phire – Best Pottery Class Studio in Singapore

Flexible booking hours for pottery classes

Finally, let’s delve into Urth & Phire Studio, a specialised pottery haven catering to both novices and experienced enthusiasts. Nestled in a visually pleasing studio, they boast designated spaces for the potter’s wheel, a lounge gallery, tool and washing area, as well as a spray booth and kiln. Transitioning to their diverse course offerings, categorized into trial, beginner, and advanced classes, we find an array of creative opportunities. The trial classes are perfect for those with time constraints, offering a one-time 1.5-hour pottery session complete with all necessary materials. The beginner course delves into crafting dinnerware adorned with personalized designs. On the advanced front, sessions elevate skills by focusing on advanced wheel throwing and surface decoration techniques

What sets this studio apart is its flexibility in booking hours for classes or independent practice sessions. Whether you’re an early riser or a night owl, Urth & Phire Studio accommodates your schedule.

  • Flexible booking hours for classes
  • Diverse course offerings
Check out Urth & Phire >

Pottery Courses and Workshops:

  • Trial Class – $60
  • Beginner Class – $400
  • Advanced Class – $450
  • Studio Practice Package 2 – $220

📍 2 Pereira Road #05-02A 2Connectt@TS Singapore 368024
📞+65 9770 4862
✉️ Contact Form

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