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10 Best Dog Cafés in Singapore | Best of Food 2023

Dogs stand as some of our most cherished companions, offering unparalleled comfort and a reassuring sense of security. Beyond being delightful pets, they can be trained to perform various tasks and provide invaluable support to individuals with special needs. Dog cafés, designed for enjoying the company of these loyal companions, serve as ideal venues to bring your beloved fur babies. In Singapore, a variety of dog cafés present diverse environments and delectable offerings for you and your furry friends. Yet, the array of choices poses a challenge in selecting the perfect dog café to visit. With an extensive variety of dog cafés in the market, which then is the best dog cafés in Singapore? In our Best of Pets series, we introduce the 10 Best Dog Cafés in Singapore, providing quality recommendations based on your lifestyle and budget needs.

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Best Dog Cafés in Singapore (Summary)

  1. Sun Ray Cafe
  2. I.N.U Cafe and Boutique
  3. The Urban Hideout
  4. Canopy Bishan
  5. Ménage Café
  6. Open Farm Community
  7. US Dog Bakery
  8. Chow Cute Cafe
  9. The Garden Slug
  10. The Coastal Settlement

Best Dog Cafés in Singapore

1. Sun Ray Cafe 

Sun Ray Cafe - Best Dog Cafe in Singapore
Sun Ray Cafe – Best Dog Cafe in Singapore

High-quality fair and pet-friendly delights

Nestled in comfort, The Sun Ray Café beckons as a welcoming haven where both pet owners and their furry friends can revel in a delightful dining experience. The Sun Ray Café boasts a menu featuring high-quality dishes carefully crafted for both human and animal consumption, ensuring a satisfying experience for all at affordable prices. The thoughtfully prepared pet meals are unseasoned and free from harmful ingredients, underscoring the café’s commitment to the well-being of its four-legged guests.

Moreover, the diverse menu offers an array of choices, from meat dishes and vegetarian options to pasta. Complementing these culinary delights is a selection of coffee blends and teas. The café takes pride in its meticulous approach, using coffee beans roasted in small batches to preserve the rich flavours in each cup. Additionally, their tea pairing and brewing techniques have garnered international recognition, adding a touch of sophistication to the overall dining experience.

Tailored treats for special occasions

For those seeking to celebrate special occasions with their fur babies, The Sun Ray Café offers a bespoke experience. Patrons can place orders for custom fruit or meat-based cakes, with tantalising options such as apple or banana for fruit cakes and chicken, beef, or salmon for meat cakes. With a minimum of 2 days’ notice, the café ensures a personalised touch to celebrations. Beyond cakes, the menu extends to include pies and specially curated meal sets designed specifically for the furry companions.

  • High-quality for owners and pets alike
  • Offers diverse culinary delights
  • Tailored different treats for every occasion
  • Artisanal coffees and teas
Check out Sun Ray Cafe >

📍79 and 81 Brighton Crescent, Serangoon Gardens Estate, Singapore 559218
📞 +65 8909 8458
✉️ happy@sunray.sg
📲 Facebook | Instagram

2. I.N.U Cafe and Boutique

I.N.U Cafe and Boutique - Best Dog Cafe in Singapore
I.N.U Cafe and Boutique – Best Dog Cafe in Singapore

Top choice for dining and events

Consider I.N.U Café and Boutique as your top choice for dining and events, catering not only to you but also to your beloved fur companions. This establishment stands out for offering a variety of activities designed to keep your dogs happy and engaged. While you savour your meal, your furry friend can socialise with other pets, indulge in special snacks, or even benefit from grooming services provided on-site.

Adjacent to the cafe is a pet-centric shop, stocked with an array of brands catering to both cats and dogs. From treats to grooming essentials, you’ll find a comprehensive selection. The treats available are crafted from natural ingredients, ensuring the safety of your precious pet. Moreover, the shop offers a range of vitamins and supplements, including brain-boosting options and joint support for dogs.

  • A pet-friendly atmosphere with engaging activities for dogs
  • On-site grooming services
  • Offers a diverse range of pet products 
Check out I.N.U Cafe and Boutique >

📍530 Balestier Rd, #01-06/07, Monville Mansions, Singapore 329857
📞 +65 8189 8092
📲 Facebook | Instagram

3. The Urban Hideout

The Urban Hideout - Best Dog Cafe in Singapore
The Urban Hideout – Best Dog Cafe in Singapore

The perfect spot to unwind and relax

Discover the Urban Hideout, where both you and your four-legged friend can indulge in delectable and satisfying meals that will keep you coming back for more. Renowned for its exceptional coffee and desserts, this café provides the perfect spot to unwind and enjoy a meal after a stroll or a leisurely afternoon. In addition to their regular menu, don’t forget to treat your furry companion to a delightful dish from their special pet-friendly selection.

Choose from a variety of pet-friendly options, including salmon and porkchop bowls, beef cubes, and pork pumpkin stews. Pamper your pet with handmade sausages, patties, and meatballs crafted from high-quality chicken, beef, and pork. To top it off, don’t miss the chance to savour the restaurant’s artisanal hand-churned gelato, a delightful way to cool off after a fulfilling day.

  • Deletable treats for both owner and pets
  • Handmade pet delicacies such as patties, sausages and meatballs
  • Artisanal hand-churned gelato
Check out The Urban Hideout >

📍60 Springside Walk, #01-05 The Brooks I, Singapore 786020
📞 +65 8879 9722
📲 Facebook | Instagram

4. Canopy Bishan

Canopy Bishan - Best Dog Cafe in Singapore
Canopy Bishan – Best Dog Cafe in Singapore

The joys of food and the beauty of nature converge seamlessly providing a delightful dining experience by seamlessly intertwining the enchantment of nature with the artistry of cuisine. From sunrise to sunset, guests can immerse themselves in the biophilic charm defining the restaurant’s warm atmosphere. Whether you are gathering with family, catching up with friends, or bringing along your furry companions, the alfresco dining haven graciously welcomes all. Indulge in the diverse all-day menu, boasting a symphony of flavours ranging from signature brunch offerings to delectable plates of pasta, pizzas, and burgers.

At Canopy, patrons are encouraged not only to savour the culinary journey but also to embrace the surrounding nature, transforming each visit into a harmonious blend of taste and tranquillity. The inclusion of pet-friendly alfresco spaces further enhances the experience, making it a preferred destination for those seeking the company of their beloved pets. 

  • Alfresco dining experience
  • Pet-friendly spaces 
  • Diverse all-day menu
Check out Canopy Bishan >

📍1382 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1 Bishan Park 2, Singapore 569931
📞+65 6556 1533
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5. Ménage Café

Ménage Café - Best Dog Cafe in Singapore
Ménage Café – Best Dog Cafe in Singapore

A haven of love, passion, and dedication for furry companions

Founded on a profound combination of love, passion, and an unwavering dedication to spoiling furry companions, Menage Café emerges as an ideal haven. Whether you lack a canine companion or simply yearn to relish a meal in the delightful company of your cherished fur baby, this establishment caters to both scenarios. Notably, the menu not only focuses on affordability but also prioritises the safety of patrons and their four-legged friends.

The staff at Menage Café operates with an impressive blend of professionalism and efficiency, ensuring that patrons receive top-notch service. The carefully curated ambience adds to the overall experience, offering a comfortable setting bathed in ample natural light. Beyond savouring delectable offerings, patrons can witness their fur kids engaging in socialisation with impeccably trained dogs or frolicking in specially designated play areas.

Pampering perfection

To further enhance the well-being of pets, Menage Café provides amenities such as water bowls and cleaning supplies. Additionally, patrons have the delightful option of purchasing treats or opting for a premium-quality meal tailored to the discerning tastes of their fur babies. 

  • Inclusive atmosphere
  • Affordable menu
  • Professional and efficient staff ready to serve
  • Tailored meals for pets
Check out Ménage Café >

📍6 Sin Ming Road. Sin Ming Plaza. #01-01/02 Singapore, Singapore 575585
📞 +65 9669 8372
📲 Facebook | Instagram

6. Open Farm Community

Open Farm Community - Best Dog Cafe in Singapore
Open Farm Community – Best Dog Cafe in Singapore

Savour, customise and explore

Inviting you and your furry friend to relish not just good food but also a captivating view, Open Farm Community stands out as a pet-friendly haven. Seamlessly blending indoor and open-air dining options, the cafe ensures a delightful ambience regardless of your preference.

The cafe prides itself on using premium ingredients sourced mainly from local farms, guaranteeing the freshness and quality of your meals. For those with specific dietary needs, Open Farm Community offers an extensive array of vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options. From their diverse menu, you can opt for a personalised local luncheon, tailoring a 3-course meal to suit your palate. Alternatively, embark on a culinary adventure with a blind taste-testing course, featuring a tantalising selection of 4 to 7 dishes.

Culinary delight meets green serenity

Beyond the dining experience, the cafe boasts a lush garden where you can leisurely roam with your fur companion. Going the extra mile, Open Farm Community organises events catering to both children and furry friends, creating a welcoming space for families. Committed to environmental responsibility, the cafe employs a sustainable system that minimises waste, as well as reduces electricity and water usage.

  • Serves premium local ingredients
  • Organises family-focused events tailored for both children and furry friends
  • Employes eco-friendly system that minimises waste, reduces electricity and conserves water usage
Check out Open Farm Community >

📍130E Minden Road, Singapore 248819
📞 +65 6471 0306
📲 Facebook | Instagram

7. US Dog Bakery

US Dog Bakery - Best Dog Cafe in Singapore
US Dog Bakery – Best Dog Cafe in Singapore

A bite into quality

If you are in search of delectable and fresh treats for your furry companions, look no further than US Dog Bakery. They boast an extensive menu featuring over 200 items, ranging from treats and pastries to customised weekly meal sets for your beloved pets. Moreover, in addition to providing delicious baked goods, they offer expert advice on meeting your dog’s dietary requirements.

Concerned about the safety of the treats? Rest assured, all menu items undergo rigorous testing and approval by a panel of veterinarians and dog nutritionists. Notably, US Dog Bakery is the first dog bakery in Singapore to obtain an AVA license, attesting to its commitment to quality and safety. The ingredients used in their recipes are of human-grade quality, naturally sourced, and free from any seasonings or substances that could be harmful to animals. Furthermore, your fur baby’s well-being is a top priority at US Dog Bakery.

  • AVA License 
  • Features human-grade and naturally sourced ingredients 
  • Toxic-free recipes perfect for your furry friends
Check out US Dog Bakery >

📍23 Serangoon Central, #04-03, Singapore 556083 (inside Pet Safari)
📞 +65 6634 2911 / +65 6904 0390
✉️ usdogbakery@gmail.com
📲 Facebook | Instagram

8. Chow Cute Cafe

Chow Cute Cafe - Best Dog Cafe in Singapore
Chow Cute Cafe – Best Dog Cafe in Singapore

A delightful canine-filled escapade

Step into the delightful world of the Chow Cute Café, where an array of culinary delights awaits both you and your beloved furry friend – all at prices that won’t break the bank. The extensive menu caters to diverse preferences, featuring a variety of meals, sides, and beverages for humans. Simultaneously, the pet menu offers a selection of healthy treats and meals crafted from top-notch, human-grade ingredients. From savoury sausages to nourishing bone broths made from beef or chicken, the offerings are designed to tantalise every palate. For those seeking more adventurous options, the menu includes choices with unique meats such as turkey, elk, and kangaroo.

Furthermore, the café provides convenient boarding and daycare services. From regular feedings to invigorating walks and engaging activities, these services ensure your fur baby stays content and active. Additionally, pamper your pet with the ultimate indulgence through the café’s comprehensive grooming and pet spa services.

  • Convenient pet services
  • Diverse human and furry companion menu
  • Affordable pricing
Check out Chow Cute Cafe >

📍16 The Oval, Seletar Aerospace Park, Singapore 797873
📞 +65 6974 7916
📲 Facebook | Instagram

9. The Garden Slug

The Garden Slug - Best Dog Cafe in Singapore
The Garden Slug – Best Dog Cafe in Singapore

Vintage ambience

With its vintage coffee shop ambience, The Garden Slug provides a tranquil and soothing setting for both you and your four-legged companion. The establishment features pet-friendly seating options both indoors and outdoors. Furthermore, a glance at their website showcases a tempting array of delectable dishes, including pasta, meal sets, burgers, and a wide selection of vegetarian offerings.

For your furry friend, they offer a dedicated pet menu with meat and vegetarian options, complete with accompanying sides. Moreover, The Garden Slug provides island-wide delivery services, allowing you and your pet to savour their delightful dishes in the cosy confines of your home.

  • Vintage ambience
  • Island-wide delivery
Check out The Garden Slug >

📍55 Lor L Telok Kurau, #01-59/61, Singapore 425500
📞 +65 6346 0504
📲 Facebook | Instagram

10. The Coastal Settlement

The Coastal Settlement - Best Dog Cafe in Singapore
The Coastal Settlement – Best Dog Cafe in Singapore

Your ideal dining destination

The Coastal Settlement is an ideal dining destination for families seeking a tranquil atmosphere amid lush greenery and a scenic seaside view. This pet-friendly restaurant, situated in a former military base, exudes a nostalgic charm with its collection of memorabilia and antiques. Guests have the option to savour their meals in the museum-like interior or amidst the natural beauty of the outdoor surroundings.

Not only does the Coastal Settlement cater to human patrons, but it also welcomes furry friends to partake in the experience, allowing them to enjoy the expansive greenery and captivating seaside vistas. For those who prefer the convenience of dining at home, the restaurant offers the option to order dishes for pick-up or delivery to your doorstep.

Perfect spot for every occasion

Beyond casual dining, the Coastal Settlement serves as an excellent venue for special occasions such as weddings and corporate events. The establishment boasts an experienced event specialist who can assist in tailoring the event to your preferences, ensuring a memorable and personalised experience for all attendees.

  • Scenic surroundings and historical charm
  • Flexible dining options
  • Convenient takeout and delivery 
Check out The Coastal Settlement >

📍200, Netheravon Road, Singapore 508529
📞 +65 6475 0200
📲 Facebook | Instagram

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