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10 Best Vets in Singapore (2023)

More than just a part of being a responsible pet owner, we take our furry pals to a trusted vet because we treat them as family, and we want them to be healthy all the time. Besides the fact that our pets inevitably get sick from time to time, we are also required to take them to a vet clinic for their yearly vaccinations. Other necessary procedures such as neutering or spaying dogs and cats are also done in a vet clinic. But with many vet clinics in Singapore to choose from, which are the most recommended ones? In this article, we’ll give you a handy list of the best vets in Singapore.

This article was last updated on 6 January 2023.

Table of contents

1. Animal Infirmary, for common feline and canine health issues

Animal Infirmary
Source: Animal Infirmary

Animal Infirmary’s team is comprised by animal lovers themselves. This explains why many clients who have brought their pets to the clinic say that they’re not just knowledgeable in treating common health issues found in cats and dogs, they’re also very caring. So, you can be confident the vets here will be treating your feline or canine friend as their own.

The clinic provides comprehensive veterinary services—from consultation, nutrition advice, neutering/spaying, to vaccination and emergency. They’re also open seven days a week as well as on public holidays, so you can book your appointment any time. Also, if you’re looking for a vet clinic that does microchipping, they provide it too. The government mandates all dog owners to have their canine microchipped. So, if you have a new puppy, you can bring it here.

Check out Animal Infirmary > 
Address: 112 Lavender St, Singapore 338728
Tel: +65-63582663
Contact form

2. APEX Veterinary Clinic, for TCM and geriatric medicine for pets

APEX Veterinary Clinic vets
Source: APEX Veterinary Clinic

Like most vet clinics, APEX provides services such as vaccinations, preventive care, laboratory and diagnostic services, surgeries, sterilisation, dental procedures for pets and hospitalisation. But what’s noteworthy about them is that one of their vets, Dr. Nicholas Teo is an expert on using Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in their treatment plans. Acupuncture, for example, is known to help in alleviating canine anxiety. Coupled with other treatment methods and medications, it can be beneficial for your pet. Besides, TCM, Dr. Teo also takes a particular interest in geriatric medicine. So, if you have an older pet that needs special care, his expertise would be helpful.

Check out APEX Veterinary Clinic > 
Address: 462 River Valley Road (opposite Valley Point)
Tel: 67673369
Contact form

3. Beecroft Birds & Exotics Veterinary Clinic, for avian species and other exotic pets

Beecroft Birds & Exotics Veterinary Clinic vets
Beecroft Birds & Exotics Veterinary Clinic

You might wonder: Are wildlife species allowed to be kept as pets at home? The law says that you must not intentionally keep any wildlife in any place except with the Director-General, Wildlife Management’s written approval to do so. You cannot keep animals such as snakes, tarantulas, scorpions, and more. However, the Director-General has approved a few specific wildlife species to be kept as pets under several conditions. Some of these include the Malayan box turtle, all fish except piranhas and those that are labelled as protected wildlife species, all birds except house crow, white-vented or Javan myna, common myna, feral pigeon, and others that are prescribed as protected wildlife species.

Do you have any of these animals at home? Perhaps, you prefer birds instead of dogs and you prefer fish instead of cats. Or maybe, you have a particular liking for small rodents like hamsters. If so, for their health needs, you cannot take them to just any regular vet that specialises in the health issues affecting domesticated cats and dogs. You need an expert with years of experience like Dr. Rina Maguire and Dr. Athena Lim from Beecroft Birds & Exotics Veterinary Clinic. They provide a wide array of veterinary services for avian species, fishes, reptiles, and small mammals.

Check out Beecroft Birds & Exotics  > 
Address: 59 Upper East Coast Road,
Singapore 455217
Tel: +65 6803 8344
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4. Furiends Veterinary Clinic, for basic vet services and pet care

Furiends Veterinary Clinic vets
Source: Furiends Veterinary Clinic

Furiends’ resident veterinary specialist Dr. Kitty Huang has a special interest in feline medicine and soft tissue surgery, but her clinic serves both domestic cats and dogs. Aside from conventional veterinary medicine, she has obtained a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) acupuncture course to learn when and how to use alternative medicine to treat her four-legged patients.

The clinic provides basic vet services and treatments like vaccination, sterilisation, microchipping, preventive care, diagnostic medicine and more. They’ve also allotted separate feline wards for hospitalisation and medical boarding.

Do you need help with basic pet care? Perhaps, you still need to learn how to properly clean your pet’s ears or clip its nails. Or maybe, you’re simply too busy to do it but you can’t neglect it though. You can take your furry companion to Furiends Veterinary Clinic instead. Here, they have quality pet care services that will keep your fur babies clean, neat and healthy all the time.

Check out Furiends Veterinary Clinic  > 
Address: 211B Punggol Walk,
Punggol Ripples, #01-627, Singapore 822211
Tel: +65 6244 2112
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5. Genesis Veterinary Clinic, for sterilisation of rabbits and guinea pigs and pet insurance health screening

Genesis Veterinary Clinic vet
Source: Genesis Veterinary Clinic

Comprising Genesis Veterinary Clinic’s team are two experienced vets: Dr. Cheryl Tan and Dr. Rockey Fong. Dr. Tan is particularly fond of guinea pigs, which explains her extensive experience on treating and caring for small animals. Dr. Fong, on the other hand, loves turtles and over the years, he has spent a considerable amount of time learning about them. His special areas of interest include ophthalmology, orthopaedic surgery, and ultrasonography.

The clinic’s sterilisation services are not limited to dogs and cats but to rabbits and guinea pigs as well. So, if you have rabbits or guinea pigs at home and you want to neuter or spay them, this clinic is the most suitable place to have the procedure done.

Since bills can be hefty for vet care, getting an insurance for your pet would help you to cover possible expenses. To obtain a pet insurance though, companies would require you to provide your pet’s medical certificate from a licensed vet. Are you looking for a vet clinic that provides health screening for pet insurance? Genesis Veterinary Clinic provides this service.

Check out Genesis Veterinary Clinic  > 
Address: Blk 935 Yishun Central 1, #01-43
Tel: 6257 0682
Contact form

6. Gentle Oak Veterinary Clinic, for comprehensive vet services

Gentle Oak Veterinary Clinic vet
Source: Gentle Oak Veterinary Clinic

When it comes to best vets in Singapore, it’s no doubt that Gentle Oak Veterinary Clinic’s powerhouse should be on the list. The clinic houses five expert vets who have years of experience under their belt. Their different specialisations and various areas of interest make the clinic’s vet services more extensive and flexible. From basic animal healthcare to emergencies and surgeries, they have an experienced vet who can tackle the issue. The clinic also caters to both small and large animals, so you can be sure that no matter the size of your pet, it is in good hands.

Aside from conventional vet services, they also utilise integrative therapies like therapeutic grade essential oils, TCM, western herbs, and Bowen therapy, whenever appropriate, for the animal’s overall health and well-being and faster recovery.

We love that aside from the paid services they provide, they also take some time, energy, and material resources to give back to the community. They help strays and the animal shelters that take care of them by volunteering to provide their vet services. For example, they do procedures such as general health checks, sterilisation and more.

Check out Gentle Oak Veterinary Clinic > 
Address: Blk 21 Ghim Moh Rd, #01-225, Singapore 270021
Tel: +65 6250 8001
Contact form

7. Hillside Veterinary Surgery, for internal medicine, surgery and veterinary acupuncture

Hillside Veterinary Surgery
Source: Hillside Veterinary Surgery

As what you’ve probably guessed from the name of this clinic, the team that’s in-charge in all the vet services offered are experienced vet surgeons who have various special areas of interest and intensive post-graduate training. The clinic’s veterinary surgeon and director Dr. Simon Quek has pioneered the Intra-Dermal Skin Testing and Immunotherapy for allergic dogs and cats in the island back in 2004. The rest of the vets comprising the team are also knowledgeable in veterinary dermatology as well as internal medicine, surgery and veterinary acupuncture. If your feline or canine companion shows symptoms of skin allergy, a thorough screening and treatment in this clinic would help for faster healing and recovery.

They also specialise in oncology and the clinic is even equipped with chemotherapy and hospitalisation facilities.

Another great feature that Hillside Veterinary Surgery provides is that they have a dedicated page on their website for online shopping of animal healthcare products. So, you can buy the vet’s prescription right there and have it delivered at your doorstep.

Check out Hillside Veterinary Surgery > 
Address: 787A Upper Serangoon Road
Singapore 534655
Tel: 6909 5338 
Contact form

8. Oasis Vet Clinic, for feline medicine

Oasis Vet Clinic
Source: Oasis Vet Clinic

Is your cat feeling a bit under the weather? Bring your cutie kitty at Oasis Vet Clinic, a facility that’s been recognised as an International Society of Feline Medicine Silver Cat Friendly Clinic. Specialising in feline medicine, their expert vets including Dr. Sandya Nair and Dr. Eunice Chan are certified cat whisperers who can make your fur baby feel better and energetic again.

The clinic though isn’t for cats alone. Oasis Vet Clinic is a facility for other domestic pets such as canine companions. They provide a comprehensive range of treatments—from health screening to surgeries to animal ophthalmology to special geriatric care for older pets.

Check out Oasis Vet Clinic > 
Address: 15 Venus Road, Singapore 574302
Tel: +6562562693
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9. Pets Avenue, for private home visits

Pets Avenue
Source: Pets Avenue

Owning pets means you’re willing to take on additional responsibilities no matter how busy your schedule is already. And a lot of us are indeed busy professionals who have so many things to tackle on our plate. Wouldn’t it be nice then if there’s a vet who can do private home visits for our convenience? That’s one of Pets Avenue’s standout services that we love!

Just call them to discuss your pet’s condition, schedule the visit, and on the day of your appointment, expect one of their 11 compassionate and friendly vets to be knocking on your door. Whether your pet needs vaccination, thorough health assessment, skin treatment or microchipping, it can be successfully done at the comfort of your home. Being in a new environment is stressful to pets, especially to cats. So, this clinic’s house call vet service is super beneficial for both you and your pet.

Check out Pets Avenue > 
Address: See multiple clinic locations here
Tel: See phone numbers here
Contact form

10. The Visiting Vets Clinic, for comprehensive house call services

The Visiting Vets
Source: The Visiting Vets

Speaking of house call vet services, The Visiting Vets Clinic is another notable option. Their resident vet Dr. Kim Koh leads this service. The treatments and services offered for house calls are comprehensive. Whether you need assistance for basic pet care such as nail clipping or your pet needs to undergo ear, skin or parasite treatment, Dr. Koh will take care of your pet’s needs.

Meanwhile, it’s interesting to note that another vet from their team, Dr. Dawn Chong, specialises in avian medicine. If you keep birds as pets at home and you also wish to avail the clinic’s house call services, be sure to keep in touch with them to know whether it’s possible.

Check out The Visiting Vets > 
Address: 9 Taman Serasi, #01-09 Botanic Gardens View, Singapore 257720
Tel: +65 6475 3405
Contact form

I hope that this article has helped you to find the best vet for your pet’s healthcare needs. Please also share this with your family and friends who are pet lovers like us!

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