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10 Best Dog Cafés in Singapore | Best of Pets 2023

Dogs are some of the best companions that we can have. Like all pets, they give us a sense of comfort and security. They can even be trained to perform certain tasks and provide support to people with special needs. Dog cafés let us enjoy the company of dogs and are good places to bring your fur babies. Around Singapore, there are several dog cafés with different environments and delicious food for you and your furkid. However, this makes it difficult to choose which dog café to go to. Here, we have researched and listed down some of the popular dog cafés in Singapore. Check them out!

This article was last updated on 28 May 2023.

Table of Contents:

  • Best Dog Cafés in Singapore
    1. Sun Ray Cafe
    2. I.N.U Cafe and Boutique
    3. The Urban Hideout
    4. Wooftopia Pet Cafe
    5. Ménage Café
    6. Open Farm Community
    7. US Dog Bakery
    8. Chow Cute Cafe
    9. The Garden Slug
    10. The Coastal Settlement

Best Dog Cafés in Singapore

1. Sun Ray Café

Sun Ray Café Best Dog Cafés in Singapore
Sun Ray Café – Best Dog Cafés in Singapore

The Sun Ray Café is a comfortable restaurant where you can enjoy your eating with your fur babies. The food served is made with high-quality materials that are fit for both human and animal consumption. With affordable prices, you and your fur baby can relax and enjoy your respective meals. The meals served for pets are unseasoned and guaranteed to be free from toxic ingredients.

On their menu, you can choose from several meat dishes, vegetarian options, and pasta. Aside from various delicious dishes, their menu also contains a selection of coffee blends and teas. The café uses coffee beans roasted in small batches to avoid reducing the flavour of each serving. Meanwhile, their tea pairing and brewing methods have been recognized in international competitions.

If you have a special occasion for your fur baby, they can bake a fruit or meat-based cake for you. With at least 2 days notice, they can make a 250-gram or 500-gram cake. The fruit cakes can either be apple or banana. Meanwhile, you can choose from chicken, beef, and salmon for the meat cake. You can also find pies and meal sets specially made for fur babies on their menu.

Check out Sun Ray Café >
Address: 79 and 81 Brighton Crescent, Serangoon Gardens Estate, Singapore 559218
Tel.: +65 8909 8458
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2. I.N.U Café and Boutique

I.N.U Café and Boutique Best Dog Cafés in Singapore
I.N.U Café and Boutique – Dog Café Singapore

For dining and events, I.N.U Café and Boutique is one of the best choices for you and your fur kids. The cafe has several activities for dogs to keep them happy and active. While enjoying your food, your fur baby can enjoy themselves with other pets or with their snacks and treats. There are also grooming services so you can have your fur baby pampered while you eat.

Their next-door shop sells several brands of pet items for both cats and dogs. Here, you can find everything from treats to grooming supplies. The treats they sell are made from natural ingredients and are sure to be safe for your fur baby. They even sell vitamins and supplements such as brain food and joint support for dogs.

Check out I.N.U Café and Boutique >
Address: 530 Balestier Rd, #01-06/07, Monville Mansions, Singapore 329857
Tel.: +65 8189 8092
Contact form
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3. The Urban Hideout

The Urban Hideout Best Dog Cafés in Singapore
The Urban Hideout – Best Dog Cafés Singapore

At the Urban Hideout, both you and your fur baby can enjoy delicious and filling meals that you will definitely come back for. Best known for its coffee and desserts, this café is a great place to rest and grab a bite after a walk or spend a leisurely afternoon. Together with their regular menu, do also order a delicious meal for your furry companion from their selection of dishes. 

The food they have for pets includes salmon and porkchop bowls, beef cubes, and pork pumpkin stews as well as handmade sausages, patties, and meatballs made from chicken, beef, and pork. Additionally, you and your pup should try the restaurant’s artisanal hand-churned gelato to cool off after a long day.

Check out The Urban Hideout >
Address: 60 Springside Walk, #01-05 The Brooks I, Singapore 786020
Tel.: +65 8879 9722
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4. Wooftopia Pet Café

Wooftopia Pet Café Best Dog Cafés in Singapore
Wooftopia Pet Café – Dog Café in Singapore

With a relaxing ambience and a great menu, Wooftopia can give you and your fur baby high-quality meals at a reasonable price. Their menu contains several meals and beverages that you can choose from. Some of their main dishes are the Wooftopia Chicken Burger and the Cheesy Beef Burger. There are also pasta dishes and appetisers if you are looking for some light snacks.

This pet-friendly café allows you to make a fully personalized meal for your fur baby. Firstly, you can select 2 types of meat from their list of chicken, pork, beef, salmon, and Siew Mai. Afterwards, they offer several side dishes and glazes for the meal. Lastly, you can opt to add garnish for the finishing touch on your fur kid’s meal.

Check out Wooftopia Pet Café >
Address: 200 Turf Club Rd, #01-29, Singapore 287994
Tel.: +65 6966 8818
Contact form
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5. Ménage Café

Ménage Café Best Dog Cafés in Singapore
Ménage Café – Best Dog Café Singapore

Out of love, passion, and dedication for spoiling their fur kids, the Menage Café was born. This place is ideal if you do not have dogs of your own or if you want to enjoy a meal with your fur baby. The food on their menu is ensured to be both affordable and safe for both you and your fur kids. Their staff is also very professional and efficient when it comes to service. The ambience of the place is also comfortable with sufficient natural light. 

Your furkid can also socialize with their well-trained dogs or simply play in the designated play areas. The café is also equipped with amenities for your pets such as water bowls and cleaning supplies. You also have the choice of buying treats or a premium-quality meal for your fur baby. 

Check out Ménage Café >
Address: 6 Sin Ming Road. Sin Ming Plaza. #01-01/02 Singapore, Singapore 575585
Tel.: +65 9669 8372
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6. Open Farm Community

Open Farm Community
Open Farm Community – Singapore Dog Café

The Open Farm Community is a pet-friendly café where you and your fur baby can enjoy good food and a good view. The cafe was made to mend the disconnect between people and their food. There are options for indoor and open-air dining, but you can enjoy the ambience of the cafe either way.

The premium ingredients they use for meals are fresh and mainly sourced from local farms. They also have a variety of vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free meals to accommodate your dietary restrictions. From their extensive menu, you can order a customized local luncheon where you can make a 3-course meal that fits your palate. On the other hand, you can also opt for a blind taste-testing course comprised of 4 to 7 dishes. 

The cafe has a lush garden where you can roam around with your fur kid. Besides having a great environment for guests, they also have events to bring children and fur kids. The cafe also uses an environmentally friendly system that minimizes waste and reduces electricity and water usage.

Check out Open Farm Community >
Address: 130E Minden Road, Singapore 248819
Tel.: +65 6471 0306
Contact form
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7. US Dog Bakery

US Dog Bakery
US Dog Bakery – Best Dog Cafés in Singapore

If you are looking for delicious fresh treats for your fur kids, then US Dog Bakery can give you what you need. They endorse a menu containing over 200 items including treats, pastries, and cakes. You can even order a customized weekly meal set for your fur kid. Aside from serving baked goods for your fur baby, they also offer advice on the dietary needs of dogs.

Worrying if their baked goods are safe for your fur baby? All of their menu items have been tested and approved by a board of veterinarians and dog nutritionists. In addition, they are also the first dog bakery in Singapore to receive an AVA license. The ingredients used for their recipes are human-grade and naturally sourced. All of their recipes are also free from seasonings and ingredients that can be considered toxic to animals.

Check out US Dog Bakery >
Address: Check out locations and contact details here
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8. Chow Cute Café

Chow Cute Café
Chow Cute Café – Dog Café Singapore

The Chow Cute Café is a dog café that has delicious food for you and your furkid at an affordable price.  If you do not have a fur baby of your own, this café lets you have fun with their chow chows and other dogs. You can also bring your dog and have them socialize and enjoy some delicious food.

Their menu has several meals, sides, and drinks that you can choose from. Meanwhile, the café’s pet menu contains treats and meals that are healthy and are made from human-grade ingredients. The meals contain an assortment of meats, vegetables, and side dishes for your fur baby. Some of their popular meals include sausages and bone broths made from beef or chicken. They also have meals with uncommon meats such as turkey, elk, and kangaroo.

For busy fur parents, they have boarding and daycare services. These services do everything from feedings to walks and include activities that can keep your fur baby happy and active. You can also have your furkid pampered with their full grooming and pet spa services.

Check out Chow Cute Cafe >
Address: 16 The Oval, Seletar Aerospace Park, Singapore 797873
Tel.: +65 6974 7916
Contact form
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9. The Garden Slug

The Garden Slug
The Garden Slug – Best Dog Cafés Singapore

With an old-school coffee shop look, The Garden Slug has a calm and relaxing environment for you and your fur baby. The restaurant is equipped with pet-friendly indoor and outdoor dining. You can see the delicious food they have to offer on their website. Aside from pasta and meal sets, they also offer burgers and numerous vegetarian options. There is also a separate pet menu for your furkid that has meat and vegetarian dishes complete with sides. In addition, they also have an island-wide delivery service so you and your fur baby can enjoy their dishes in the comfort of your home. 

Check out The Garden Slug >
Address: 55 Lor L Telok Kurau, #01-59/61, Singapore 425500
Tel.: +65 6346 0504
Facebook | Instagram

10. The Coastal Settlement

The Coastal Settlement
The Coastal Settlement – Dog Café in Singapore

A great restaurant to rest and dine for the whole family, the Coastal Settlement is a pet-friendly restaurant with a relaxing atmosphere surrounded by greenery and a view of the sea. Previously used as a military base, the restaurant contains several memorabilia and antiques that give a nostalgic vibe. You can enjoy your food inside the museum-like interior or in the beautiful outdoor scenery. The restaurant also allows you to bring your fur baby and have them enjoy the greenery and seaside view around the restaurant. 

You can also order their dishes and have them arranged for pick up or delivery to your address. This place is also perfect for events such as weddings and corporate events. They have an experienced event specialist that can help you customize how you want the event to look like. 

Check out The Coastal Settlement >
Address: 200, Netheravon Road, Singapore 508529
Tel.: +65 6475 0200
Facebook | Instagram

We hope that our article on the 10 Best Dog Cafés in Singapore has helped you find the dog café you are looking for! Go and have fun with their dogs or bring along your fur baby. If you’ve found this to be useful, please do share it with your family and friends, thank you!

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