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9 Noteworthy Wallpaper Stores in Singapore (2023 Edition)

Wallpapers can do amazing wonders for your home décor. With an almost endless variety of dazzling designs, tantalising textures, and dramatic effects, this versatile material can enhance the style of any room. Use it to conveniently cover imperfections on your surfaces, highlight a feature wall, or dramatically change the look and feel of your space. Looking for the best wallpaper shops in Singapore? In this issue, we compiled a list of 9 Noteworthy Wallpaper Stores in Singapore (2023 Edition) that will make your home look more personalised and sophisticated.

This article was last updated on 30 July 2023.

Table of Contents:

  • Noteworthy Wallpaper Stores in Singapore
  1. Honpo
  2. Wallhub Singapore
  3. Goodrich Global
  4. Craft Axis Wallpaper Singapore
  5. Softhome
  6. Wall.SG
  7. WallUp
  8. Hello Circus
  9. Layer Play

Noteworthy Wallpaper Stores in Singapore

1. HONPO, for creative wallpaper designs

HONPO Wallpaper Singapore

An excellent choice for stunning living spaces

HONPO is a top destination for those looking to enhance the appearance of their home and create a personalized living space. They are dedicated to providing their clients with excellent quality, style, and selection in their products and services.

With over 50 of the world’s top wallpaper brands featured in their collection, HONPO has something to cater to any design aesthetic. For those seeking a stress-free experience in purchasing and installing trendy wallpapers in their new BTO in Singapore, HONPO Wallpaper is an excellent choice. As a prominent wallpaper supplier in Singapore, HONPO Wallpaper offers a diverse range of stylish and high-quality wallpaper options to suit any preference or budget. Choose HONPO and transform your home into a stunning and unique living space.

Express your creativity with custom wallpaper designs

HONPO offers custom wallpaper designs in Singapore that provide a unique way to express your creativity. Whether you want to create a calming, minimalist look or an eye-catching, bold design, HONPO covers you. With a focus on quality, style, selection, and an expert design team that ensures every detail fits perfectly with your home decor, making it a perfect place to transform your creative vision into reality. Not only that, but HONPO also has a team that will help you to find the best wallpaper and also install it to make it a more interesting space.

HONPO Custom Wallpaper Singapore
Bring tropical vibes into your space with the Pride Palms Mural Wallpaper By HONPO
Locations: 61 Tai Seng Avenue #05-02/03/04, Print Media Hub @ Paya Lebar iPark, Singapore 534167
Tel: +65 9341 8116
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2. Wallhub Singapore, for a multitude of high-quality wallpaper designs

Wallhub - Wallpaper Stores in Singapore
Wallhub – Wallpaper Stores in Singapore

Extensive collection of stunning wallpaper designs for modern homes

Wallhub Singapore is the premier destination for discerning homeowners and design enthusiasts alike. Nestled in the heart of Singapore, this exquisite haven boasts an unparalleled collection of wallpapers that redefine luxury living. Furthermore, they are also one of the leading wallpaper stores in Singapore as they curate a diverse range of designs, from timeless classics to avant-garde inspirations, each crafted with meticulous artistry and attention to detail.

With an unwavering commitment to quality and innovation, Wallhub also showcases only the finest materials sourced globally, ensuring every creation gracing your walls tells a unique story of sophistication. With Wallhub, you can truly embark on a visual journey of luxury and style that will leave you utterly inspired.

Wallhub promo code:
Quote promo code TWVxWallhub at WallHub showrooms to get a 5% discount
Locations: Nordcom II, #01-10 Singapore 757044 (North showroom)
Oxley Bizhub 2, 62 Ubi Road 1, #01-38, Singapore 408734 (East showroom)

Tel: +65 6493 7217
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3. Goodrich Global, for luxe pattern wallpapers

Goodrich Global Wallpaper Stores in Singapore
Goodrich Global – Wallpaper Stores in Singapore

Indulge in a world of exquisite design and artistic finesse with Goodrich Global, the epitome of sophistication in the realm of interior decor. As one of the most reputable wallpaper stores in Singapore, Goodrich Global has been at the forefront of curating unparalleled collections that redefine the very essence of luxury living. Moreover, their showroom is also a treasure trove of inspiration for homeowners and designers alike, featuring a diverse range of wallpapers that exude elegance and charm.

From timeless classics to cutting-edge creations, each masterpiece is also carefully selected, ensuring they meet the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. They also promote a legacy of expertise and a commitment to excellence while allowing patrons to welcome extraordinary possibilities that lie within your walls.

Locations: 8 Changi South Lane #01-01, Singapore 486113
Tel: +65 6788 6868
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4. Craft Axis Wallpaper Singapore, for high-end Italian wallpaper

Craft Axis Wallpaper Singapore
Craft Axis – Wallpaper Store Singapore

Step into a world of creativity and craftsmanship at Craft Axis Wallpaper Singapore, where artistry and innovation converge to redefine interior spaces. As one of the leading wallpaper stores in Singapore, Craft Axis is indeed a haven for design enthusiasts seeking to infuse their homes with unique and captivating aesthetics. With a curated selection of wallpapers that showcase a harmonious blend of traditional artisanship and contemporary flair, each design also narrates a story of passion and precision.

Whether you seek to revamp a single room or transform your entire home, Craft Axis provides an immersive experience where personalized creativity meets timeless elegance. Besides this, they are even backed by a perfect 5-star rating on Google so you can expect nothing but the best from them. 

Locations: Vertex, #04-28, Tower B, 33 Ubi Ave 3, Singapore 408868
Tel: +65 6850 5035
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5. Softhome, for premium Japanese wallpaper

Softhome Singapore
Softhome – Best Wallpaper Shop Singapore

Welcome to Softhome — where design dreams come to life with a touch of elegance and sophistication. As one of the premier wallpaper stores in Singapore, Softhome is a sanctuary for homeowners and interior enthusiasts seeking to elevate their living spaces to new heights. With a curated selection of wallpapers that blend contemporary trends with timeless charm, Softhome also offers a transformative experience that showcases the perfect harmony of aesthetics and functionality.

Moreover, their team of experienced designers ensures that every creation exudes a sense of artistry and attention to detail. Whether you seek a subtle accent or a bold statement, their wide range of designs caters to diverse tastes and styles, inspiring you to reimagine your home in ways you never thought possible. Additionally, you also embark on an enchanting journey of interior inspiration and encourage you to turn your decor aspirations into breathtaking realities.

Locations: Tailoo Building, 48 Tannery Lane, #04-00, S347795
Tel: +65 9221 9632
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6. Wall.SG, for competitively priced Korean wallpaper

Wall SG Design
Wall SG – Wallpapers Singapore

Unveil a world of design wonder at WallSG, the epitome of sophistication in the realm of wallpaper stores in Singapore. As you step into their virtual showroom, you are greeted by an enchanting collection that marries timeless elegance with contemporary allure. Further, with their unwavering commitment, WallSG has become a coveted destination for discerning homeowners and interior connoisseurs alike.

From luxurious textures to mesmerizing patterns, each wallpaper indeed embodies the highest standards of artistic finesse. WallSG’s passion for creating captivating spaces is evident in their meticulous curation, also ensuring every design resonates with your individuality and style preferences. With their user-friendly platform, finding the perfect wallpaper is truly a seamless journey of inspiration. 

Locations: #03-03, 1 Genting Ln, Singapore 349544
Tel: +65 9328 2157
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7. WallUp, for exquisite Korean wallpaper



WallUp - Wallpaper Shops Singapore
WallUp – Wallpaper Shops Singapore

In business for over 20 years, WallUp undoubtedly became one of the go-to or leading wallpaper stores in Singapore. Furthermore, they also established themselves as a visionary destination for those seeking to infuse their spaces with captivating aesthetics. With an unwavering commitment, WallUp also presents an enchanting collection of wallpapers that transcends the boundaries of creativity. From timeless classics to avant-garde masterpieces, each design tells a story of meticulous craftsmanship and artistic ingenuity.

As you delve into their virtual showroom, you are also immersed in a tapestry of textures, colours, and patterns that harmonize effortlessly to reflect your distinct personality and taste. At the same time, their intuitive user interface allows them to discover the perfect wallpaper has never been more delightful. 

Locations: 23 New Industrial Road #04-07, Solstice Business Center, Singapore 536209
Tel: +65 9697 2057
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8. Hello Circus, for artsy, contemporary wallpaper

Hello Circus Wallpaper
Hello Circus – Wallpaper Singapore

Step into the whimsical world of Hello Circus, where imagination knows no bounds and design possibilities are endless. Moreover, Hello Circus is a creative haven for homeowners and interior enthusiasts seeking to infuse their spaces with a touch of magic and charm.  Furthermore, an enchanting collection of wallpapers that captivate with their artistic flair and impeccable quality.

With an array of designs that blend contemporary chic with nostalgic allure, each creation also weaves a narrative of individuality and style. Browsing through their website is akin to exploring a captivating circus, where vibrant colours and intricate patterns come alive. 

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9. Layer Play, for cute and quirky wallpaper

Layer Play
Layer Play – Wallpaper Stores Singapore

Unleash the artistry of design at Layer Play, a true gem among wallpaper stores in Singapore. Layer Play curates a stunning collection of wallpapers that transcend the ordinary and redefine the extraordinary. With a seamless blend of innovation and craftsmanship, each design also exudes sophistication and charm, leaving an indelible mark on your living spaces. As you step into their virtual realm, you are greeted with a kaleidoscope of patterns, textures, and colours, providing endless inspiration for your interior visions.

Moreover, Layer Play’s commitment to excellence shines through in every pixel, showcasing its passion for creating spaces that tell unique stories. Whether you seek contemporary chic or timeless elegance, their user-friendly website also ensures an immersive journey of discovery.

Locations: 61 Tai Seng Avenue #05-02/03/04, Print Media Hub @ Paya Lebar iPark, Singapore 534167
Tel: +65 8588 7735
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Cost Battle: Wallpaper vs Paint

For a 4-room flat, you can expect to shell out $1200-$1500 for painting services. With wallpaper, a single room would typically require 5-8 rolls of paper ranging $100-$300 each. Wallpaper shops may offer a more expensive option, but remember that they can also infuse a certain depth and warmth to a room that ordinary one-tone paint cannot provide, unless you try out Nippon Paint’s Momento Special Effects Paint.


We hope you found our wallpaper shops recommendations useful. These were probably the 9 wallpaper shops in Singapore that left the biggest impression on us in our own home renovation journey. Do drop us a message if you have any questions, or share it with your friends embarking on their home renovation journey. Hopefully it sparks some inspiration on your end!

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