25 Exhilarating Experiences you can only get from a Honeymoon in Boracay

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It is no wonder why people rave about Boracay so much – not only does summer never end here, it’s beautiful and laden with exciting experiences. Voted best island in the world by Travel + Leisure magazine in 2012, it is truly Philippines’ paradise. With gorgeous beaches, azure waters, pristine white sands and palm trees swaying in the background, it’s no surprise that you find love flocking to this island of wonder. Here are 25 exhilarating experiences that will make your Boracay honeymoon truly unforgettable. 

25 Exhilarating Experiences you can only get from a Honeymoon in Boracay

1. Jump off a cliff into clear blue waters at Ariel’s Point

Boracay honeymoon - ariel's point

This is by far one of the most popular activities in Boracay. For PHP 2,500 (USD55), you get a full day trip out to Ariels Point (boat ride included), where you can enjoy BBQ buffet lunch, free flow alcohol, snacks,and endless cliff jumping. Other activities include snorkeling and kayaking. There are different heights where you can jump from, the highest being 15 metres for the daredevils. Visit their website for more info.

2. Relax in an outdoor jacuzzi with panoramic views of the ocean. End off the night stargazing into the skies.

Boracay honeymoon - nami resorts Boracay honeymoon - nami resorts front Nami Resorts is perched atop a cliff, with suites that overlook the peaceful Diniwid Beach and vast ocean. Their outdoor jacuzzis are the bomb, as you can soak up in the tub while gazing into the sunset. Did I mention that on a clear night, the entire night sky is literally filled with stars? The perfect Boracay honeymoon.

March 2018 Advisory: Please note that Nami Resorts is currently not accepting reservations.

3. Unwind on a floating raft in the middle of the sea at Spider House

Boracay honeymoon - spider house boracay 3
Photo from Spider House
Boracay honeymoon - spider house boracay 1
Photo from kryzuy
Boracay honeymoon - spider house boracay 2
Photo from kryzuy

Spider House is a bamboo treehouse restaurant situated just below Nami Resorts at Diniwid beach. Its amusing peacefulness is contagious and tourists over the years have flocked to Spider House just to jump on that raft floating in the middle of the sea. There’s just something about this place that unleashes your inner islander self.

Spider House +63 36 288 2350 Diniwid Beach Boracay Island Aklan, Malay, Philippines 5608

4. Island Hop to the beach beaches in the world

Boracay honeymoon - island hopping

A Boracay honeymoon is not complete without an island hopping tour. Crocodile island and Puka beaches are common stops, with lunch included. Don’t worry, Crocodile island does not have crocs living on them, it’s just shaped like a crocodile.

5. Sunbathe on your own private beach at Shangri-La’s Boracay Resort & Spa

Boracay honeymoon - boracay shangri-la White Beach in Boracay can get pretty crowded especially in the evenings, leaving you no place to suntan. When you stay at Shangri-La, you can seek seclusion and privacy in the exclusive comfort of your own private beach.

Shangri-La’s Boracay Resort & Spa Barangay Yapak, Yapak, 5608 Boracay, Philippines

6. Dine (& sleep) in the treetops at Rima Restaurant in Shangri-La’s Boracay Resort & SpaBoracay honeymoon - shangri-la rima restaurant

Boracay honeymoon - shangri-la villa 2
Photos from Shangri-La’s Boracay Resort & Spa

Seek out inspired flavours of the world and italian favourites at Rima restaurant, where you dine in the treetops overlooking beautiful Boracay. Note that dress code here is resort chic. After dinner, retreat back into your luxurious hideaway.

Rima Barangay Yapak, Yapak, 5608 Boracay, Philippines (Hillside along the Tree House Villas) Operating Hours: 5.30pm – 11pm (63 36) 288 4988 ext. 6479 [email protected]

7. Chill out over famous fruit shakes at Jonah’s

Boracay honeymoon - jonah's fruit shake

Boracay honeymoon - Jonahs-Fruit-Shake
Photo from Lady Iron Chef

There is no better way to shake off the heat with a smooth mango shake. For being labeled as the “best fruit shake in Boracay”, I suppose that makes Jonah’s a must try. Though I must add that due to its poularity, you might find it a little pricey for its quantity. We found the taste pretty average. Other stalls around Boracay do serve up pretty good shakes too (for a lesser price) so don’t be too focused on Jonah’s alone.

Jonah’s Fruit Shake Station 1 Boracay 5608 Malay, Aklan White Beach Balabag, Philippines

8. Sail out into the romantic sunset on a Paraw

Boracay honeymoon - sunset sail paraw
Photo from Buffalo Trip
Boracay honeymoon - sunset paraw sailing
Photo from Elin Chow

There is no better way to celebrate your newly-wedding status than to catch a spectacular sunset on a Paraw. A must-do for any Boracay honeymoon!

9. Experience the wonders of a luxury spa in a jungle oasis at Mandala Spa & Resorts

Boracay honeymoon - mandala spa

Boracay honeymoon - mandala spa & villas
Photos from Mandala Spa & Villas

Enjoy being pampered on your Boracay honeymoon from head to toe at Mandala Spa and Resort Villas. Nominated as Asia’s Best Wellness Retreat, Mandala is the place for you to seek out true luxury and wellness. Enjoy day spas, nail spa, detox, healing arts and go all zen with yoga. We suggest that you make reservations prior to your arrival as the exclusive resort has limited daily slots available. Do check out their happy hour spa deals too!

Mandala Spa & Resort Villas (+63 36) 288 5858 or (+63 917) 634 8430, Station 3, Barangay Manoc-Manoc Boracay Island Malay Aklan, Philippines 5608

10. Sip on cocktails and party all night long at Epic or Summer Place.

Every night in Boracay is Saturday night. Along Boracay’s White Beach, you can find no shortage of exciting clubs, bars, and lounges for you to chill or go wild. Music, booze, and live bands live on this island. Check out Epic or Summer Place, the better-known clubs on Boracay island.

11. Cure hangovers with brunch at Sunny Side Cafe

Boracay honeymoon - sunny side cafe
Photo from @aeryfoulion

If you are a fan of coffee, you will be happy to know that one restaurant meets your addiction. As the only restaurant on the island serving specialty coffee roasted by The EDSA Beverage Group, it makes for a complete breakfast. Famous dishes include the Bacon & Mango Grilled Cheese Sandwich, The Sunny Side Cafe Choriburger, Espresso-Caramel Pancakes and Avocado-Bacon Smash, all of which are perfect for any time of the day.

The Sunny Side Cafe +63362882874 [email protected] Station 3 Beachfront, Boracay Sands Hotel Operating Hours: 7:00am to 10:00pm, Sundays to Saturdays (July to October hours are from 7:00am to 7:00pm only)

12. Feast over fresh seafood at D’Talipapa

Boracay honeymoon - D-Talipapa
Photo from Lady Iron Chef
Boracay honeymoon - DTalipapa
Photo from Lady Iron Chef

Here at D’Talipapa, not only do you get to taste the fresh seafood experience, your bargaining skills will also be placed on the test. You will first buy your raw seafood from the market, and find a restaurant to whip up a nice dish with it. Be wary that some stallholders will quote you exorbitant prices, so make sure to be firm on reducing the prices. Feel free to use some walk-away techniques to help you.

13. Soar through the air like an eagle on a Zipline at Fairways Resort

 Boracay honeymoon zipline
Photo from My Boracay Guide
 Boracay honeymoon fairways zipline
Photo from My Boracay Guide

Fairways is the biggest resort on the island with endless options for leisure. Here you can try this horizontal zipline that will have you flying through the skies like Superman! You can choose to go down solo or together on two separate lines or in tandem.

Fairways & Bluewater Newcoast Boracay +63 36 288 5587 | +63 917 808 9645 [email protected] | [email protected] Bo. Yapak, Brgy. Balabag, Newcoast Boracay, Malay, Aklan, 5608 Philippines

14. Ride a horse into the evening sunset on a private beach

 Boracay honeymoon fairways horseriding During our stay at Fairways Resort, I definitely was not going to miss out on horseriding. It’s suitable even for beginners as you will have an instructor guiding the horse as you ride it. After my ride around the compound (and even up some hills), I felt like my horse and I really bonded.

15. Roll around in a Zorb Ball

 Boracay honeymoon fairways zorb Brace yourself for a Zorb Ball adventure at Fairways!

16. Shop for handicrafts and snacks at D’Mall

 Boracay honeymoon dmall
Photo from Boracay Adventures
 Boracay honeymoon boracay dmall
Photo from bok27

In Boracay, D’Mall is the usual hangout for everybody! Here there are many stalls for shopping, eateries for your tummies and a supermarket for you to grab goodies back to your hotel. For dinner, head over to Smoke Resto, a local Filipino eatery that you absolutely must check out in Boracay. It serves many local delights at great prices.

Smoke Resto Boracay Station 2 D’Mall (Near Andok’s) Tel: +63 36 2886014 Daily: 24 Hours

17. Have a bite of Lechon – the must-eat local delicacy

 Boracay honeymoon lechon
Photo from Buffalo Trip

Lechon is a local delicacy in the Philippines prized for its crispy skin and flavourful meat. Though Cebu is known to have the best lechon in the Philippines, it is still worth a try in Boracay!

18. Get to be Iron Man for a day with Fly Boarding

 Boracay honeymoon boracay fly boarding
Photo from Seftencina

The latest hype is also here in Boracay. Xtreme Fun provides flyboarding that can have you flying above water!

19. Loosen up with endless water activities – parasailing, kite boarding, jet skiing, stand up paddling and canoeing

 Boracay honeymoon parasailing
Photo from World Tag

With tons of water activities just at your doorstep, your Boracay honeymoon will be nothing short of exciting.

20. Walk on the seabed with helmet diving for a unique Boracay honeymoon

 Boracay honeymoon helmet diving boracay Ever wonder what it’s like to walk on the ocean floor? Helmet diving allows you to climb down a ladder to the seabed (around 10ft. beneath the surface). Wearing the helmet allows you to breathe underwater and marvel at the colourful sea floor. Be surrounded by an abundance of tropical fish in the wonders of the ocean.

21. Be part of the underwater world – Snorkel and scuba dive in the best spots

 Boracay honeymoon Snorkeling
Photo credits to Travel Digg
 Boracay honeymoon boracay scuba diving
Photo credits to Tropical Vacations Spots

The Philippines has some really great diving spots. Time to take a dive in Boracay!

22. Get a soothing massage by the beach

 Boracay honeymoon beach massage boracay Massage in Boracay is aplenty. Along with White Beach, you can get yourself a nice relaxing massage by the ocean.

23. Be Ariel for a day at the Philippine Mermaid Swimming Academy

 Boracay honeymoon mermaid school boracay  Boracay honeymoon mermaid school boracay 2 At the Philippine Mermaid Swimming Academy, you can join a mermaid swimming course under a professional teacher. It truly will be an experience of a lifetime, with tons of photo opportunities too! What’s not to love?

At the Philippine Mermaid Swimming Academy, you can join a mermaid swimming course under a professional teacher. It truly will be an experience of a lifetime, with tons of photo opportunities too! What’s not to love?

24. Get rugged and ride an ATV around the hills

 Boracay honeymoon atv boracay Explore Boracay in a swanky ATV! At just a cheap fee starting P600 (S$17+), you get to ride an ATV around the island and even head up to some of the peaks for a nice aerial view!

25. Snack on Calamansi Muffins from Real Coffee and Tea Cafe, and grab dinner at Smoke Resto

 Boracay honeymoon calamansi muffins real coffee & tea cafe
Photo from Lady Iron Chef

These legendary muffins are the real deal. Moist, sweet and can literally take your breath away. Don’t forget to tabao some home for cravings are going to be real.

Real Coffee & Tea Cafe Boracay Station 2 2/F Sea World Tel: +63 36 2885340 Daily: 7am – 7pm

Why stop at Boracay! Head over to Cebu, El Nido, Palawan and the neighbouring islands for more adventures!

How to get to Boracay from Singapore

The nearest two airports to Boracay would be Kalibo and Caticlan (nearer airport to Boracay). The flight duration from Singapore to Kalibo is 3 hours 45 minutes, and 6 hours 15 mins from Singapore to Caticlan.

From Kalibo, you will have to take a 2-hour journey on a bus/shuttle/minivan to the port of Caticlan before taken a ferry to Boracay Island. From Caticlan airport, you will take a 5-minute trike to the port before embarking on the ferry to Boracay Island.

How to get the cheapest flights to Boracay

We used Skyscanner to get the cheapest flights to Boracay! As huge fans of the travel search engine, we never fail to find the cheapest travel dates with their price alerts and cheapest month function. It’s quick, comprehensive and best of all – free to use!

1. First, fill in the search form with your destination, date, and number of passengers.

Hit search, and let them feed you the best deals in as quick as 30 seconds! You can hit the checkbox “direct flights only” if you do not want any transit stops.

Skyscanner Boracay

2. Use their calendar/chart view to find the cheapest travel dates

This function is incredible. No longer do I need to toggle between the sites of different airlines just to find the best deals. Skyscanner has them all here listed for you (including budget airlines)! Sourcing and booking flights is so much easier now.

I managed to get a 7D6N round trip for just $144! 

Skyscanner Calendar View $144 Skyscanner Chart View $144

3. If your travel dates are fixed, hit the “Get Price Alert” feature to be notified when your flight price changes

Skyscanner Price Alert

Skyscanner Price Alert 2

This way you never miss out on a good flight deal! What are you waiting for, it’s time for your Boracay island adventure!

Click here to book your Boracay honeymoon via Skyscanner now!

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