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    12 Best Tablets in Singapore | Best of Tech 2024

    Tablets have emerged as the quintessential device, catering to a wide array of needs, both personal and professional. If you find mobile phone screens restrictive in size, a tablet presents a compelling alternative. Its larger display offers enhanced visibility and usability, making it suitable for various tasks. In today’s digital landscape, tablets are not only embraced by professionals for their productivity tools but also adored by children for entertainment and educational purposes. With a plethora of captivating features and entertainment options packed into a compact touchscreen device, tablets have become a favourite among kids, offering an immersive platform for play and cartoon watching alike. With an extensive variety of best…

  • Best Gaming Laptop Singapore
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    Best Gaming Laptops in Singapore | Best of Tech 2024

    Gaming laptops are powerful computers designed specifically for playing video games. They come in various shapes, sizes, and configurations to meet the needs of different gamers. These laptops typically feature high-performance processors, dedicated graphics cards, and ample RAM to handle the demands of modern games. With their portability, gamers can enjoy their favorite titles wherever they go, whether it’s at home, a friend’s house, or a gaming tournament.  In this Best of Tech series, we round up the 11 Best Gaming Laptops in Singapore that deliver you exceptional performance and blazing speed. For the ultimate gaming experience, check out our gaming chair, gaming desk, standing desk, gaming PC, gaming monitor,…

  • wifi mesh Singapore
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    Enjoy Seamless Connection: A Guide to the Best WiFi Mesh in Singapore (2024 Recommendation List)

    Have you experienced internet lags while having a video call while walking around your home, or perhaps lagging while playing a game at a particular spot of your home? If you do, then you may be experiencing what we call a dead zone, and you probably need WiFi mesh. WiFi Mesh is a system created to eliminate dead zones and provide stronger and continuous WiFi signals throughout your home or office. Mesh WiFi systems are composed of a router connected to your modem, with satellite modules placed around the home or office. With an extensive variety of WiFi mesh systems in the market, which is the best WiFi mesh in…

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    Best Smartwatches in Singapore | Best of Tech 2024

    Smartwatches in Singapore have become an essential tech accessory, seamlessly blending style with functionality. These wrist-worn marvels go beyond just telling time; they are miniature smart devices that sync with your smartphone, keeping you connected on the go. From tracking your fitness goals to receiving notifications and even making contactless payments, smartwatches in Singapore are your assistant on your wrist. With a sleek design and a range of features, they cater to both tech enthusiasts and those looking for a convenient way to stay organized in the bustling urban landscape of Singapore. With a wide variety of smart watches available in the market, which are the best smart watches in…