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Top 17 Things to Do on your Cebu Honeymoon

On your honeymoon trip, you may consider visiting Cebu, a province of the Philippines located Central Visayas region. The place is rich in history and diverse culture. Its prosperous port capital, Cebu City, retains landmarks from its 16th-century Spanish colonial past. The place is also rich in a religious site, especially for Christian followers. And if you’re thinking about the place to visits and activities to try on your Cebu honeymoon, don’t worry because TWV enlisted the Top 17 Things to Do on your Cebu Honeymoon.

Top 17 Things to Do on your Cebu Honeymoon

1. Basilica del Sto. Niño, for religious start for your honeymoon

Photo via Lazee Donkee

The Basilica Minore del Santo Niño de Cebu is a religious landmark in a land of Cebu. On your Cebu honeymoon better visit the site for spiritual enhancement especially if you’re a Christian follower. Founded in 1565 this historical site also offers classic ambiance for your photos. It is also the first and oldest church in the Philippines. It is also here that you will find the image of the Santo Niño de Cebu, during the expedition of Miguel LĂłpez de Legazpi. Completed from 1739-1740 it is called the “Mother and Head of all Churches in the Philippines”. Also if there’s any available time try to visit the Mactan Shrine and Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral another historical site in Cebu.

2. Magellan’s Cross and Lapu-Lapu shrine, for iconic historical spot

Photo via Cebu Travel Agency

Another site to visit on your Cebu honeymoon is the Magellan’s Cross and the Lapu-Lapu Shrine. Let start on Magellan’s Cross, is a Christian cross planted by Portuguese and Spanish explorers as ordered by Ferdinand Magellan upon arriving in Cebu on 1521. Not far from the site is the Lapu Lapu shrine. It is a 20 meters bronze statue in Punta Engaño, Cebu erected in commemoration for Lapu-Lapu. A native leader who defeated and killed Ferdinand Magellan. On you travel between the two sites stop by at the Mactan bridge. A great photo destination in Cebu that offers an amazing view.

3. Heritage of Cebu Monument, for historical flashback experience

Photo via Expedia

The venue is a  representation and illustration of sculptures depicting significant and symbolic events in the history of Cebu. The time frame of the illustration focuses on the era of Rajah Humabon to the life of the martyr, Pedro Calungsod. It was built by the famous local artist Eduardo Castrillo, and the construction started in the month of July 1997 and finish and inaugurated on December 8, 2000. Also, visit the Cebu Provincial Capitol Building, it has a stunning architecture that is perfect for photo ops.

4. Movenpick Hotel Mactan Island Cebu, for perfect Cebu experience

Photo via Erika’s Secret Closet

Stay at a place the where you can feel and the entire Cebu experience on your honeymoon. This hotel does not only offer prime accommodation. But you can surely create wonderful memories here as well. Experience  the perks of a private beach, not crowded, quiet and serene. A 5-star hotel with well-appointed fitness centre and a swimming pool. They also have a beach garden where you can stroll or hang out with your partner and create romantic memories.  For more romantic hotels and resort in Cebu check our list of Top 10 most romantic places in Cebu for your honeymoon.

5. Pescador Island, for the experience of dolphins and corals

Photo via Cebu Rent a Car

On your Cebu honeymoon don’t forget to visit the Pescador Island, an island located in the Tañon Strait, just a few kilometers from the Island of Cebu in the west. The island is teeming with marine life, its tranquil water are safe haven for dolphins. Here you can swim and check-out the dolphins up-close and personal. And for couples who have experience on diving or snorkeling, check-out their coral reefs teeming marine life.  

6. Kawasan waterfalls, for the bubble bath of your life

Photo via Terra Manna Resort

Feel the peaceful nature, in the serene water of Kawasan Falls in Badian, Cebu. A spot hidden from typical tourist in Cebu. Enjoy the natural spring water, the gentle hush falling down from heights. It’s an hour bus ride from Cebu City, located in the mountains of Barangay Matutinao, Badian. But the journey doesn’t end there, there’s also a hike uphill for about 1.5 kilometers to get there. Along the way, souvenir shops are selling accessories such as beaded necklaces, bracelets, and Kawasan print t-shirts. And if you’re looking for another waterfall destination there’s also Tumalog Falls in Cebu offering the same experience as the Kawasan Falls.

7. Sky Experience Adventure, for extreme honeymoon adventure

Photo via A Glad Diary

Take your honeymoon adventure to the extreme at Sky Experience Adventure. For couples who hate the heights better avoid this destination, but for lovers who want to test their courage over heights visit and try many different activities at Sky Experience Adventure. Touch the sky the theme offers activities such as riding their Tower Zip, or just strolling at their Skywalk Extreme. You can also sit and watch at their Edge Coaster. And if you’re looking for more extreme and heart pounding activities also try the thrills at Crown Regency also located in Cebu.

8. Badian beach, for a romantic canoeing experience

Photo via We Won’t Stop Wandering

Come and and visit Badian beach, a tucked paradise filled with wonderful sceneries along with its-its serene white sand shorelines. Stay at the resorts around the area and try many beautiful romantic activities with your partner. Such as canoeing with with your partner, paddle as you chat and reconnect in your honeymoon, while enjoying so many romantic and elegant natural sceneries.

9. Terrazas de Flores Botanical Garden, for romantic garden themed date

Photo via Issaplease

Situated on a mountainside in Malubog, Cebu City, the venue offers a very romantic scene for a date, it’s like a rendezvous in a fairy tale or a place only exist in movies. Well have the experience firsthand and feel the ambience and the elegance of having a date in one of this places. You can also visit the 10,000 Roses in Cordova for a garden theme date. Also, there’s the Celestial Garden and the Celosia Flower Farm in Sirao.

10. Sardine Island in Moalboal, Cebu, for the ultimate diving experience

Photo via Miked’s Travel PH
Photo via Fun & Sun Dive Travel

The first thing you need to do upon arriving on the island is settle things up for a diving. For couples who have experienced and looking forward to an ultimate diving. Do not cross out this activity on the list. Do a sardine run and swim along with over 1 million sardines surrounding you. An absolutely amazing sight awaits for you lovers.

11. Osmeña Peak, for the ultimate climb of your life

Photo via Thirstythought

From down under to so above place, climb and experience the moment with your partner on the highest peak on Cebu upon climbing the Osmeña Peak.standing 1,013 meters above sea level it this will be a challenging honeymoon date for both of you partner that require skills and great amount of courage. Also if you’re looking forward to climb other high peaks in Cebu, there’s also the Sirao Peak. You can also hike the Mount Babag for another challenging trek.

12. Colon Street, for the old era street experience

Photo via Holapino Adventures

Walk and have a romantic stroll on the street that will take you back in time, a street that is so old looking you can feel the ambience of an old era romance, all at Colon Street in the Downtown. It is the shortest national road in the Philippines. And was once the center of Cebu City’s shopping and business activity. In 2006, the Cebu City Council proposed a plan to close parts of Colon street from vehicular traffic and convert it to a tourism zone.

13. Mango Square, for Cebu nightlife experience

Photo via Shirosekai

Have an ultimate hangover experience on your honeymoon. And enjoy the amusing nightlife at Mango Square in Cebu. Located on the edge of Downtown and just moments away from the iconic Fuente Circle. It the center for party destination for both locals and tourists. Every day of the week the nightlife party in the area is always alive so you can go there any time when the sun’s go down. Bars and pubs are everywhere on mango street. You can either start or finish the nightlife here.

14. Eat Cebu Lechon and BBQ at Larsian, for the taste of local food trip

Photo via Beyond Cebu

Indulge in a romantic dinner on local delicacies of Cebu, experience and feel the taste of Cebu Lechon. Also visit the Larsian, and savour in their BBQ specialty. It is been proved that whoever you are or wherever you came from, everybody loves Larsian. It is cheap but the quality and taste are lavish. This experience will definitely take you to another level of dinner date romance. A one unforgettable one.

15. Fort San Pedro, for a Spanish era ambiance

Photo via Cebu Barkada

Also on your trip in Cebu check-out the classic era ambience of the Fort San Pedro also known as the Fuerte de San Pedro. It’s an old military garrison dating back in the colonial Spanish era. The original structure was built using woods, but since the expedition of  Miguel LĂłpez de Legazpi. The structure has turned into stone and concretes. It is the oldest triangular bastion fort in the country, dating back 1738 since its renovation.

16. The Taoist Temple, for iconic beauty

Photo via Cebu Tours

Located in Beverly Hills Subdivision in Cebu City the place is built by the by Cebu’s substantial Chinese community in 1972. With an elevation of 300 metres above sea level, the temple is a towering, multi-tiered, multi-hued attraction in Cebu. Another amazing thing about the temple is that it’s open for both believers and non-believers. And if you’re looking forward to visit another temple in Cebu go see Temple of Leah in Busay.

17. Taboan Market, for memorabilia and local delicacy shops

Photo via

Before your Cebu honeymoon ends, better shop for so-called “pasalubongs” and memorabilia of your honeymoon trip. And the best place to get this is at Taboan Market in Cebu. It’s the place to shop for local delicacies and memorabilia. Some of the local delicacies being sold there are dried spine foot or rabbitfish, which is popularly known as the dangit. This dried salted fish is typically fried and served together with rice and vinegar.

I hope our list of “Top 17 Things to Do on your Cebu Honeymoon” able to help you on your honeymoon trip in Cebu. Enjoy your entire honeymoon and better if you try all the things on the list to experience the full potential of Cebu.

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