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Creative Wedding Montages by Dave Portraits

Your wedding montage is a classic way to reliving the past milestones in your childhood and growing up days. It also shares the journey of how you both got to meet, fall in love and get married. It is a beautiful story to share with your guests, who are definitely eager to know the full story. Your family and you will get to recap and reminicse the past 20 over years of your life. As beautiful as wedding montages are, it takes a lot of time and effort to do it up yourself. Time of which you will be hard pressed for as there are many other preparations to take care of. For your wedding montagee, you will have to find and select suitable photos, edit the video and time it to good music. It can literally take you months of hard work! We knew how significant it was to have a wedding montage at our wedding, but it felt long and dreadful with so many tasks piling up on the side. It was a frustrating experience trying to DIY our own as not everyone has superb video editing skills. We knew it was time to find someone to help us, and were delighted to have found Dave Portraits. Check out our wedding montages below!

Beautifully Crafted Wedding Montages

Dave Portraits is a creator of beautiful montages, crafted to tell stories to your guests. Our montage aired pictures of each our childhoods and how we grew up to meet each other in university and dated to the day Matt proposed. Apart from montages, they also have a range of other services, for photography, videography, editing, design and courses.

My Favourite by Dave Portraits

Beautiful Montages

The montages that Dave Portraits create have beautiful effects. Unlike the usual boring slideshow type of animation in Powerpoint, our photos were introduced into the screen with various nice borders and backgrounds. As such, every montage made is uniquely yours. The royalty free music that Dave Portraits inserted into the montage were very nice tracks had great timing and captured the mood well. In addition, as we only had print copies of our childhood photos, Dave Portraits had them all scanned into digital copies for us. Despite some photos were of lower quality, Dave Portraits had them all edited to be of higher quality such that it would not be pixelated when blown up on the large screen.

Efficient & Accommodating Service

Working with Dave Portraits was a blessing as they were very efficient in the way they handled their projects. As we were rushing out many other tasks, we sometimes got back late in terms of our revision requests. Despite the tight time frame, Dave Portraits was always very prompt in their replies and helped us to rush out the montages in time for our wedding day. In addition, they were very accommodating to the changes that we requested for, and generously gave us multiple revisions.

Reasonable Prices

Apart from the great service and beautiful work, Dave Portraits strive to help couples out there to the best they can, yet at the same time believing in charging reasonable prices that are affordable to all. As a home based business, they aim to keep their costs low so that they can pass the savings on to their clients. Refer here for rates.

A Convenient Experience

It was very fuss free and convenient to have our montages all done by Dave Portraits, which was a huge time and effort saver. All discussion was made over email, printed physical copies were couriered over and we could easily download our videos with a link. The entire process was very smooth and efficiently managed by Dave Portraits, and especially helpful for busy couples. If you are looking for a beautiful wedding montage that is uniquely crafted for your wedding day, be sure to check out Dave Portraits. View his past works here.

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