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Top 10 Wedding Photoshoot Locations in the Philippines

Location is an important part of a pre-wedding photoshoot. This is where the all the action takes place. There are plenty of places that you can go to for your pictorial. You can have it in a place that’s memorable to the both of you —like the restaurant where you went on your first date or maybe the park where the proposal took place. If you are looking for a great location for your pre-wedding photoshoot in the Philippines, then you’ve got your work cut out for you because there are plenty of postcard-perfect places in the country. Don’t fret though! TWV has compiled a list of the Top 10 wedding photoshoot Locations in the Philippines that can help you out:

1. Batanes, for a Rustic Setting

Blair-Ivy-Batanes-Esesh-06 Photo Credits: Bride and Breakfast Situated in the Cagayan Valley Region, Batanes is probably one of the most captivating places in the Philippines. It is the smallest —both in population and size— province in the country. It offers a majestic view of both the bodies of land and water that surrounds the place and is covered with lush greenery. In addition to that, Batanes still has quite a few remnants of the Spanish colony that is very much noticeable on its century old churches and bridge. Its picturesque backdrop combined with it’s cozy and natural ambiance makes the place perfectly ideal for a pre-wedding photoshoot. We suggest that you take your photos around Tukon Chapel, a small stone church on top of a hill that has fascinating murals on the ceiling.

2. Vigan City, for a Touch of the Past

(2) Vigan (2) Vigan 2 Photo Credits: RockPaperScissors Photography Vigan is the best place to visit in the Philippines if you are planning a vintage-theme engagement photoshoot. Located in the province of Ilocos Sur, it is considered to be unique among the towns in the Philippines because it is the only surviving historic city that dates back to the 16th century Spanish colonial period. In fact, UNESCO deemed this town as a world heritage site. You should most definitely stop by Calle Crisologo and take some snaps there. With its cobblestone streets and rustic mansions, you will surely feel like you’ve been transported back in time. You can also enjoy riding a kalesa —a horse-drawn carriage— and visit St. Paul’s Metropolitan Cathedral.

3. Ilocos Norte, for Unique Rock Formation

(3) Ilocos Norte 3
Photo Credits: Rio Jones Photography

Located in the southwest corner of Luzon, Ilocos Norte is about 488 kilometers away from Manila —the capital city of the Philippines. Aside from being an important part of the country’s political history, the province is jaw-dropping for its lovely churches, amazing windmill farm, deep aquamarine-colored seas, rugged mountains and hidden waterfalls. Ilocos Norte is actually a coastal province, so expect to see different colours of sand there —black in Laoag, brown in Currimao and white in Pagudpud. We suggest that you have your pre-wedding photoshoot at the Kapurpurawan Rock Formation because the naturally sculpted white rocks found in that area would add a more dramatic touch to your photos. You can check the beaches in Pagudpud, which are lined with a rocky shore.

4. Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar, for a Story Book Feel

La Casas Filipinas de Acuzar
Photo Credits: Bride and Breakfast

You’ll probably feel like you’ve stepped in a fairy tale that’s set in the 18th-century Philippines once you enter Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar. Located in Bagac, Bataan, this 400-hectare heritage resort and open-air museum feature a collection of over 27 buildings and stone houses that is reminiscent of the architecture during the Spanish regime. What’s interesting is that those buildings aren’t just replicas. They were actual houses that were dismantled, numbered, transported and rebuilt in the resort.

If you wish to add a touch of old world charm to your engagement photos, then Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar is the perfect location for you. Its rustic interiors and the building’s impressive architecture can easily add a timeless and classic feel to your photos.

Las Casas Filipina de Acuzar

Brgy. Ibaba, Bagac, Bataan 2107, Philippines
+63 2 332 5338 | +63 2 332 5286 +63 2 877 4501 | +63 2 877 4502
Facebook | Instagram

5. Manila Yacht Club, for a Luxurious Nautical-Inspired Photoshoot

(5) Manial Yatcht Club 2 (5) Manial Yatcht Club Photo Credits: Benjie Tiongco Wedding Photography

Have you ever watched the movie Titanic? Don’t you just love how glamorous (minus the sinking-part) the setting of the film was? If so, why don’t you recreate it for your engagement photoshoot? You and your loved one can channel Rose and Jack’s true love for your sea voyage-inspired photoshoot. You can even have it at the Manila Yacht Club, the oldest sailing hub in Southeast Asia. Located in Manila Bay, this members-only yacht club offers a splendid view of the vast ocean and the iconic sunset, providing a great background for your photos.

Manila Yatcht Club Logo

Malate, Manila, Metro Manila
(02) 525 8857

6. Wawa Dam, Montalban Rizal, for Picturesque Scenery Photo Credits: Benjie Tingco Photography

Just one-hour and thirty minutes away from Manila is Wawa Dam, a gravity dam constructed over the Marikina River. Also known as Montalban Dam, it was constructed in 1909 to provide water needs for the residents of Manila. It was later abandoned when Angat Dam was constructed. Wawa Dam has now been reconstructed and has become a known tourist destination in the province of Rizal. What we love about Wawa Dam is its crystal-clear flowing water, as it can easily add drama to your photos. Plus, the place is also surrounded by extremely large boulders and tall mountains, which makes the place an awesome background for photos.

7. Mt. Pinatubo, for Breathtaking Views

(7) Mount Pinatubo 1 (7) Mount Pinatubo 2 Photo Credits: CamZar Photography

Over the time, Mt. Pinatubo has earned the label “beautiful disaster” due to some of its wonders being formed after its eruption (such as the caldera and Lake Pinatubo). The amazing landscape around the volcano has become a tourist attraction over the years. Mt. Pinatubo is a great place for an engagement photoshoot, if you don’t mind trekking or riding a 4×4 jeepney. The boulders and the bodies of the land that surrounds the area can easily add texture to your photos. This is also a great location for couples who enjoy Mother Nature and the great outdoors.

8. Pinto Art Museum, for Modern Art and Enchanting Gardens

(8) Pinto Art Museum (Photo Credits - Neilwin Uy Photography)
Photo Credits: Nelwin Uy Photography

Pinto Art Museum, located in Antipolo, Rizal, would make a great location for your pre-wedding photoshoot, especially if you are planning on having an art-inspired theme or an enchanted garden feel.  This beautiful modern art museum houses over 300 paintings, installations and sculptures in open-air Mediterranean-inspired villas. Aside from that, it also has well-manicured gardens that are covered with sculptures and landscaped greens.

1 Sierra Madre Street, Grand Heights, 1870 Antipolo, Philippines
(02) 697 1015

9. Boracay, for a Tropical Paradise

beach-prenup-engagement-tip-1d beach-prenup-engagement-tip-1e Photo Credits:Love Train Studios

Bocaray is not just famous in the Philippines, but also around the world for its dreamy white sand beaches, glassy-smooth waters and glorious sunsets. In fact, the island paradise is considered as a top tourist destination by plenty of vacationers. A pre-wedding photoshoot at the beaches of Boracay is a great idea, especially if you are going for a more laid-back and carefree style, but at the same time, lovely and charming. In addition to that, you’ll surely feel like you’re on a  vacation, and not on a pre-wedding pictorial, as a trip to Boracay is the epitome of summer in the Philippines.

10. Palawan, for Unspoiled Natural BeautyPalawan 2

Photo Credits: Metrophoto

The island province of Palawan is one of the most breathtaking provinces in the country. This is probably because of its pristine beaches, clear rivers and mountains that are all covered by lush trees. What’s great about Palawan is that there are plenty of options for photoshoot locations, as each island in the island has different things to offer. For once, the Coron has stunning limestone cliffs, white sand beaches and picturesque lagoons and lakes.


National Museum

National Museum
Photo Credits: Bride and Breakfast

The National Museum is another great location for an art inspired engagement photoshoot. It is a home to hundreds of artworks and artifacts that embody the culture and heritage of the Philippines. It also has a luxurious facade that can make your photos look extra elegant.

(8) National Musem
P. Burgos Drive, Rizal Park, Manila
527 1216 │ 527 0278

Mt. Pico de Loro’s Monolith

Mt Pico De Loro Monolith
Photo Credits: Trail Adventours

Mt Pico de Loro is a dominant volcano located in Luzon. At the summit of the mountain is a monolith that is referred to as the Parrot’s beak, which serves as a great location for pre-wedding photoshoots. It offers a breathtaking view that would make great backdrops, especially if you don’t mind the trek. Hopefully this list of the Top 10 Wedding Photoshoot Locations in the Philippines was somehow helpful to you.


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