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Top 10 Most Romantic Destination Weddings in India

A romantic destination is a must for your special day. It’s a day to remember, and so you must pull up the most romantic rendezvous you can have. We give you the best and only the best places where you can execute your wedding with the most photogenic places. Be amaze and make special memories with your loved ones. India is a place of diversity and culture so you can expect many breathtaking historical places, but it’s more than that. We will bring you the list of places where romance will spark in your hearts. Keep your romance burning, search a perfect place of your choice here at our list of Top 10 Most Romantic Destination Weddings in India.

Top 10 Most Romantic Destination Weddings in India

10. Fort-Palace Neermana, for historically themed wedding

Build in 1464, Neermana Fort-Palace became the third capital of the descendants of Prithviraj Chauhan III, who had fled Delhi in 1192.  For couples looking for a bygone era wedding, this place will be perfect for you. Don’t be fooled, it may look old and crumbling but inside is filled with modern convenience and luxury. Go and visit the place and checked it yourself. Enjoy the elevated view of the plains below while strolling at the garden where classic elegance is overflowing. The old looking palace will give you the taste of having a wedding in the old age era. Bring back the romantic essence from hundreds of years ago upon having your destination wedding over at the Fort-Palace.

Fort-Palace Neermana
122nd Milestone, Delhi-Jaipur Highway, Alwar, Neemrana, Rajasthan 301705, India
+91 95878 85001

9. Jaipur, for a place paradise wedding destination

Photo Credit: Raj Palace
Photo Credit: Samode Palace

They called it the pink city of India, the place is perfect for couples who are looking to feel like queen and kings in their wedding season. Jaipur is a place which is overwhelming in Palace like hotels where you can live like kings and queens on your special day. This romantic destination not only lures local Indians who want a romantic rendezvous for their wedding day. It is also a place where Hollywood stars take a break from their demanding careers. A place which is rich in Heritage and beauty, a place that completes festive ideas and venue choices. Settle your romantic wedding season here at Jaipur to experience becoming a royalty on your very special day.

8. Shimla, for a highland Himalayan romance

Photo Credit:
Photo Credit: Oberoi Hotels

Get a romantic friction, heat up the cold weather as the frozen breath coming out from your heaving moist your brides face.  Do it on a cold highland in a small town in the Himalayas called Shimla where the cold weather meets the hot season of romance on your special day. This icy romantic rendezvous for your wedding period will lit-up an ember in your romance as the breathtaking highland view of the surroundings take the over your body. A truly amazing place, that brings the heaven upon you. You may think this place is only for people who have developed a high tolerance for cold. But it’s not. You can visit the place without the snow-white paradise covering the entire highland. Feel the panoramic mountain views covered in green lashes and high-standing trees on summers. Brace yourself in the relaxing boost it will bring to your body.

7. Kerala, for a romance in “Gods own Country”

Photo Credit: Kumarakom Lake Resort
Photo Credit: The Zuri Hotel

French kiss your bride on a bench beside a lake as the sound of a romantic flow of lake water flashes through your ears. Have a romantic walked on the beach barefoot, holding hands, while throwing some random meaningful smacks to your partner as the sounds of waves crashing on the shores message the romantic sensation. The simplicity of the moment glamour’s each other’s mood for romance. Whether in the lakesides or in the beaches, places where you can create romantic moments are unlimited. “Welcome to Kerala” as you enter the place, filled with romantic lakeside resorts and blessed with exquisite beaches. Named as “Gods own Country” expect the divinity in the beauty that offered by the gods to light-up the romance of couples who dares to experience the one of a kind beauty.

6. Jodhpur, for eternal romance gateway

Photo Credit: RAAS
Photo Credit: Vivanta

Make romance in place the ancient called gateway to the mysterious land of boundless sands. As every grain of sands, every dust, represent the timeless moments you make with your loved ones. Explore and let your fingertips feel the echoes of the ancients in the wall of historic structures and building settled to mark the land where the endless starts. As your romance starts here and your wedding day unfolds, endless forever awaits beyond the unknown. Jodhpur, a historic place who holds many historic landmarks. It’s a romantic place where history, scenic places runs along with the radiance of magnificence that will give you a time transcending experience for your wedding day. It holds the key for a wedding destination that is one for the books.

5. Mussoorie, for romantic a top wedding venue

Photo Credit: Ramitbatra

Feel the gentle highland breeze on your face while exchanging “I do’s”. In the place where the great Himalayan mountain range stand witness to your special day. This epic moment will be monumental upon setting your wedding day at Mussoorie. The place is filled with magnificent hills views along with breathtaking mountain sunsets. The uplifting romance brought by the ambiance and the amazing weather of the place will make high in love. The place offers multiple options for highland dates. Finish your whisky or wine in grass covered hill while serenading your love with an acoustic guitar in a front of a romantic bonfire. And as the fire died out lay-down at the green grass and watch the transcending view of the Milky Way above as the million stars watched over both you. A place filled with romantic venues, scenes and structures. A pure romance adventure awaits you.

4. Agra, for a place that resembles true love

Photo Credit: Amos Chapple
Photo Credit: Oberoi Hotel

In a place where a monument is built as an offering for true love, there’s a couple tying knots. While looking at the monument  brings tears of joy running through her beautiful face. Sensation of excitement for the new chapter of his life ablaze and love is the fuel. The monument stands there carrying a promise of eternity to its fellow admirers of true love. Agra holds the place where Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal manifest their passionate love. As the prestige Taj Mahal Temple was build. Feel the aura of eternal love all over the place upon conducting the most romantic scene you and your partner will share. Your wedding period will be overwhelming with love as echoes of your ”I Do’s” will be forever be embedded in the walls of Taj Mahal. An exotic, grand and historic wedding awaits for your visit in Agra, historic cities that symbolizes love for all times.

3. Hyderabad, for royal historic wedding destination

Photo Credit: Taj Falaknuma Palace
Photo Credit: Golconda Fort

Feel the energy of the past on your special day, in places where kings and queens once lived. This historic romance situation you will get to experience is all in the Hyderabad. An area where majestic aura lurks. Feel the grand palaces and historic forts where the ancient elites used to roam. The city of Pearls & the home of the Nizam welcomes you on your romantic journey. Upon your adventure better to visit the most pristine palace in the area, the place they called Falaknuma Palace. A property bears a great deal of historical value that defines the whole region. This wedding destination is perfect for pre-wedding photographs as it carries a natural beauty embedded in its structure and architecture along with its rich historical value. The palace also houses most expensive and rare furnitures in history, including Venetian chandeliers, painting, statues, manuscripts, books, carved balustrades and the rarest collections of jade in the world. An exquisite top notched paradise where class and history collides.

2. Udaipur, for fairy tale paradise wedding venue

Photo Credit: Taj Lake Palace
Photo Credit: The Lalit Laxmi Vilas Palace

As your innocence run through your veins as a child there was a time where you closed your eyes, dreamed about dancing with a prince charming. You’re dressed in a beautiful gown while dancing in a romantic ballad. In a place where roses are gleaming, in a garden full of wonderful things, beside the garden is a palace. As the romance overpower the ambiance of the whole place, you woke up and you’re a grown up getting married in the same place you thought only existed in dreams. Breaking the illusions and bringing you the reality of a fairytale-themed wedding venue is offered by Udaipur as the place is plotted with many kinds of gorgeous places where you can live like kings and queens on your special day. Dance that romantic beat on your first dance with your spouse. Fulfill the dream of your inner child with unforgettable experience it deserves. You can take water routes on your romantic strolls cause the place is teeming with crystal clear lakes. Where the reflection of both of you will make you realize how compatible you are with each other. A wedding destination is something that you will not be able to do anywhere else in India.

1. Goa, for eternal romantic wedding memories

Photo Credit: Taj Exotica
Photo Credit: Casa Britona

Open your eyes in the calm morning hearing the exhales of seagulls hum. As your energy come to you for your special day, take a moment by savoring the view of the natural beauty offered in Goa’s beaches and shorelines. It must be a dream as you said in yourself, but it’s not. It’s the reality covered in romance as a new chapter in your life unfolds. A place perfect for positive vibes as greats of wedding echoes in the shorelines. Beautiful and photogenic landscapes are waiting to be captured in camera. The place is portioned by Portuguese architecture, perfect for wedding monumental photographs. There are also sceneries of green mountains and lush natural forest. So if you’re planning to put up multiple photo albums in different themes and scenes of your wedding period Goa is the place to go. And after exhausting all your energy on your special day, sit back relax and watch the breathtaking view of sunset in the shoreline or even at the balcony of your hotel suite, while indulging in a very romantic dinner with your partner. And as you look at the infinite horizon of the ocean you know that your love for each other is infinite as well. A truly wedding destination that will be embedded in your memories forever.


Rishikesh, for religious riverside venue

Photo Credit: Hotel Ganga Kinare
Photo Credit: Aloha On The Ganges

Occupy the presence of peace and serenity in the midst of your wedding ceremony with nothing but the peaceful flow of the river whispering through your ears. Look up as a new chapter in your life unfolds, and you will see clear blue skies, mountain ranges covered in greens. That reflects on a peaceful and abundant life you will face ahead of you. A peaceful romantic place that will lure you to come back. This addicting aura flow in the Rishikesh is brought by the religious communities scattered all over the region. Temples and traditional wedding ceremonies are conducted in some places in Rishikesh. So you can tell people here like to live the classic lifestyle. Have a wedding season that is covered in the quiet, calm and peaceful aura that will truly heal the mind and soul and everyone involved.

Bangalore, for luxurious wedding ambiance

Photo Credit:
Photo Credit: Wedding Okay

Feel like a person who just been bathed by riches of gold and diamonds on your special day. Act like a royalty who owns a palace in the middle of the city. Chins up, and drive that luxurious looking dress like true royalty do. And in the middle of the palace grounds where people are cheering, saying and congratulation’s, release that attitude that defines a true royal. No, it’s not arrogance you’re just expressing how a royalty works because on your special day you’re both the kings and queens of the moment. Feel the luxurious beat of romance as you enter a new chapter of your life in the IT capital of India. Bangalore offers a multitude of luxury venues that will suit your royal-themed pre-wedding photography. Find grandness in the middle of palace grounds as you savor the specially-romantic moment of your life.

Lavasa, for a mysterious-themed wedding destination

Photo Credit: lavasablog

In the valley where mist and fog define romance. Calm and serenity overwhelmed the area, along with its quiet nature. A perfect venue that blends thrill and romance. Have mysterious-themed images you will reminisce in the future. For couples who enjoys odd things and out-of-the-box ideas, this place suits you. Express your unique personality in a mind-blowing manner. By picking a wedding destination that defines who you really are. Tie knots and forever be in love. Lavasa, a place where simplicity meets mysterious beauty. Get romantic dates and hang out with your love ones in the scenic places the venue has to offer. Take in the romantic views of marvelous hills and cliffs covered in green lushes, ravishing bodies of water and stunning waterfronts. For couples who fall in love in mysterious ways. And has common traits as nature enthusiast. You will definitely enjoy your wedding destination at Lavasa.

Pushkar, for temples and religious wedding venue

Photo Credit: Creative Commons
Photo Credit:

Close your eyes, pray, deeply meditate, call for the gods’ name and ask for their blessings. As the divines witnessed the day two people leave as one. Get the divine blessing in the ceremony that ties one soul to another, a ceremony that brings two different people as one. Do this at Pushkar, where temples that represent as sanctuaries for the divine souls are everywhere. For couples who both have families that are very religious, try having your wedding destination at the Pushkar. This will be a faithful week for you as the divine romance starts to replenish and subtle your entire soul. Took romantic photos at the Pushkar Lake, as well at the top of Savitri Temple where you can enjoy the panoramic view of the entire town. Also, don’t forget to visit the Pushkar Palace where the scenic views of the lake and brownish-green hills on the other side is waiting.

Gujarat, for all-majestic wedding destination

Photo Credit: worldbeautifullandmarks.blogspot
Photo Credit: Skyscrapper City

Explore majestic temples, incredible forts, and unbelievable landmarks that will blow your mind. Ready a high definition camera and arm yourself with defining camera angles as you embarked on a hunt for the best pre-wedding photograph in the paradise filled with breath-taking sceneries and structures. There are so many amazing things about Gujarat, especially their glorious collection of landmarks. The rich history of the place will be a great asset is your aiming a quality wedding. It’s an exquisite destination that brings the elegant atmosphere into you. Aside from that, you can leave like royals in your special day in the palaces situated around Gujarat. The exquisite vibrancy produced by the place and the landmarks will make your special day memorable.

I hope our list of Top 10 Most Romantic Destination Weddings in India helped you pick and the most compelling wedding destination of your choice.  Keep in mind that when selecting a wedding destination, your friends and family are also part of the ceremony so you might consider taking suggestions from them as well.

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