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10 Best Shops for Lab-Grown Diamonds & Diamond Simulants in Singapore (2023)

Picking a diamond is a big decision. Whether you’re buying a pair of earrings or an engagement ring, you’ll always want to get it right. But what if you can’t afford diamond jewellery or you’d simply like one that carries more meaning than a traditional diamond? Then a diamond alternative might be just what you’re looking for! There are many alternatives to a natural diamond that offer excellent value at a much more reasonable price point, like lab-grown & simulated diamonds. So, we’ve laid out the 10 Best Shops for Lab-Grown Diamonds & Diamond Simulants in Singapore to give some tips on where and how to get your next jewellery!

This article was last updated on 14 July 2023.

Table of contents 

  • What are lab-grown diamonds & diamond simulants?
    1. Lab-grown Diamonds
    2. Diamond Simulants


Lab-Grown Diamonds vs Diamond Simulants

What is a lab-grown diamond?

lab-grown diamonds
Image credit: Centrestone Jewellery Insurance (

Lab-grown diamonds, also known as synthetic or cultured diamonds, are gaining popularity in recent days since they have the same physical, chemical, and optical properties as mined diamonds. They are made in a lab in contrast to being formed under the ground.  In fact, industry experts can hardly tell the difference without special equipment that scans for patterns and impurities.

Now, how would you know if a lab-grown diamond is the one for you? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons.


  • The price is one big benefit of lab-grown diamonds. They are much cheaper than their earth counterparts, about 10 to 30 percent less than a natural diamond of similar size, color, and clarity.
  • While it hasn’t been fully studied yet, lab-grown diamonds are most often cited as environmentally sustainable, since it takes less energy to grow a diamond in the lab. Plus, they don’t require mining, which degrades the environment and often puts workers in dangerous or unsanitary conditions. 
  • Lab-grown diamonds are ethically sourced. The issue with “blood diamonds” and “uncut gems” is extremely etched in many consumer’s minds. From child labor practices to human rights violations, diamond mining delivers both controversy and conflict. So it is reassuring to know that with lab-grown diamonds, you can be confident that your gem did not support wars or exploitation in any way.


  • Lab-made diamonds are not as bizarre as natural diamonds are. Each traditionally mined diamond is a unique work of nature’s art, while lab-grown diamonds are mass-produced in factories. A diamond’s mystery and charm may be affected because of this.
  • Just as lab-grown diamonds support ethical sourcing, they also take jobs away from workforces and laborers. A diamond mine is a huge profit to the economy of the host country when run responsibly, so the jobs and income that the mine brings can help many people from poverty.
  • Many people still don’t fully understand what a lab-grown diamond is. Due to common misinformation about them, people might think you’ll be getting a fake diamond instead of the real thing.

What is a diamond simulant?

Are simulated diamonds and synthetic diamonds the same? Definitely not! Simulated diamonds—or diamond simulants—can be gorgeous but they don’t possess the chemical and physical properties of actual diamonds. Simply put, lab-grown diamonds are real diamonds, while simulated diamonds are not. Although the difference is simple, it still confuses a lot of people. But if you’re unsure whether a seller is misrepresenting a simulated diamond as a synthetic, then you have to look out for the price tag especially if it’s unusually low.

If you’re considering a diamond simulant, read our short guide of the most popular diamond simulants:

Cubic Zirconia (CZ)

cz simulant
Image credit: (

Cubic zirconia is one of the most popular diamond simulants and is often regarded as an inexpensive diamond alternative. However, it is less durable and can discolor over time, unlike real diamonds.

Synthetic Moissanite

moissanite stone
Image credit: (

Moissanite offers refractive qualities better than the majority of diamonds, but it’s extremely rare. Because of this, scientists and experts found a way to grow Moissanite in a lab using tiny silicon carbide crystals under pressurized heat to create a synthetic one. As a result, synthetic Moissanite is almost as durable as a real diamond. It’s also a plus that this gemstone looks almost identical to an actual diamond!

White Sapphire

white sapphire stone
Image credit: (

Although blue is the most sought sapphire stone, it also comes in many colors. White or colorless sapphire is often used as a diamond alternative. It looks very close to a diamond, although it differs in terms of hardness, durability, and refraction. Moreover, white sapphire is prone to scratches since it is four times less hard than an actual diamond. Despite its difference from a real diamond, natural colourless sapphire is a relatively affordable gem if you’re looking for a natural stone!

Now that you’ve been briefed about these diamond alternatives, the best option relies on your decision alone. Whether you’re searching for a lab-grown or a simulated diamond, you can use our shopping recommendations below to make sure you’ll be getting high-quality gems.

10 Best Shops for Lab-Grown Diamonds & Diamond Simulants in Singapore

Lab-Grown Diamond Stores

1. SK Jewellery

SK Jewellery - Best Shops for Lab-Grown Diamonds & Diamond Simulants in Singapore

Exquisite range of sparkling diamond jewellery

Everyone deserves to shine. With this belief, SK Jewellery strives to create pieces of jewellery that are meaningfully conceptualised and beautifully crafted. From rings, earrings, and necklaces to diamond bracelets and 916 and 999 gold bangles  – SK Jewellery’s extensive range of exquisite pieces will surely embrace your unique life stories with a timeless touch of glimmer. Established in 2003, SK Jewellery has become an industry leader in 999 Pure Gold Jewellery. Today, they are also known for their beautiful, glimmering diamond jewellery collections, including those made from lab-grown diamonds. 

What’s great about lab grown diamonds from SK Jewellery is that they are affordable and ethical without compromising brilliance. You can now get a bigger diamond with a bigger carat for your budget! There is a wide range of shapes (choose from Fancy, Halo, Pavé, Classic solitaire) and colours available – such as pink and blue diamond, And with SK Jewellery’s latest ground-breaking creation, the AllStar Diamond – indeed,  you will shine.

Star of all diamonds 

Inspired by the beauty of the twinkling stars dotting the night sky, the AllStar Diamond is designed to shine brilliantly under any light condition. It boasts 101 facets, with 10 hearts and 10 arrows, achieving the highest possible 3-star rating on the Sarine Light performance. It is unlike any other – uncontested in the realm of bright and colourless diamonds. Click here to know more about the AllStar Diamond. 

Thoughtfully crafted and unique

What’s also special about SK Jewellery is how they are dedicated to creating never-before-seen, ground-breaking jewellery collections. They work with the most experienced craftsmen and design jewellery with contemporary sensibilities for the modern woman. We are especially in awe of The Duet AllStar Diamond Ring and The Signature II AllStar Diamond Ring

Learn more about AllStar Diamond here

  SK Jewellery

Instagram | Facebook | Website

2. Goldheart Star Lab

Goldheart Star Lab - Best Shops for Lab-Grown Diamonds & Diamond Simulants in Singapore


Cutting Edge Exquisiteness

As one of the leading jewellery brands in Singapore, Goldheart offers women fine jewellery that celebrates independence and individuality. Created using cutting-edge technology, Star Lab by Goldheart is a collection of lab-grown diamonds that are indistinguishable from mined diamonds when compared with the naked eye. A dance between art and science, they have the same chemical, physical, and optical characteristics as mined diamonds. Furthermore, Star Lab diamonds are IGI-certified! You can now get the diamond’s signature sparkle down to a science.

Something for everyone

The Star Lab collection is highly desirable – showcasing an extensive range of jewellery designs, you are sure to find something that caters to your taste and budget.  Whether you are looking for rings, pendants, earrings, or tennis bracelets, each design evokes a timeless sparkle in a diamond. Star Lab diamond colours range from D to K, while the cuts and grades vary depending on your preference. There is something for everyone, so you can be assured that you will get your desired brilliance and design at very attractive prices

Shop with ease

Goldheart is one of the largest jewellery retailers in Singapore, with 18 jewellery boutiques located at all major shopping malls across the island, so shopping will be a breeze. You can even see the actual brilliance of the lab-grown diamonds for yourself. For your utmost convenience, you may also opt to shop on their e-Boutique, Shopee and Lazada. The best part? Online exclusive deals await!

Discover desired brilliance with Star Lab >> 
Read more about Star Lab’s lab-grown diamonds here >


Goldheart Jewelry  | 3129 7488
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3. Lee Hwa Jewellery

Lee Hwa Jewellery Pte Ltd - Best Shops for Lab-Grown Diamonds & Diamond Simulants in Singapore

Unrivalled beauty and brilliance from Supernova diamonds 

Step into a world of shimmering brilliance and modern elegance with Lee Hwa Jewellery’s extraordinary offering in the realm of lab-grown diamonds – the enchanting Supernova collection. This exceptional collection redefines the possibilities of accessible luxury, seamlessly blending unrivalled beauty with modern sensibilities. But Supernova is more than just a brilliant jewel; it embodies the essence of those who dare to embark on life-changing journeys, leaving an indelible mark on the world.  It represents the true expression of contemporary individuals, where avant-garde personalities shine through distinctive styles.

With Triple Excellent certification from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), Supernova diamonds boast a perfect cut, polish, and symmetry, resulting in exceptional radiance and brilliant fire. What’s truly remarkable is that these sustainable and eco-friendly gems possess identical chemical, physical, and optical properties as natural diamonds, rendering them every bit as breathtaking and captivating.

Captivating fine jewellery such as solitaire rings 

Established in 1970, Lee Hwa Jewellery stands as one of Asia’s leading contemporary fine jewellers in Singapore, offering an extensive selection of exquisite pieces to suit every special occasion, from romantic proposals to dream weddings, birthday surprises, and anniversary celebrations.

Among the captivating allure of the Supernova collection, solitaire rings stand as eternal testaments to love and commitment. With their timeless designs, these rings are perfect for celebrating the promise of a lifetime with your significant other. The Supernova solitaire rings feature various settings, including a simple band adorned with four to six prongs that hold the lustrous lab-grown diamond securely in place. Whether it is a romantic proposal or a milestone anniversary, these versatile pieces offer a touch of sophistication for every special occasion.

Lee Hwa Jewellery Pte Ltd

Another remarkable feature of the Supernova collection from Lee Hwa Jewellery is its affordability. Starting at just $7,768, you can own a stunning 1-carat Supernova solitaire ring, meticulously crafted to stand the test of time and radiate beauty on every occasion. Indulge in the allure of these exquisite lab-grown diamond stimulants and embrace the elegance that was once considered exclusive, now made accessible as a modern luxury to all.

Discover the brilliance of the Supernova diamonds from Lee Hwa Jewellery >
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4. Love & Co

Love & Co Say Love DT

Lovingly crafted diamond jewellery to represent love 

A company that is all about love and romance, Love & Co is the perfect place to purchase diamond jewellery for your beloved. Lovingly crafted by the finest craftsmen, Love & Co’s elegant jewellery designs illustrate symbolic milestones for one’s love journey. They offer earrings, rings, necklaces, and bracelets that are sure to delight anyone’s heart, including yours.

Whether you prefer to have ethically sourced mined diamonds or sustainably-created lab-grown diamonds on your jewellery, they can easily help to create your dream piece with their bespoke service. You can even ask them to engrave something special on your jewellery for a more meaningful touch. You can curate your own bespoke piece by choosing your preferred diamond shape, style and setting. All of Love & Co’s diamonds come in various cuts, colours, and carats, but if you ask us, the best thing in their diamond collection right now is the Say Love™ diamond.

Say Love™ – the most romantic diamond 

Exclusively brought to you by Love & Co, the Say Love™ diamond is the true icon of modern love. It allows you to declare your love loudly and meaningfully without the use of words. Just like the romance in the union of two people in love, the Say Love™ diamond is made by the ground-breaking combination of the best of a round-cut diamond (the most popular) and a heart-cut diamond (the ultimate symbol of love). This then results in the most romantic diamond there is, showcasing an iconic dazzling heart reflection that can be seen from the top of the diamond. Undoubtedly, this exclusive diamond also achieves the highest excellent cut grade and is certified by the International Gemological Institute (IGI). The Say Love™ collection is Love & Co.’s exquisite range of lab grown diamonds, where only high colour and excellent clarity grade diamonds are considered. Only the finest craftsmen with the highest diamond cutting standards can achieve this special cut; Love & Co made to express your adoration and love for your special one. Click here to learn more about the Say Love™ diamond.

Love & Co. - Best Shops for Lab-Grown Diamonds & Diamond Simulants in Singapore

Love & Co Say-Love-Banner

Great dedicated customer service

Your journey with Love & Co does not stop once you have purchased your jewellery. They actually have a dedicated post-purchase service, and their incredible jewellery specialists can assist you with anything you might need. Love & Co also offers complimentary lifetime cleaning services for all their jewellery and also do inspection & maintenance when necessary. Simply book an in-store appointment to know more.

Check out Love & Co >
Love & Co logoLove & Co | +65 8797 9733
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5. James Allen

james allen lab-grown diamonds singapore
Source: James Allen

James Allen is known for their vast collection of traditional GIA, IGI, and AGS-graded diamonds. They seek to educate buyers on diamond buying and provide customizable engagement rings aside from pre-made options. Although prices may seem affordable and fit everyone’s budget, rest assured the diamonds on James Allen are real.

If you’re looking to save some cash, James Allen is the right place. They have over 17,000 lab-created diamonds which cost about 30 percent less than earth-created ones. All of their lab-created diamonds are “as-grown”, which means they have no post-growth treatment and color enhancement procedures. Structurally and visually, these lab-grown diamonds are almost the same as their traditional diamonds, so choosing the next diamond will be up to you and your budget.

Prices and rates:
  • Loose lab-created diamonds – from $280
  • For custom lab-created diamond rings, check rates here
James Allen Black Friday Sale:
Get 25% off* at James Allen via their Black Friday sale!
*Excludes loose diamonds, gemstones, designer collections, pre-set earth-created diamond studs and pendants
Check out James Allen >
James Allen | +1-412-314-9060
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6. The Better Diamond

the better diamond lab-grown diamonds singapore
Source: The Better Diamond Instagram

Despite being a small team, The Better Diamond prides itself on creating diamonds without contributing to pollution and exploiting underaged miners. They make diamonds with a personal touch for your love and your values. By choosing The Better Diamond, you’ll only get ethical and sustainable diamonds with an intimate touch.

On top of that, their lab-grown diamonds are certified with GIA and IGI. You can also make special requests in case you wish to have these diamonds certified by other governing bodies!

Prices and rates:
  • For customization rates, you can request a quote here.
Read our full review for The Better Diamond here >
Check out The Better Diamond >
The Better Diamond
+65 8666 0420
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Diamond Simulant Stores


orro simulated diamonds singapore
Source: ORRO Private Collection

As mentioned above, diamond simulants and lab-grown diamonds aren’t the same. But what if we combine these two? Yup, you read that right! ORRO Private Collection is a company that specializes in lab-created stimulants. They use their signature premium master cut simulants that flawlessly replicate the brilliance of a genuine diamond (lab-grown or natural). These gems are done in the same manner each facet of a naturally mined diamond is cut and polished to maximize brilliance. What’s more, ORRO certified diamond simulants are known as the ‘World’s Best Diamond Simulants’ since they look similar to a real diamond and even share some of their characteristics!

If you’re looking for a simulated diamond ring that won’t cost you the world, then ORRO will be your best friend. Click here to view their jewelry collection. 

Prices and rates:
  • Rings – from $159
  • Necklaces – from $120
  • Earrings – from $135
  • Click here to check the rates of their bespoke services
Check out ORRO >
ORRO Private Collection
Multiple Locations | (+65) 6737-4266 
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2. Éclat by Oui

eclat by oui simulated diamonds singapore
Source: Eclat by Oui

Inspired by the strong and ageless spirit of modern femininity, Éclat by Oui is dedicated to the strong, modern, and beautiful. They offer meticulously handcrafted diamond simulants which are optically similar to naturally mined diamonds. These high-grade simulated diamonds are polished to resemble the brilliance and fire of a natural, fine diamond. In fact, many jewelers have difficulty telling these stones apart from mined diamonds due to their impressive optical characteristics!

The simulants have a hardness of 8.5 on the Moh’s scale, so if you want a stone with a hardness of a natural ruby or sapphire on top of a diamond’s shine, then Éclat by Oui is the best choice.

Prices and rates:
  • Rings – from $300
  • Bangles – from $700
  • Bracelets – from $600
  • Necklaces – from $300
Check out Éclat by Oui >
Éclat by Oui
313 Orchard Road #B1-38A 313@Somerset Singapore 238895

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18 karaats simulated diamonds singapore
Source: 18 KARAATS

Whether you’re trying to add some glitz to your wardrobe or picking an engagement ring to pledge your love, 18 KARAATS will surely bring you on a journey of light and sparkle! Since 2007, this Singaporean brand has been customizing alluring engagement rings, wedding bands, and jewelry using diamond simulants. All their stones are 100% handmade with luxurious 18k solid gold.

Although 18 KARAATS are better known for their handcrafted simulated diamonds, they also sell Moissanite rings which is another perfect diamond simulant. As mentioned above, Moissanites are truly a versatile and valuable gemstone that is suitable for a wide range of styles. Available at 18 KARAATS, their moissanites are rated colorless and fully certified by a local gemologist. You can check their website to know more about their famous Moissanite ring!

Prices and rates:
  • Moissanite rings – from $1,288
  • Simulant rings – from $1,408
Check out 18 KARAATS >
176 Orchard Road The Centrepoint #01-K2
Singapore 238843|
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4. Gem by Gems

gem by gems simulated diamonds singapore
Source: Gem by Gems

For 12 years, Gem by Gems has been in the business of customizing high-quality bespoke jewelry. Although their focus is on natural diamonds, they have an affiliate with Strass Diamonds, which produces the world’s finest diamond simulant jewelry set in 18k Gold. All Strass Diamond simulants are machine cut and hand polished to the highest standards, giving the formation of pure brilliance diamond. Now, you can own your very own diamond at a fraction of the price!

Prices and rates:
  • Rings – from $829
  • Pendants – from $596
Check out Gem by Gems >
Gem by Gems
14 Scotts Road, Far East Plaza, Singapore, #01-54/55 Singapore 228213
Facebook | Instagram

We hope that our guide on the 10 Best Places to Buy Lab-Grown & Simulated Diamonds will help you to find the best diamond alternative to your jewellery collection. Do also read our other gems and accessories guide! Please do share this with your friends if you have found this useful. Do look forward to more diamond and jewellery guides that we will be releasing soon!

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