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9 Best Diaper Cake Shops in Singapore | Best of Baby 2023

A diaper cake is very similar to a baby hamper, as it is filled with gifts perfect for a newborn they are usually made up of baby diapers, and baby essentials such as rompers, toys, bibs, socks, and blankets, designed to make it look like a cake.

Aside from being a great gift, diapers cakes are also popular on baby showers with their impressive designs! You can find incredible designs for diaper cakes, and to help you choose we’ve rounded up the best diaper cakes shops in Singapore so you can easily order them online!

This article was last updated on 10 January 2023.

Table of Contents

  1. Diaper Cake Avenue
  2. Star Wars Baby Diaper Cake
  3. Hummings Baby Diaper Cake
  4. Baby Diapers Cake
  5. Castle Baby Diaper Cake
  6. Diaper Cakes Singapore
  7. Happie Diapers
  8. Tiny Babies Diaper Cakes
  9. Little Flower Hut Diaper Cakes
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Best Diaper Cake Shops in Singapore

1. Diaper Cake Avenue


Diaper Cake Avenue - Best Diaper Cake Shops in Singapore

One-stop-shop for elegant personalised diaper cakes 

Looking for modern, personalised diaper cakes in Singapore? Be sure to check out Diaper Cake Avenue as they offer unique, practical yet elegant gifts for new mums and babies. Founded by a mum, Diaper Cake Avenue aims to be a trendsetter in the baby gifting industry in Singapore with specially handmade personalised diaper cakes, tastefully designed with the needs of new parents and their babies in mind. Every item is specially curated to ensure their quality and wearability. They have an extensive selection of absolutely gorgeous diaper cakes for every baby and you have the option if you want to get yours in one, two or three tiers.

Complete hampers for babies

Each gift hamper usually consists of a baby bib, a pair of baby socks and pre-walker shoes, a personalised romper, cotton swaddle blanket, and most importantly – a set of diapers. On top of those baby must-haves, every diaper cake features an adorable plush toy that the little one will love for sure. Bunnies, unicorns, dinosaurs – we are absolutely gushing on each and every one of these plushies! 

If you have a bigger budget to spare for your loved ones, you can get the Mega Diaper Cake sets which come with additional diapers and gifts like chicken essence and bird’s nest for the new mum.

Free islandwide delivery

Ordering a diaper cake is easy peasy. Simply send a screenshot of your preferred cake via WhatsApp at 90390193 to Diaper Cake Avenue, provide the recipient’s details, and sit back and relax. The gift will arrive without a hitch. And the best part is, you won’t have to worry about the delivery charge anymore! Though they can ship your order every day, they consolidate the deliveries on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays with a free islandwide delivery promo.

Diaper Cake Avenue promo code:

Use coupon code TWV10 to get 10% off 2 Tier Personalised Diaper Cakes
Check out Diaper Cake Avenue > 
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2. Star Wars Baby Diaper Cake

Star Wars Baby Diaper Cake

If you’re looking for a Star Wars-themed diaper cake that can be personalised for your baby, this Diaper Cake by VS Baby SG is an ideal choice. The items in the diaper cake are all Star Wars-inspired, while the towels can be personalised by embroidering the baby’s name into them.

This diaper cake contains a romper, face towel, bath towel, and cute little shoes for your baby. There is also a message card that comes with it. For an additional price, you can decide to add a hooded towel or bib to the diaper cake.

Why buy this diaper cake:
  • The items can be personalised
  • It contains a message card
  • You can purchase additional items into the hamper
Shop Star Wars >

3. Hummings Baby Diaper Cake

Hummings Baby

Perfect for every newborn, the Hummings Diaper Cake contains fluffy and adorable toys to keep them company. This diaper cake also includes handmade flowers for the new mum to celebrate her little one.

Their diaper cakes contain assorted musical toys to stimulate your baby and make playtime more exciting. There are also different baby pillows for better sleep and soft toys that are made with safe materials for the baby. Aside from the toys, this diaper cake contains Drypers Diapers, Shears babywear, and a utility blanket from Bernice & Martin.

Why buy this diaper cake:
  • It contains musical and soft toys for playtime
  • It comes with baby pillows and blankets
  • It includes handmade flowers safe for the mother and baby
Shop Hummings >

4. Baby Diapers Cake

Baby Diapers

Another diaper cake that is ideal for new or expectant parents celebrating baby showers, or the first month is from Baby Diapers Cake. Diaper cakes from Baby Diapers Cake includes plush toys, diapers, receiving blankets, rompers, 3D booties, and baby handkerchiefs. Some also come with bibs, and all contain gift cards. You can also add some comfortable swaddle, a hooded towel, or a soft baby pillow at the diaper cakes. 

They have different tiers that you can choose from, but if you have a certain theme in mind for the cake, you can let them know, and they will help you create the diaper cake. Additionally, the special mesh packaging for the cakes doesn’t just keep the diapers free from dust but also serves as a storage bag for the diapers.

Why buy this diaper cake:
  • It comes in different tiers
  • It contains a wide range of baby items
  • It includes a gift card
Shop Baby Diapers Cake >

5. Castle Baby Diaper Cakes

Castle Baby

This baby diaper cake can be customised depending on the gender of your baby, and if you want to have a gender-neutral hamper, you can request for that too. The hamper contains 47 pieces of diapers, face towels, rompers, a long towel, and socks. It also comes with a personalised toy depending on the gender you requested for.

Why buy this diaper cake:
  • It can be customised according to the gender you want
  • It contains 47 pieces of diapers
  • It comes with toys
Shop Joy2bb >

6. Diaper Cakes Singapore

Diaper Cakes Singapore

If you’re looking for a place where you can customise your diaper cakes, Diaper Cakes Singapore is the right place for you. All of their diaper cakes contain memorable and adorable hampers for newborns that you can customise with your child’s name up to 8 letters. They also offer different tiers of hampers to choose from. As for the cake topper, you can choose from the several soft toys available.

The diaper cakes contain disposable diapers, pre-walker shoes, bibs, socks, rompers or bodysuits, receiving blankets, and soft toy cake toppers. They also have diaper cakes at affordable prices and baby-friendly designs.

Why Buy This Diaper Cake:
  • It contains a wide range of products
  • The prices are affordable
  • The hampers are wrapped in premium packaging
Shop Diaper Cakes Singapore >

7. Happie Diapers

happie diapers diaper cake

With their high-quality diaper cakes, Happie Diapers earn rave reviews from their customers and even won the award for Best Diaper Cakes in Singapore by The Asian Parent, Asia’s most popular online parenting magazine.

Their diaper cakes contain different products for baby necessities such as rompers, bibs, socks, and blankets. Additionally, they only use high-quality Japanese diapers that are suitable for babies’ sensitive skin. You can choose from their different ready-made cakes but if you would like, they can customised the diaper cake based on your preference with the size, color theme, plush toy, and they can also embroider the baby’s name on the diaper cakes.

Why buy this diaper cake:
  • It is award-winning
  • It contains diapers created to be gentle on baby’s skin
  • You can choose from ready made diaper cakes or choose to have customised diaper cakes
Shop Happie Diapers >

8. Tiny Babies Diaper Cakes

Tiny Babies Diaper Cakes

Tiny Babies offers a wide range of diaper cakes in different themes that you can choose from. Their hampers mostly contain diapers, bibs, bodysuits, washcloths, blankets, and soft toys. They have diaper cakes made for twins, boys, girls, or a gender-neutral diaper cake. Another great thing about their diaper cakes is that they come at affordable prices and different tiers that you can personalise with the baby’s name.

Why buy this diaper cake:
  • The diaper cakes can be personalised
  • It is affordable
  • They usually contain soft toys for playtime
Shop Tiny Babies Diapers cakes >

9. Little Flower Hut Diaper Cakes

Little Flower Hut Diaper Cakes

From baby skin products to diapers, the diaper cakes from Little Flower Hut Diaper Cakes contain a wide range of products perfect for babies’ use. Their diaper cakes are made of vibrant colors and shapes which are not just baby-friendly but also a crowd favourite for every baby showers.

You can customise the hamper to make it more adorable with any theme you want, and they also allow you to choose the colors you want or decide to keep it gender-neutral.

Why buy this diaper cake:
  • The diaper cakes are baby-friendly
  • You can customise the hampers based on different themes
  • The diaper cakes also contain baby skin and bath products
Shop Little Flower Hut Diaper cakes >

I hope that our guide on the 9 Best Diaper Cakes in Singapore has helped you find the best diaper cakes in Singapore for your baby. Please share this with your family and friends if you have found it useful. Also, do check out our other buying guides below!

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