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Top 12 Disney Wedding Themes for Disney Brides all around the World

There’s something undeniably enchanting about Disney. With the latest spotlight shone on Beauty and the Beast, it’s no wonder why many couples want to incorporate a little bit of that magic and everlasting romance into their wedding day. After all, every one of us deserves that happy-ever-after ending too!¬†Whether you are a fan of the classic movies, the fairytale princesses, the theme parks or all of the above, here are the Top 12 Disney Wedding Themes inspired by Disney Princesses¬†for you to pull inspiration from,¬†to decorate your own happy ending fairytale.¬†

Top 12 Disney Wedding Themes for Disney Brides all around the World

12. Princess and the Frog, for an Enchanting Atmosphere 

The Princess and the Frog is about enchanting moments, especially when Tiana kissed the frog who turned into a prince! This theme incorporates a mixture of woodsy accents and New Orleans flare.

Theme & Style: An outdoor setting, with river boats. 

Colour Scheme: Vivid purple/plum with green and yellow soft tones as accents.

Iconic details & props: Lilypads as centerpieces, floating LED candles and fireflies!

Bride style:  Go for a ruffled ballgown and have your hair in an up-do 

Wedding Florals: Orchids, greens and purple flowers 


Photo credits: Arte De Vie & Reverie Gallery

11. Mulan, for an Oriental Spring Theme

Our Mulan-inspired wedding theme is full of Asian influences. Like Pocahontas and Merida, she represents yet another beautiful warrior princess. 

Theme & Style: Asian oriental setting. A spring theme decorated with cherry blossoms. 

Colour Scheme: Bold statements of red and gold, but if you prefer a softer palette, you can go for pink cherry blossoms. 

Iconic details & props: Cherry blossoms, lanterns, and Chinese umbrellas/fans. 

Flowers:¬†A combination of flowers large (peonies and ranunculus), medium (sweet peas), and petite (jasmine and ‘Hally Jolivette’ cherry blossoms) gives this bouquet added dimension.

Wedding Invitations: Opt for traditional elements like chinese characters and gold fonts. 

Photo Credits: Nelwin Uy (source)

10. Brave, for a Rustic Bohemian Theme

Merida, Disney’s free spirited Celtic princess known for a wild red hair and a love for archery, is the¬†perfect embodiment of all fierce and fabulous brides out there!¬†For those in love with a chic and rustic theme, this subtle but strong Disney inspired wedding theme is yours for the taking.

Theme & Style: A rustic, vintage, woodsy and wild theme with hints of bohemian touches.

Colour Scheme: This theme is rich in berry hues, emerald green, teal, honey and mixed metals. 

Iconic details & props: Why, anything to do with archery, of course! 

Bride style: Wear your hair down in smaller curls and top it off with a rustic floral crown. Dust a makeup look with brown shades. Wear a non-structured gown with lace details for a more vintage look. 

9. Frozen, for a Winter Wonderland

Frozen really caused a storm when the Disney film was released. Winter-inspired details always add an ethereal, romantic touch to any wedding. So maybe for your wedding, you can give Arendelle a run for its money! There’s nothing like having the magic of Christmas into your big day.


Theme & Style: Winter atmosphere – think shimmery sparkles, snowflakes, crystals

Colour scheme: Icy white and ombre blue with touches of sliver. 

Iconic details & props: White manzanilla branches, candles, Swarovski crystals    

Bride style: Get a simple gown that is shimmery (and blue if you’d like). It is a must to have your hair in a fishtail braid! Opt for a natural makeup style with shimmery eyeshadow. If you are fully committed to wearing Elsa’s look, put on blue contact lenses. Add a pop of colour to your eyeshadow and lips if you’d like!

Wedding Flowers: Opt for mostly white flowers with touches of blue. 

Wedding Cake: You can add coconut shavings for that frosted effect!  

Wedding Invitations: Keep it simple and classy. You can add a couple of frosted flakes and sequins. 

Tablescapes: Use twinkle and fairy lights to get that sparkle. Display small Christmas trees, long thin candles, and frosted silver vases to enhance the winter feel. Have your tables clothed in sequins for that extra sparkle factor.

Photo credits: Nadia Meli (source)

8. Pocahontas, for a Fall Wedding Theme

Pocahontas and John Smith shares a love story with the woods. This fall woodland theme is best illustrated with autumn colours and natural features. 

Theme & Style: Use wooden branches, feathers and flowers. Lots of woodland natural beauty is encouraged. A barn would be a perfect venue to bring out this theme. 

Colour scheme: This theme mostly comprises of fall and autumn colours, with varying shades of brown and green. Dress in a light beige dress to stand out from the duller colours.

Iconic details & props: Nothing shouts Pocahontas more than a tipi! Use natural elements like wooden logs, berries, twigs and feathers for they complement perfectly. 

Bride Style: It’s time to go warrior princess. Pull up your hair in a mixture of braids. Use a feather headdress, but feel free to add in some florals and lace for a softer more romantic look. For your makeup, draw our dramatic dark eyes to re-enforce the warrior princess look, but accompany it with soft romantic lips.¬†

Florals: You can use more rugged florals with deeper darker colours and a mix of textures.

Wedding cake: Doll your cake up in feathers. Dust some florals and gold on it! 

Tablescapes: Bring out the theme with some wooden logs as your plating. 

Photo credits: SLR Photography (source) 

7. Aladdin, for a Magical Arabian night 

It’s time to steer your magic carpet towards a rich and lavish Moroccan-inspired theme. Dripping in jewel tones, gold embellishments, and a chandelier, this theme exudes royalty from top to toe. Throw in draped ceilings and carpeted walls to¬†set the tone for a dreamy and magical adventure. A whole new world indeed!¬†

Theme & Style: Use rich colours. Top it off with gold and sliver embellishments

Colour scheme: Purple, bold pink and turquoise

Iconic details & props: The magic is in the details. Carve henna-like swirls and decorations¬†on your cake and invitations. Don’t forget the magic lamp!¬†


Wedding florals: Purple flowers mixed with white

Bride style: You can either go for a traditional or classy look. Go ahead, go heavy on the accessories and embellishments! 

Wedding Cake: There is no reason why your cake can’t be as embellished as you.¬†


Tablescape: Dress your table setting with opulent colours, complemented with a traditional Moroccan vibe. Use thick candles and gold-rimmed props to exude that royal effect. 

Photo credits: White Rabbit Photo Boutique & Disney Weddings

6. Sleeping Beauty, for a Whimsical Fairytale

Theme & Style: Whimsical fairytale theme

Colour scheme: White with shades of pink and blush. Add tiffany blue or gold for a little old school renaissance.

Iconic details & props: Add drapes and bows for a little more drama.

Wedding florals: Classy flowers like orchids, peonies, and roses.

Bride style: Half-up look with soft big curls. Wear a ruffled ballgown, a tiara in your hair and a cascading bouquet.

Wedding Cake: A tiered wedding cake with gorgeous embellishments.  


Wedding Invitations: Use cursive fonts, and decorate your envelopes with swirls. 

Tablescape: Gold-rimmed plates and cutlery will exude class. 

Photo Credits: Lindsie Grey Weddings (source)

5. Cinderella, for a Royal Wedding

If there was a queen of all the Disney Princesses, Cinderella would be it. Not only does she appear in the center of most group photos, her rag to riches fairytale is one that is the envy of many. 

Theme & Style: When it comes to a Cinderella wedding, you are looking at a delicate theme that exudes royalty and class.

Colour scheme: Use a¬†white base and add touches of varying shades of baby blue. Silver and gold linings would dramatically add elegance to your set up. Throw in some shimmer¬†reminiscent of Cinderella’s fairy godmother, who basically performed miracles like turning a pumpkin into a carriage and mice into horses.¬†

Iconic details & props: A castle, glitter orbs, pumpkins and a carriage would instantly teleport your guests into this fairytale story. Gold trimmed champagne glasses and cutlery are sure to bring forth that royal element. And of course, there’s nothing that says Cinderella more than a glass slipper.

Wedding florals: Classy flowers like orchids, peonies and white roses

Bride style: Have your hair in an updo, wear a tiara and put on a ball gown. If you can get your hands on a glass slipper, that would be incredible. Go for a nude makeup look, because Cinderella’s beauty has to be au-naturale.¬†

Wedding Cake: Have a¬†white cake with¬†gold, pink or silver. If you’d like, add a touch of that bright baby blue to represents¬†the birds who wake Cinderella up every morning.¬†

Wedding Invitations: Have your invite styled like a scroll, and use a font script that is basically unreadable to get that added touch of elegance. 

Tablescapes:¬†Use tall candles, and have embellished napkin holders. Check out those glass chairs symbolic of Cinderella’s glass slipper.¬†

“A dream is a wish your heart makes.” – Cinderella

Photo Credits: Mendes Photography (source)

4. Tangled, for a Sweet & Dreamy Wedding

Photo via Thomas Kinkade

Theme & Style: The Tangled Wedding theme is dreamy, whimsical and sweet. If it was inspired by a season, spring would be it. Think pretty flowers in soft pastel hues. 

Colour scheme: Varying shades of purple and pink. Use blush pastel colours that have softer hues. You can add a hint of yellow for that touch of sunshine. 

Wedding Florals: Lavender is a great companion along with main florals like gerberas and daisies.


Iconic details & props: I believe the most memorable scene of Tangled is when a hundred lanterns filled the skies. Be sure to have lanterns with the sun logo! 

Bride style: A soft tulle A-line gown with a sweetheart neckline would be perfect. Tie your hair in a braid or have it all down in gorgeous large curls. For your bouquet, a variety of purple flowers such as peonies and roses are perfectly in line with this theme.

Wedding Cake: A cake topped up with gorgeous florals.

Photo Credits: Clarissa Lum (source)

3. Snow White, for a Modern & Bold Fairytale

Theme & Style: The Snow White Wedding Theme represents bold elegance. Add a rustic touch to represent the fun loving encounter with the dwarfs in the forbidden forest. 

Colour scheme: White base with bold hints of red.

Wedding Florals: Classic white and red roses with wolfberries and vines to complement.   

Iconic details & props: Serve up red wine in beautiful flute glasses. Reminisce earthy woodland vibes using vines and twig branches. Let’s not forget the apples and mirror. 


Bride style: Doll up in a simple A-line dress. You can have capped or puffed sleeves to closely embody Snow White’s dress. Wear ruby red lips, soft cheeks, accompanied with dark and defined eyebrows.

Wedding Cake: Use red roses to add a touch of bold to a pure white cake. 

Tablescapes: Have your guests feel at home like Snow White did with the dwarfs. Lay simple vintage cutlery over a rustic wooden table top. 

Photo Credits: Claire Marika Photography (Source)

2. The Little Mermaid, for Bright and Colourful Ocean Vibes

Ariel was my favorite Disney princess through my entire childhood, no doubt. She’s beautiful, has red hair, sings like an angel and is a mermaid. ‘Nuff said.¬†

Theme & Style: The Little Mermaid is the dream ocean/beach theme for beach lovers. 

Colour scheme: White base with hints of blue, coral, turquoise blue or green. Opt for a watercolour ombre effect to represent the imaginative beauty of sea waves. 

Iconic details & props: Seashells and sand vases. And who could forget the iconic fork that Ariel used to comb her hair with? 

Wedding Florals: Pink peonies, coral gerberas.

Bride style: Choose a gown with a mermaid cutting and a sweetheart neckline with embellishments around the bustier area. A brush/court lacy train would be perfect to simulate Ariel‚Äôs tail. When it comes to Ariel, she loves letting her hair down. Wear soft wavy curls, and if you‚Äôre bold, why not go for that red hairdo? For your makeup, have your eyes drawn bigger with the magic of eyeliner, mascara, and eyeshadow, because, contrary to what most believe was her voice, Ariel’s big gorgeous eyes is the reason why Eric fell in love with her. ;)¬†

Wedding Cake: Carve fondant seashells over a white base cake. 

Tablescapes: Sequined table cloths would be perfect to represent the scales of Ariel’s beautiful tail.¬†

Wedding Invitations: Have bold cursive fonts written over a watercolour background. 

“There is a world where hope and dreams can last for a lifetime.” – Ariel

Photo Credits: Mark Brooke Photography & Mathieu Photo (source)

1. Beauty and the beast, for Elegant Old-world Opulence

With Emma Watson starring in the role of Belle, Beauty and the Beast has definitely touched the hearts of Disney fans this season.

Theme & Style: The Beauty and the Beast wedding theme leans toward french vintage, exuding old world elegance and charm. Think vintage antiques, tea sets, French sweet treats, roses, books, mirrors and much more, all in an opulent setting.

Colour scheme: Royal blue and buttercup yellow.

Wedding Florals: Red roses. 

Bride style: Be sure to don Belle’s famous yellow ballroom gown. If you prefer to be in an all white gown, you can have your bridesmaids wear the yellow. Have your hair in a half-up hairstyle reminiscent of Belle’s.

Iconic details & props: There’s nothing that says Beauty and the Beast more than the enchanted rose in a glass jar. Display brass, antiques, and vintage crockery to represent the presence of key characters in the film such as Mrs. Pots, Lumiere, and Cogsworth. You can even stack up some old antique books as a reminder of how much Belle loves to read!

Tablescapes: Dress your table in royal blue tablecloth and gold embroidered linens. Candles and vintage props do great as your centerpieces. 

Wedding Invitations: There is no better way to quote the song ‚ÄúBe our guest‚ÄĚ in your invite!¬†

Wedding Cake: Keep it simple and classy. Roses can be crafted on the cake icing. Somehow this cake shows a blend of Beauty and the Beast and Alice in Wonderland! 

“We’re together now. Everything’s going to be fine.” – Belle

Photo credits: Raelyn Elizabeth Photography

It’s time to create your own fairytale!¬†

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