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Top 10 Wedding Hairstyles in India

Your hair is not only just an aspect of you in your wedding day. it is part of you, it is where the beauty begins. Aside from your face, people are drawn to look unto it when approaching you to congratulate. So don’t settle for less, embrace the elegance that your hairstyle can give to you. Draw out the most beautiful potential within you on your wedding day start and start on your hair. Here are the Top 10 Wedding Hairstyles in India.

Top 10 Wedding Hairstyles in India

10. Curly side flowy hairstyle 

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This kind of hairstyle style is perfect for oval-faced women. To enhance the look of the hair, also consider styling your bangs, it helps to project the face details of the subject by decreasing the length of the face. To add some spice to the style, add some earrings that matched the tone of your dress. And also consider the color of your hair, cause this might contradict the color of the dress you wear. This hairstyle is being done by using curl iron to make gorgeous curls that all tresses on one shoulder.

9. Two puff side bangs with a long braid plait hairstyle 

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This kind of hairstyle is fresh in the range of Indian wedding hair designs. Wedding hair designers consider this style as modern. Modern women are the usual afferent of this hairstyle. They prepare the hairstyle by setting two medium puffs on each side of the bangs. They add another puff in the mid part of the hair, then braid the remaining hair and left it hanging. Decorate the braid by natural flowers such as jasmine or lily. To add extra flavor to the style wear some flower bracelets and made a constant ‚Äútouching of the hair‚ÄĚ gesture to add the flare to the style.

8. One Side Puff High Updos 

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The kind of hairstyle that brings the natural Indian-bride look to its beholder. Aside from the natural character it releases, it brings the complement of a queen-looking charisma in the faces of its subject. It is crafted by forming multi-tiered updos formed in the mid and back part of the hair, finishing it with a polished and flawless look. Arising the upper details of the face, so it is essential to style your bangs with something that brings the natural look of your face. Be delicate by the accessories you will put on your hair because the hairstyle will be the main attractant to this look.

7. Heavenly curls with twists and flowers hairstyle 

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Heavenly curl is a kind of classic hairstyle but this kind of retro twist revives the hairstyle in modernize yet passionate way. The theme of the twist is to revolutionizing the style using accessories like flowers to put the modern yet classic flavor on it. The process of this angelic hairdo is quite strenuous. First, they curl the upper and lower back of the hair, intertwined, from sections of strands to other sections and then pinned up. The bangs must be styled clean to flare-up the bun of curls. And lastly the application of the accessories in the hairdo.

6. Bouffant hairdo with long strands hairstyle 

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If you’re avoiding hair damage because of the extreme conditions your hair can experience during styling. This is the perfect style you can use for your wedding day. You can have the look of extreme elegance without the risk of hair damage by simply letting your hair fall from both sides and back. You can curl the ends of your hair to add som spice in it. Aside from the damage-free hair for your wedding day, the style is not tight and compact. You will feel fresh and natural. But what makes the hairdo more bridal-like, is by adding maang-tikka on it.

5. Side low buns 

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Side low buns is all about the charm it can give to a medium length hair women’s. The charm of having a young looking face by using hairdo as the medium. Aside from bringing the Indian attractive hairdo, it is also easy to form and create. But be careful in picking you jewelry to partner in this effortless charm, put too modish or fancy accessories and the charm of the hairdo will be ruin.

4. Simple side braid for wedding 

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If you believe that simplicity is beauty, a simple side braid is the most likely your style. It’s easy, comfy, and all time trendy. It is better if the braid is long and polished. To enhance the beauty of your long braids, try adding some garlands and other accessories, this will intensify its simple look. Keep in mind that in order to amplify the potential of the side braid, good posture is a must. In addition to that keep your make-up cream and fresh looking and as much as possible.

3. Traditional Indian Wedding Hairstyle With A Veil 

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A veil may cover your hair in your wedding day but if you do it right you can make these contradicting head elements a fashion statement that will release the beauty out of the natural bridal look you’re looking for. If you‚Äôre aiming at elegant, mysterious yet natural bridal look for your wedding day, this effortless style maybe the one suitable for your taste. It may sound easy, but this style is complicated both for the artist and the subject. Do it wrong and the look will be all normal without any sparkle.

2. Puffy Curly Indian Wedding Hairstyle 

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Looking for something calm and tranquil for your hair on your wedding day? Puffy curl might be the hairstyle that will fill your taste. Aside from having a cool and still look, this kind of hairstyle has the element that lures the eyes of the observers. It also makes your face more open and attractive. To enhance the and elegance release of the look try adding a maang tikka dabbled by bright stones. This hairstyle is by styling comb, a moderate application of curling iron and a bit medium hold hairspray.

1. Coiled curls hairstyle for wedding 

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Sexy, royal look, that’s the statement you can get by wearing this style of pure magnificence. This trendy and lustrous hairstyle will give you the essence of being a princess or a queen on your special day. With or without accessory, the hairstyle will be perfect. In the hands of a good stylist aiming for perfection, this could mean a great triumph for your hair on your wedding day. It is crafted by straightening the half-up portion of your hair, puffing it up, while the rest of it has been curled and falls to one side of your shoulders.

I hope our list of Top 10 Wedding Hairstyles in India helped you to choose the perfect hairstyle that suits your taste. A piece of advice, in order to achieve the gesture you want to deliver through your hairstyle, always consider the size of your face, the makeup you will use including its volume. The accessories you will use and the color and texture of your dress including your veil.

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