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Elegant Bespoke Wedding Cakes by Winifred Kriste Cake

[Advertorial] Wedding cakes are the centerpiece of your wedding. A momentus occasion as grand as your wedding deserves a bespoke wedding cake, which will add to the glamour of your big day and bring out the beauty of your wedding theme. When on the search for beautiful wedding cakes, we found Winifred Kriste Cake – a couture cake boutique that specializes in high quality wedding and customized cakes that are stunningly beautiful. It is impossible not to be mesmerized by her creations and get lost in all that beauty. Featured on a wide range of media and magazines, Winifred is well known for her artistic talent and immaculate detailing. Presenting refined elegance in the form of haute edible art, every cake is meticulously designed and flavours uniquely tailored from scratch by Winifred. Her talent and eye for design for beautiful florals and detailing is impeccable and truly one of a kind.

A Delicious Cake Tasting Session

Winifred 5
We reached out to Winifred and got the opportunity to meet up over a cake tasting session, where she shared her story, her portfolio and introduced us to the variety of flavours crafted by her. She prepared a tray of her cakelets for us, bursting with flavours that were both unique and delicious! And as you taste each cakelet, the soft icing and moist texture melts as the flavour slowly unravels itself in your mouth. All of the flavours were so delectable that it was a struggle for us to narrow down to the 3 flavours (initially from 8)! Eventually, we selected the classic Vanilla Bean (my favourite!), the Raspberry Lime (really unique) and the Salted Caramel Chocolate Baileys Cake (very scrumptious!).

A Showcase of Exquisite Wedding Cakes

winifred 2
Photo Credits: Winifred Kriste Cake X The Analog Co

Brimming with beauty, Winifred’s portfolio of gorgeous cakes gave us a lot of inspiration for our very own cake. It also allowed us to visualize the design that Winifred had in mind for us. In addition, we could pick out various elements that we fancied from her past creations for her to incorporate into ours. During the session, we shared our elegant wedding theme and colours (blue and gold) with her, as well as some elements such as the moodboard and invitation cards. With that, Winifred conceptualized and sketched up a design that was the cake of our dreams! winifred 4 winifred 3
Photo Credits: Winifred Kriste Cake X The Analog Co

Winifred also asked if we had any favourite flowers that we liked. It was only until the cake session did we realise that the beautiful flowers adorning Winifred’s cakes – the hallmark of her speciality, are made of sugar and are painstakingly handmade petal by petal. They look so life like that we mistook them for real flowers! Little did we realise that they were all crafted from scratch using sugar! That was an amazing discovery, and we were blown away because an incredible amount of time, patience and talent is taken to create them.

My Favourites by Winifred

Modern, Versatile & Creative Designs

winifred 7
Photo Credits: Winifred Kriste Cake

Trained by the famous Maggie Austin Cake Boutique in Washington, D.C, Winifred’s designs are of the modern westernized era. Her creations are inspired by nature, fashion, culture and imagination. Her designs charm the modern bride, with cakes so grand that are fit for the classiest of weddings. The cake that she creates is uniquely yours, and will truly upscale your entire wedding. winifred 9
Photo Credits: Winifred Kriste Cake

At the same time, her versatility in her creations allow her to create cakes that are well fitted to your theme. Whether your theme is grand elegance, rustic countryside, whimsical romance or traditional heritage, Winifred can make it happen for you.

winifred 5winifred 6

Photo Credits: Winifred Kriste Cake

Winifred’s creativity is also overflowing in the new designs that she is working on. She’s now working on creating marbled designs for her cakes!

Exquisite Florals & Intricate Detailing

Photo Credits: Simplifai Studios

Everything that Winifred touches comes to life. I requested for a dummy cake, but when cutting it on my wedding day, it looked, felt and smelt so real that for a (very long) moment, I thought it was edible! simplifai_0208
Photo Credits: Simplifai Studios

The supreme detailing and delicate florals that perched on the cake were so exquisite that I could not take my eyes away from them. I couldn’t believe that this was our wedding cake! simplifai_0202


Photo Credits: Simplifai Studios

Winifred’s talent encompasses the creations of many different flowers. She has very good knowledge of florals and decorations to be capable to deliver what couples desire.

A Taste of Heaven

winifred 8
Photo Credits: Winifred Kriste Cake

Apart from fine looks, the cakes that Winifred makes are delicious. We had a dummy cake for our wedding and cakelets served on the side for easier distribution. So delicious, that our guests craved for more! winifred cake flavours Winifred’s menu of cake flavours was a good selection. Though a struggle to choose as all the flavours were delicious, the menu was a good size of 8 – not too scarce or overwhelming.

A Beautiful Inspiration 

Winifred 9
Winifred’s story touched me with inspiration. She has been in strong pursuit in her passion since 2010, and has dedicated herself to craft unique and beautiful cakes for couples to celebrate the biggest day of their lives. Winifred 13
Winifred does and manages everything in house – from designing cakes to sourcing for ingredients, to baking and decorating, all the way to delivery. The timeline for her cake production can includes months of hard work and preparation. As Winifred prides her cakes on being freshly made, she bakes them only within the week of the wedding, which is a mad rush especially with many orders lined up for the same weekend! Winifred 11
The entire process is so challenging and tedious, but Winifred remains energetic, cheerful and motivated. The delighted faces of couples when they see the cake of their dreams sustains her undying passion. Winifred 12
She has also created a very charming and cozy set up for her cake boutique, giving us a very pleasant cake tasting experience. We enjoyed the chat and laughter we had with her very much!

Thank you Winifred! It was an honor to get to meet a cool budding entrepreneur like yourself. Thank you for sharing your talent with us, we are so in love with the beautiful cake that you specially created for our wedding day. Stay the cheerful inspiration that you are, and keep creating stunning art pieces to touch the hearts of many. :)

If you are looking to upscale your wedding with a touch of delicious class, be sure to look for Winifred Kriste Cake by dropping her an email here. She can help make your dreams come true.

TWV would like to thank and give photo credits to Winifred Kriste Cake, The Analog Co. and  Simplifai Studios. 

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