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    Top 10 Places to get your Wedding Cakes in India

    Wedding cakes are not just a dessert that you eat after your main dish when dining in a wedding. It is placed in the center of the ceremony like an altar for a reason. It’s a piece of art that symbolize something about your relationship with your spouse. Every layer is a chapter, and the color and designs reflect into something both of you have experienced, from the struggles that you’ve overcome together, to the triumph that you rejoiced together. The flavor and the sweetness entrenched within reflects the love you had for each other. Your wedding cake is more than a pastry, it is the manifestation of the tender…

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    Elegant Bespoke Wedding Cakes by Winifred Kriste Cake

    [Advertorial] Wedding cakes are the centerpiece of your wedding. A momentus occasion as grand as your wedding deserves a bespoke wedding cake, which will add to the glamour of your big day and bring out the beauty of your wedding theme. When on the search for beautiful wedding cakes, we found Winifred Kriste Cake – a couture cake boutique that specializes in high quality wedding and customized cakes that are stunningly beautiful. It is impossible not to be mesmerized by her creations and get lost in all that beauty. Featured on a wide range of media and magazines, Winifred is well known for her artistic talent and immaculate detailing. Presenting refined…