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These 6 dishes by Elsie’s Kitchen will Transform your Wedding Catering into a Gastronomic Affair

When it comes to your wedding celebration, one of the most important elements is to host your guests with good food. Believe us when we say choosing your wedding caterer is going to be one of the biggest decisions you will¬†make for your wedding day. When we heard that¬†Elsie’s Kitchen, one of Singapore‚Äôs pioneering caterers, was introducing a new menu ‚ÄĒ that are suitable for wedding receptions ‚ÄĒ in lieu of their 50th anniversary, we could not help ourselves but check it out.¬†Elsie’s Kitchen¬†specializes in serving up a¬†diverse array of heritage culinary treasures and knowing that instantly got our tummies rumbling.¬†

For those of you like us, who have a soft spot for our local cuisine, here are 6 dishes that we marked on our favourites a.k.a YOU-MUST-TRY list. 

Elsie’s Kitchen – 6 Dishes that will Transform your Wedding into a Gastronomic Affair¬†

1. Muar Otah Mantou Sliders

Otah is a fish-cake that literally tastes like heaven. It is a fish paste that has a mixture of delicious spices, shallot, garlic, coconut milk. It is wrapped in coconut/banana leaf and grilled to perfection.¬†Anyone who is a fan of Otah knows that Muar is the place¬†to find the best tasting ones. The authentic taste of the Muar Otah is unparalleled. The Special Muar Otah, boasting distinctive thick chunks of mackerel, has been a long-time signature dish of¬†Elsie’s Kitchen menu.¬†

As Singaporeans, we are always finding ways to keep things classy. In¬†Elsie’s Kitchen new menu you will find a refreshed version of this local dish – the Muar Otah Mantou Sliders. Served with achar relish and a dash of sambal mayonnaise, this dish is definitely one for the taking. Just look at that generous portion of Otah!¬†

2. Rojak Chicken Katsu

Rojak literally means an ‚Äúeclectic mix‚ÄĚ in colloquial Malay. With a variety of disparate ingredients mixed together to form a harmoniously tasty blend, the dish truly reflects the cultural diversity of Singapore.

The delicious sweet sticky sauce is the highlight of any rojak dish.¬†Elsie’s Kitchen¬†has reinvented this dish into a delectable blend of old and new.¬†Elsie’s Kitchen takes the tender chicken katsu meat (yes the ones you love so much from your Japanese don), coated it in the trademark Penang rojak sauce (it’s homemade!) and topped it off¬†with fresh tropical fruits, crushed peanuts, and fragrant ginger flowers. What you get is an amalgamation of tasty local street food.¬†

3. Orh Nee Cream Puff

Orh Nee Cream Puff

Orh Nee is one dessert that you can be certain all older relatives know how to appreciate. This Teochew yam paste dish is now given the perfect European twist by¬†Elsie’s Kitchen.

Another dessert that made our eyes sparkle was the Onde Onde Cake by¬†Elsie’s Kitchen. It¬†features a modern spin by having pandan chiffon cake layered with gula melaka coconut cream to retain the familiar flavour of onde-onde. The cake is served with a side of pulut hitam tart for an added saccharine treat. It looks like someone’s going to be having dessert before mains!¬†

4. “Kra Pao‚ÄĚ Thai Basil Bee Tai Mak

Fusion dishes where East meets West has been redone over and over again. How do you then impress your guests?¬†Elsie’s Kitchen takes it to the next level by having East meets East in this dish of “Kra Pao‚ÄĚ Thai Basil Minced Chicken Bee Tai Mak. It is a marriage of Thai and Chinese flavours.¬†The simple bee tai mak is elevated with delicious basil and a spicy punch that the Thai Basil brings. One couldn’t ask for more kick from a dish.¬†

5. Nonya Kueh Pie Tee 

It was as though¬†Elsie’s Kitchen knew exactly which local delights would bring a smile to our guests. Kueh Pie Tee is a popular classic that needs little introduction. This Peranakan dish sits very well with Singaporeans and is one of my all-time favourites. The thin crispy shell is filled with a juicy concoction of thinly sliced vegetables (shredded turnips and carrots), topped off with peanuts, sweet sauce, prawns, eggs, and parsley.¬†

Don’t overlook this bite-sized goodness. This¬†Kueh Pie Tee is made with an original family recipe passed down by one of the firm’s late directors,¬†Madam Irene Ang via a handwritten notebook. It doesn’t get more authentic than that.¬†

6. Laksa

Some¬†are going to say we saved the best for last. We might just have to admit that. This Laksa dish by¬†Elsie’s Kitchen, like the Kueh Pie Tee, is an original recipe passed down from a generation ago via a handwritten notebook. Rich in flavour and fragrant to the senses, this spicy noodle soup dish is bound to have your guests all craving for a second serving. ¬†

Starring modern renditions and all-time Singaporean classics, Elsie’s Kitchen’s new menu is guaranteed to wow you and your guests’ taste buds. With these 6 dishes, we could not find any more ways to say YUM. 

For those in search of a wedding catering company to host your scrumptious¬†wedding banquet, be sure to check out¬†Elsie’s Kitchen.

Not only do they provide you delectable local cuisine, they have supplementary services such as customized table layouts, floral arrangements, customized menu cards, and even a professional butler service.

Needless to say,¬†Elsie’s Kitchen makes an excellent one-stop shop for soon-to-wed couples! Buffet prices start from S$14.90/pax.¬†

Check out Elsie’s Kitchen Menus today

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